Descendants of John Peter Reichard, Jr.

42. John Peter Jr. Reichard-613 (Peter, Joseph Jr., Johann Josef) was born 7 Mar 1824 in , Montgomery, Ohio and was christened 30 May 1824. He died 27 Nov 1872 in Huntington, Huntington, Indiana.

John married (MRIN:354) Anna Mary or Mary Jane Mohn-782, daughter of John Mohn-960 (MRIN:436), on 10 Sep 1848 in Huntington, Huntington, Indiana. Anna was born 23 Sep 1827 in , , Germany. She died 9 Apr 1903 in Huntington, Huntington, Indiana and was buried Apr 1903 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Huntington, Huntington, Indiana.

They had the following children:
+   188   F   i.   Mary Reichard-783 was born about 1860 and died Dec 1930 - Jan 1931.
+   189   M   ii.   Ferdinand Reichard-784 was born Jan 1852 and died 28 Dec 1929.
+   190   M   iii.   Charles R. Reichard-785 was born 25 Mar 1854 and died 16 Feb 1895.
+   191   M   iv.   Henry Reichard-786 was born 20 Nov 1856 and died 17 Jan 1931.
+   192   M   v.   George Frederick Reichard-787 was born 4 Nov 1868 in <Huntington, Huntington, Indiana>. George married (MRIN:441) Ida-788 about 1900. Ida was born 1868 in <, , Indiana>.

188    Mary Reichard-783 (John Peter Jr. Reichard, Peter, Joseph Jr., Johann Josef) was born about 1860 /2 Sep 1849  in <Huntington, Huntington, Indiana>. She died 10 Mar 1939 in Hoytville, Wood, Ohio  and buried Maplewood Cemetery., North Baltimore, Wood, Ohio.

Mary married (MRIN:437) Henry F. Scheerer-1143, son of Jacob Henry Scheerer-684 and Catherine Phillips/Kori-688 (MRIN:391), on 2 Jul 1876 in Wood, Ohio [Richard IGI pg., 44530 Batch M512072 Serial 2290]. Henry was born 6/16 Nov 1842 in , Starke, Ohio and died 6 Aug 1925 in Hoytville, Wood, Ohio. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, North Baltimore, Wood, Ohio.

The biographical data was abstracted from History of Huntington county Indiana (1887) Chicago Brandt & Fuller pg. 531-2

HENRY F. SCHEERER, proprietor of Lime City Restaurant and Bakery, was born in Stark County, Ohio, November 16,1842. He was the fourth son in a family of twelve children, born to Jacob Henry and Catharine (Phillips) Scheerer, both natives of Bavaria, Germany, who emigrated to America in 1837, and located in Stark County, Ohio. When Henry was in the ninth year of his age, he came with his parents to this county, and located in Dallas Township. There the youth of our subject was spent upon a farm. At twenty years of age he came to the city of Huntington, where he engaged in the manufacture of woolen goods. At the end of seven years he went to Michigan, and a year later or in the fall of 1870, he returned to Ohio, and became a clerk in a grocery store in Fostoria, Seneca County. In 1875, he went to Hoytsville, Wood Co., Ohio, where he engaged in merchandising. To this his attention was directed until in 1884, when he located upon a faroi in the same county. From that, in 1886, he came to this city, and on the 1st day of May following he opened up the restaurant he at present occupies. July 2, 1876, he was married to Mary Reichard, daughter of Peter and Mary (Moon) Reichard. Mr. and Mrs. Scheerer are the parents of three children: Emma L., Mary C. and Franklin R., all of whom are living. Our subject is a member of the F. & A. M. Lodge, and a Democrat in politics. While a resident of Wood County, Ohio, he held the office of township treasurer, three years. He held the position of postmaster at Hoytsville, from 1877 to 1881.

From 100 years of Heritage Hoytsville Centennial 1887-1987, Wood County, Ohio pg. 44-5
 It is said that the first post office in the neighborhood of Hoytville was called Eygpt...In 1862, about that time, the office was discontinued, and not established until 1869...From the National  Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C., we have some recorded history. The first recorded application was in 1872, The proposed post office would be called Hoyt’s corner…The name was changed in 1874 to Hoytsville. There are recorded documents for 1878 when Henry Scheerer was postmaster…the following served as postmasters…1877 Henry F. Scheerer, 1881...
And also found memories of Mrs. Skip (Nancy Leatherman) Kline on pg. 134:
For awhile Henry and Francis Scheerer had a Red and White Store.
She resided Sidney, Shelby, Oh. – 1895; Hoytsville, Wood, Oh. – 1903 and Toledo, Lucas, Oh. – 1930.

They had the following children:
        491   F   i.   Emma Louise Scheerer-1144 was born 7 Jun 1877 in ,Wood, Ohio  and died Jul 1956 in , , Ohio ??. She married Walter L. PAYNE
        492   F   ii.   Mary Catherine Scheerer-1145 was born 5 Aug 1879 ,Wood, Ohio and died 18 Oct 1957 in ,Wood, Ohio. She married Byron Ernest TOAN 30 Jul 1902 in ,Wood, Ohio son of Lewis Tone TOAN and Melissa M. SPENCER. He was born 6 Jul 1872 in ,Hillsdale, Michigan, and died 12 Oct 1950 in Cleveland, Cuyahuga, Ohio. 
        493    F   iii.      Franklin Richard ‘Frank’. Scheerer-1146 was born 21 Jun 1881
in ,Wood, Ohio and died 25 Feb 1923 in ,Wood, Ohio. He married Myrtle M. FERGUSON 22 Nov 1905 in Wood, Ohio, daughter of Allen Scroggs FERGUSON and Alice MITCHELL. She was born 8 May 1875 in Wood, Ohio, and died 27 Jul 1966 in ,Wood, Ohio
       493a  M   iv. Roy Alfred SCHEERER was born 20 Sep 1888 in Huntington,Indiana, and died 6 Jun 1951 in ,Lucas, Ohio. He married Rosetta ‘Rose’ ELLENWOOD, daughter of Isadora ‘Dora’ M. ELLENWOOD and Mary ‘Luella’ EAKEN. She was born 5 Mar 1893 in ,Wood, Ohio ??, and died 14 Jul 1974 in ,Lucas, Ohio. 

1880 Wood co. Oh. Hoytsville, pg. 8
3/3 Scheerer, Henry 37 Oh/Bavaria/Bavaria
    Mary 30 In/Oh/Baden wife
    Emma L. 2 Oh/Oh/In dau
    Mary C. 9/12 Oh/Oh/In dau
    Betta Edward J. 16 Oh/Ct/oh

1920 Wood co Oh Jackson twp. Hoystville, Maple ST. pg. 1b
18/18 Scheerer Henry F 77 Oh/Ger/Ger
Mary 70 In/Oh.Ger wife


189.    Ferdinand Reichard-784 (John Peter Jr. Reichard, Peter, Joseph Jr., Johann Josef) was born Jan 1852 in , , Indiana. He died 28 Dec 1929 in Los Angles or Monrovia, Los Angles, California and was buried 2 Jan 1930 Live Oak Cemetery Monrovia, Los Angles, California.

Ferdinand married (MRIN:438) Flora E. Rogers-1147 about 1882. Flora was born Nov 1860 in <, , Indiana>. She died Jan 1928 in Monrovia, Los Angles, California and buried 29 Jan 1924 Live Oak Cemetery Monrovia, Los Angles, California.  Her death is found as follows: Fort Wayne News-Sentinel dated Saturday 2 Feb. 1924 pg. 23
Reichard – Word has been received by Mrs. H. Reichard, 404 West Williams Street, of the death of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ferdinand Reichard, of Monrovia, Cal. The deceased was formerly Miss Flora Rogers, of this city, and is survived by relatives in Fort Wayne and New Have. Burial took place in Monrovia, January 29

His death was found recorded in Indiana Herald-Press Huntington, Indiana dated Thursday 2 Jan. 1920 as follows:
Ferd Reichard is DEAD at Los Angles, Calif. – Henry Drover has received word of the death of Ferd Reichard, seventy-eight years old, that occurred December 28 at Los Angles, Calif. Funeral Services were held Thursday afternoon at that place. Mr. Reichard was formerly of Huntington. He was a cigar maker here. Mr. Reichard left this city about fifteen years ago. Mr. Dover is a nephew and Mrs. Mary Scheerer of Toledo, Ohio, is a sister. Two brothers are Henry Reichard of Rochester and Fred Reichard of Munice, Ind. Mrs. Reichard has been ill three months and was in a hospital for ten days.

Reichard's Cigar Factory on Cherry Street in Huntington, Huntington,Indiana

They had the following children:
                           494      i.   Reichard-1148 was born 1883 in <, , Indiana>.
                           495   F   ii.   Ethel Reichard-1149 was born 1891 in <, , Indiana>.

                           ___ T624-85  Monrovia City Elmore twp. Los Angles Ca. pg. 149
                           East  Olive Dr. 607/55/61
                           Reichard, Ferdinand 58 In. M 27 Cigar Manufacture.
                                    Flora E. 49 In. M 27/ 0/0

190.    Charles R. Reichard-785 (John Peter Jr. Reichard, Peter, Joseph Jr., Johann Josef) was born 25 Mar 1854 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. He died 16 Feb 1895 in Huntington, Huntington, Indiana {bk. A-4 pg. 35] and was buried 18 Feb 1895 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Huntington, Huntington, Indiana.

Charles married (MRIN:439) Louisa D. Ruh-1150, daughter of Conrad Ruh-3511 and Elizabeth-3512 (MRIN:567), on 17 Jan 1876 in Fostoria, Seneca, Ohio [Bk. 7 pg 525]b. abt 1855 ,,Ohio.

Reichard's Cigar Factory on Cherry Street in Huntington, Huntington, Indiana

On page 340  of  R.L. Polk & Co. cn. Fort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1877) is found:
Reichard Charles, Cigar Maker.
Reichard Mrs Mary, cigar factory.

His fate is found recorded as such in the Daily Democrat Huntington, Indiana dated 16 Feb. 1895 pg. 3 Col. 5 as follows:

NO HOPE – for Charles Reichard, Even if an Amputation is Performed - -

Freinstein’s case More Hopeful. - - But in Either Case Amputation will be Necessary and Will Leave the Victim’s Crippled for Life - - On Thursday, Feb 7th, 1895 Charles Reichard and Jake Freinstein, the former a cigar manufacture and the latter a cigarmaker in his employ, secured a rig from S. F. Day’s livery stable and started out for a pleasure drive that resulted in their being found that night near the flax mill, in a badly frozen condition.

The night was the coldest one of the year, the thermometer registering 13 degrees below zero, and the wind blowing a gale and was very penetrating. The unfortunate men were taken to the home of Reichard, who resides above Foster’s Saloon, on Washington street, and Drs. W. C. Chafee and B. H. B. Grayston summoned, who did everything possible to relieve their pain.

They were so badly frozen that fears were entertained that amputation would be necessary, but the doctors have from day to day been waiting for the lines of demarcation to become defined, thereby giving the men every possible chance that was in their favor.

At first it was thought Freinstein was in the worst condition, but as time sped on his case became more hopeful, until now the lines of demarcation have set in clearly and it will be necessary to amputate his fingers to the palm on each hand and the thumbs to the second joint, while his feet, of which there were grave doubts at first, he will have spared him.  He was moved from Reichard’s residence to the home of his mother on Oak street. He is rational and takes the idea of amputation as a matter of course, but requests that the doctors spare him enough “stubs” so he can hold a fish pole.

In REICHARD’S CASE  the chances are all against him with little hope or recovery. He is in a pitiable condition and the lines of demarcation, as they have set in show that he will loose fingers and thumbs on both hands and both his feet near the ankles.

HIS CONDITION is such that the doctors have fears as to whether he will survive the operation. He is very restless and delirious, it being necessary to administer liquor to him, otherwise he would collapse.

LEFT TO HIS FAMILY The Doctors held a consultation this morning and called the members of the family, his wife, mother, and brothers, and presented the case to them clearly, telling them what would be his chances of recovery in case of amputation and what condition it would leave him in for life.

The matter rests with his family whether the doctors shall perform the operation or not. In case the decided against it the doctors will then perform the amputation on Freinstein, this afternoon, who has a fair prospect of recovery.

And also the Daily Democrat Huntington, Indiana dated 18 Feb. 1895 pg. 2 col 5 as follows:

ENDED IN DEATH - - Charles Reichard, After Intense Suffering, Succumbs to the Inevitable, Saturday Night - - The suffering of Charles Reichard one of the men so terribly frozen while out sleigh riding ten days ago, ended in death, Saturday night. At about 7 o’clock

The unfortunate victim never regained consciousness from the time he was picked up along side the road and taken to his home in the second story of the Boos Building, on East Washington street. Charles Reichard was born in Cleveland, Ohio, March 25, 1854, and was 40 years, 10 months and 22 days old at the time of his death. He was the second son of Mr. And Mrs. John Peter Reichard, who moved to this city thirty years ago. The deceased has been a resident of this city ever since, with the exception of two years, when he was located in Tiffin, Ohio., He was married to Miss Louisa Ruh, at Fostoria, Ohio, eighteen years ago, and the fruits of their union is a daughter Miss Minnie, now nearly sixteen years of age. The deceased was a cigarmaker by trade and has been engaged in the manufacture of cigars for a number of years.

Besides a wife and daughter the deceased leaves a mother, Mrs. M. Reichard, one sister and three brothers, Mrs. Harry Scheerer, of Sydney, Ohio, and Ferd, Henry and Preston Reichard of this city, to mourn his untimely death. The remains were conveyed to the home of the deceased’s mother, on Cherry Street, this morning, from which place the funeral occurred this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock. The services were conducted by Rev. L. C. Martin pastor of the German Reformed Church and the internment was made in Mr. Hope Cemetery.

They had the following children:

            496   F   i.   Minnie Reichard-1151 was born about 1877 in , , Indiana. Minnie married (MRIN:568) Lyons-1152. Lyons was born 1877 in , , Indiana.

191.  Henry Reichard-786 (John Peter Jr. Reichard, Peter, Joseph Jr., Johann Josef) was born 20 Nov 1856 in Huntington, Huntington, Indiana. He died 17 Jan 1931 in Logansport, Cass, Indiana 74y 1m 27d [State Certif Local #2092 Reg. #260] and was buried 21 Jan 1931 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Huntington, Huntington, Indiana.

Henry married (MRIN:440) Hallie Weaver-1153 on 22 Feb 1894. Hallie was born about 1878 in <, , Indiana>.

His death is found recorded  in the Rochester Indian New Sentinel dated  Monday, January 19, 1931 as follows:
Becoming critically ill on the street shortly before noon Saturday after going to Logansport to see his doctor, Henry REICHARD, 73 years old, of this city, veteran cigar maker who was better known as Bob WHITE, died at 12 o’clock in the Stag cigar shop, 210 Fourth street, where he was taken by Patrolman Charles DEANE.
W. A. MILLER, 1802 Spear street, one of the proprietors of the Stag cigar store, aided Patrolman Deane to carry the sick man into the store and they made him as comfortable as possible on a lounge and then called a physician.  Reichard died before he could be given medical attention.
The body was removed to the Chase Mortuary on the order of Coroner M. S. STEWART and was prepared for burial.  Death was believed due to heart disease.
Reichard has been working on a farm near Logansport for several months.  He had worked at his trade in this city last summer.  He had worked in many cigar shops in this city in other  years.
White’s identification was made possible through a hunting license issued here which he had in his clothing when he died.  Survivors are his wife and son who live in Fort Wayne  The body will probably be taken to Fort Wayne for burial.  White was a member of the Cigar-makers Union.
And also in the Indiana Herald-Press Huntington, Indiana dated Tuesday 20 Na. 1921 as follows:
Henry Reichard -  - Funeral Services for Henry Reichard, seventy-four years old, formerly of this city, who died Saturday noon at Logansport will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Bailey funeral home in this city. Burial will take place at the Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Mr. Reichard was born November 20, 1856, in Huntington county to Peter and Mary Reichard. His marriage to Hallie Weaver took place February 22, 1894.

Surviving are the widow, a son Kenneth Reichard of Fort Wayne and a graddaughter Phyllis Jean.

The body was brought to the Bailey funeral home Tuesday morning, where it will lie in state until the time for the funeral.

Reichard's Cigar Factory on Cherry Street in Huntington, Huntington,Indiana

   They had the following children:
+  497  M  i.  Kenneth Reichard-1154 was born about 1898.         
                       Ethel was born about 1899 in <, , Indiana>.



Courtesy of Judith E. Burns