H. Brown and Sons Funeral Home Records Index

Transcription Project of the records of H. Brown and Sons Funeral Home, Warren, Indiana

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Abrell - Bowman, S. Bowman, W. -  Clark, Ma. Clark, Min.  - Eichorn, Ada Eichorn, Adaline - Griffith, Jo
Griffith, Ju - Hultz, C Hultz, J. - Leas, Ra. Leas, Ru - Miller, Ge. Miller, Gl. - Pinkerton, G.
Pinkerton, J. - Secrest Seigman - Straw Strebig - Welker, P. Welker, R. - Zuck

Thanks to Bobbi Ware for the great initial donation.
Thanks to Kathy Ann McElhaney-Wise, Jim Eubank, and Judy Matlock, for providing many of the transcriptions.
And a special thanks to Gene Ruse for finishing out the project.
Thanks also to Jan Sanford for her typing assistance.

This list initially posted 4/09/2000
Completed  4/10/2005


Uploaded 9/2/2008!

Ira Brown's Journal & Coffin Records
Funeral Dirctor Warren, Indiana

Thanks to Gene Ruse for this wonderful contribution.

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