This large, beautiful cemetery overlooks one of the large streams of the county called Pipe Creek. It is now owned by the I.O.O.F. Lodge of Swayzee. The name of Thrailkill is an old one in this vicinity. A family by the name having lived across the road many years ago. Inquiry has not yet verified the idea that it received its name from this family but is generally accepted as true. The earliest date on a stone is Aug. 18, 1850 - Abraham Grindle son of Samuel Grindle who came to the township in 1849 or 1850. Whitson's History says, "Among the first deaths in the county were a child of Madison Allen, who was the first person buried in the Thrailkill Cemetery and a child of John Galbreath and a child of W. Francis Smith." This cemetery is in Section #2 of Sims Township on State Road #13.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

The grave of Abraham Grindle son of S. & M.A. Grindle is still in the old section of this cemetery. He died Aug. 18, 1850 aged 4m.2d. This is the earliest grave I found in this cemetery. As of October 1994, every stone was read in the entire cemetery.

This cemetery has been worked on more than once. In the old section there are indications, at some point in time, this cemetery was almost destroyed. In many places, the gravestones are set in cement. They are placed in rows of like names and possibly of families. I believe this was done back in the early 1900's due to the appearance of the cement. The current caretaker told me that in the last few years he had repaired and reset many stones. I was very impressed with the care given to this old cemetery.

It is still in use today. The township provides the trustee with the funds to keep up the maintenance and care of this cemetery. There is still plenty of room for expansion. Three sides are bordered by farmland, with State Road #13 bordering the west side.

On July 4, 1910 the GAR erected a monument in the center of this cemetery: "In Loving Remembrance of our dead and living heroes of the War of 1861 - 1865"
I attempted to read this cemetery in sections, that I created, as their was no designations of areas on the plat map. The map on the following page of this book will help you locate the area of the grave you seek. I didn't attempt to read these in rows for in some places this would have been impossible. The spelling is exactly as I found it on the stones.


Old Section
Original Plat

	B.K.  July 8, 1869 - Dec. 26, 1916  S/S with Maggie J.
	Jerome died Nov. 8, 1888 aged 29y.6m.
	Maggie J. wife of B.K. Alexander  Jan. 24, 1867 - Jan. 8, 1921  S/S with B.K.
	Thursia M. (Alexander) wife of W.A. Harrell  1864 - 1917
	Elisebeth wife of J.M. Allen died Mar. 25, 1889 aged 61y.10m.2d.
	Martha A. dau of J.M. & E. Allen died Aug. 7, 1855 aged 7y.10m.29d.
	Antionette dau of C. & S. Anderson died Aug. 31, 1885 aged 1y.25d.
	Bartholemew died Aug. 16, 1878 aged 76y.
	Ira O. died Sep. 15, 1885 aged 16y.6d.
	Lucy Ann dau of Mordica & Susannah Anderson died Feb. 26, 1870 
		aged 20y.5m.1d.
			"Lone is the house and sad the hour
			Since thy sweet smile is gone
			But Oh!  Brighter than ours
			In heaven is now thy own."
	Mordica died Nov. 13, 1874 aged 47y.6m.18d.
	Nancy wife of B. Anderson died ____ 
		(Stone broken at this point and there was no other information.)
	Nancy C. died Sept. 3, 1894 aged 29y.11m.27d.
			"Sweetly sleep on precious daughter
			Holy angels guard thy bed
			Gently rest in Jesus darling
			Till he calls thee from the dead."
	*	David  Dec. 16, 1828 - May 13, 1899
	*	Ruey wife of David Arthurhults  Feb. 21, 1823 - Sept. 1, 1889
			(Note:  The DAR recorded these people in Thrailkill, but they are actually
in the Raypholtz - Maple Grove Cemetery Section A - Old Section in
Pleasant Twp. I don't know how the mistake was made, but I definitely
don't believe they were ever moved.) Ayers, Nellie J. dau of J. & M.S. Ayers died Sept. 16, 1887 aged 1y.10m.12d. Bagley, Euphemia wife of Azor Bagley died Jan. 10, 1857 aged 48y.8m.8d. Thomas S. son of A. & E.A. Bagley died Feb. 10, 1864 aged 5y.9m.4d. Baker, Margaret dau of W. & R. Baker died Nov. 16, 1854 aged 16y.7m. Barngrover, Eliza A. wife of S.D. Barngrover died Sept. 10, 1875 aged 65y.7m.28d. S/S with Solomon D. Eliza M. dau of Solomon D. & Eliza Barngrover died Oct. 25, 1857 aged 5y.9m.13d. Mary E. wife of N.C. Barngrover died May 3, 1866 aged 27y.2m.13d. (Stone was broken in half and the age could not be checked.) Solomon D. died Aug. 14, 1876 aged 66y.7m.2d. S/S with Eliza A. Tisha A. dau of N.G. & N. Barngrover died May 19, 1873 aged 1y.7d. (DAR had her listed as Bumgarten.) Barton, Andrew J. son of J.T. & N. Barton died Feb. 14, 1863 aged 18y.5m.10d. * Emily J. dau of J.T. & N. Barton died Jan. 18, 1860 aged 1y.9m.6d. Franklin M. died Nov.19, 1879 aged 23y.10m.6d. "Not lost. Blest though But gone before Where we shall meet To part no more." Joseph T. died Nov. 18, 1889 aged 76y.2m. "In Loving Remembrance of" "Gone to rest with Jesus in heaven." Martha C. dau of J.T. & N. Barton died Nov. 6, 1854 aged 1y.3m.22d. * Nancy wife of Joseph T. Barton died Nov. 11, 1876 aged about 60 years Bell, John J. son of E. & E.M. Bell died June 8, 1868 aged 20y.6m.10d. "Farewell my father, friends and all From you a son Christ doth call Mourn not for me it is in vain To call me to your sight again." Braffet, David son of S. & M. Braffet died June 3, 1866 aged 13y.11m.11d. S/S with Mary Mary wife of S. Braffet died May 8, 1866 aged 67y.1m.21d. S/S with David Sarah J. 1830 - 1909 "Mother" Britts, * Abraham son of D.S. & S. Britts died June 23, 1859 aged 2y.18d. Brown, Martha J. dau of W. & E. Brown died Nov. 18, 1855 aged 4y.4m.16d. Bryant, John W. son of E. & E. Bryant died Jan. 22, 1879 aged 24y.1m.24d. S/S with Mary J. Robinson Bumgarten, Tisha A. -- (This turned out to be Barngrover not Bumgarten....see above.) Burns, Charles M. son of E.B. & M.A. Burns died Sept. 9, 1874 aged 24y.3m.16d. S/S with Elias H., Elias B. and Mary A. Clarence L. son of H. & E.M. Burns died Mar. 13, 1879 aged 6y.15d. S/S with John F. and Henry Elias B. June 8, 1821 - May 28, 1909 S/S with Charles M., Mary A. and Elias H. Elias H. Mar.30, 1864 - Nov. 8, 1895 S/S with Mary A., Elias B. and Charles M. Elizabeth wife of Henry died June 15, 1896 aged 55y.6m.18d. "Mother" Florrida J. dau of Eligah & Mariah Burns died July 24, 1855 aged 4y.7m.5d. Henry died Feb. 25, 1882 aged 58 years. S/S with Clarence L. and John F. John F. son of H. & E.M. Burns died Sept. 21, 1873 aged 11y.1d. S/S with Clarence L. and Henry Mary A. wife of E.B. Burns died May 14, 1878 aged 54y.2m.3d. S/S with Elias H., Elias B. and Charles M. Serena dau of H. & E.M. Burns died Oct. 5, 1864 aged 6m.1d. Buroker, Alven son of J. & C. Buroker died May 5, 1868 aged 9y.8m.2d. S/S with Catherine, Joshua and Sarah Catherine wife of Joshua Buroker died Aug. 8, 1863 aged 47y.9m. S/S with Alven, Joshua and Sarah Darius died June 13, 1903 aged 60y.10m.1d. "Co. H 101 Ind. Inf." Darius is also listed on the S/S with Russell Colbert "Gone but not forgotten." Elmer son of L.P. & M.E. Buroker died Aug. 1, 1879 aged 6m.16d. Joshua died Nov. 23, 1886 aged 80y.3m.17d. S/S with Alven, Catherine and Sarah * Laura died May 16, 1878 aged 1y.1m.3d. Lewis P. 1856 - 1939 S/S with Mary E. Mary E. 1858 - 1946 S/S with Lewis P. Sarah dau of J. & C. Buroker died Jan. 14, 1865 aged 15y.9m.8d. S/S with Alven, Catherine and Joshua (Sarah also has a separate stone, same information.) Burton, Charles son of William & O. Burton died Feb. 13, 1853 aged 10y.2m.16d. Orpha wife of William Burton died Jan. 4, 1869 aged 52y.7m.14d. * William died Feb. 14, 1861 aged 23y.5m.15d. * William died Oct. 25, 1872 aged 66y.8m.28d. Carmichael, Stephen M. 1859 - 1923 "Father" Susie C. 1862 - 1921 "Mother" Clannin, Charlie son of I. & M. Clannin died Aug. 3, 1880 aged 3y.10m.6d. Charlotte wife of William Clannin 1843 - 1914 Della V. dau of R. & J. Clannin died Apr. 8, 1881 aged 13y.9m.11d. Elizabeth wife of R. Clannin died May 13, 1881 aged 56y.4m.4d. Clannin, Jane wife of Ruben Clannin July 17, 1832 - Mar. 15, 1875 S/S with Ruben (Jane also has a separate smaller stone.) Ruben Mar. 1, 1816 - July 9, 1897 S/S with Jane Samuel 1883 - 1947 Wm. "Co. I 101 Indiana Infantry" Coffman, Buddie son of W. & Bell Coffman died Aug. 6, 1875 aged 1y.8m.6d. * John died Apr. 18, 1866 aged 66y.10m. Margaret wife of John Coffman died Aug. 28, 1877 aged 74y.1m.12d. Sarah J. dau of J. & M. Coffman died June 2, 1856 aged 12y.2m.28d. Colbert, Russell son of C. & C. Colbert died June 13, 1903 aged 5y.5m.13d. S/S with Darius Buroker Cowin, Elizabeth wife of William Cowin 1830 - 1886 S/S with William William May 14, 1826 - Feb. 24, 1904 S/S with Elizabeth (In front of this marker are 4 separate stones marked BABY, DAUGHTER, MOTHER and FATHER. I can't tell if they go with Cowin's or not. There are no names on these markers.) DeCoursey, Isaac 1836 - 1909 S/S with Lavyca J., William A. and Martha L. Lavyca J. 1843 - 1887 S/S with Isaac, William A. and Martha L. (Livicy and Lavyca are probably the same person. Older stone listed below was not found.) * Livicy wife of I. DeCoursey died Jan. 15, 1887 aged 43y.2m.14d. Martha dau of I. & L.J. DeCoursey died Jan. 1, 1875 aged 9m.3m.15d. (This is probably Martha L. listed below on an older stone.) Martha L. 1865 - 1875 "Daughter" S/S with William A., Lavyca J. and Isaac William A. 1870 - 1898 "Son" S/S with Martha L., Lavyca J. and Isaac Doggett, Mary J. wife of M.V. Doggett died Nov. 27, 1876 aged 28y.1m.2d. Draper, Mary E. wife of Wm. Draper died Feb. 15, 1875 aged 23y.5m.7d. Fanceler, Abraham son of A.F. & D. Fanceler died Aug. 20, 1855 aged 8y.7m.29d. (I couldn't check the age, it was in cement.) Figgins, * George J. son of B.F. & M.A. Figgins died Nov. 14, 1874 aged 4y.3m.27d. (This stone is gone but George J. is listed with Lewis E. and Margaret on a
newer stone.) George J. 1870 - 1874 S/S with Lewis E. and Margaret * Lewis E. son of B.F. & M.A. Figgins died Oct. 16, 1878 aged 2y.8m.15d. (This stone is gone but Lewis E. is listed with George J. and Margaret on
newer stone.) Figgins, Lewis E. 1876 - 1878 S/S with George J. and Margaret Margaret 1886 - 1886 S/S with George J. and Lewis E. Fisher, Goldie F. dau of Anna Fisher died Jan. 15, 1890 aged 2y.4m.28d. Forrester, John B.W. son of Wm. & Ruth Forrester died May 8, 1866 aged 10m.14d. Fox, George W. son of W. & E. Fox died Oct. 4, 1854 aged 9m.22d. Friermood, Claude J. son of W.E. & N.J. Friermood died Oct. 24, 1872 aged 2y.17d. Nicy wife of W.E. Friermood died Feb. 2, 1875 aged 25y.8m.2d. Otto son of W.E. & N.J. Friermood died Aug. 22, 1874 aged 8m.20d. Fritts, Abraham son of D.S. & S. Fritts died June 23, 1853 aged 2y.18d. Galbreath, * Elizabeth wife of Wm. Galbreath died Sept. 2, 1862 aged 24y.6m.12d. (This stone was evidently moved after the DAR read the cemetery. It is now located in the newer part of the cemetery, on the Galbreath Lot in Section C.) Galt, * James H. son of William E. Galt died Oct. 4, 1862 aged 2m.28d. Gentis, Fredrick son of I. & S.E. Gentis died Dec. 28, 1875 aged 4y.1m.24d. Gracy dau of I. & S.E. Gentis died Oct. 11, 1881 aged 27 days Isaac died Nov. 12, 1897 aged 86y.6m.17d. Sarah wife of Isaac Gentis died Aug. 1, 1877 aged 59y.10m. Gilland, John died Mar. 6, 1888 aged 63y.2m.10d. Margaret E. dau of J. & E. Gilland died Aug. 16, 1875 aged 2y.10m.10d. Goodrich, (This name turned out to be Goodrick on the stones, as listed below.) Goodrick, Alphama dau of D. & N. Goodrick died Sept. 16, 1860 aged 4y.10m.26d. Nancy died Feb. 22, 1864 aged 43y.8m.23d. (Could not check age, the stone was broken at this point.) Grindle, Abraham H. son of S. & M.A. Grindle died Aug. 18, 1850 aged 4m.2d. Infant dau of S. & M.A. Grindle born & died Dec. 2, 1855 Mary wife of Samuel Grindle Jan. 21, 1820 - Dec. 16, 1855 "Mother" S/S with Samuel Mary A. wife of Samuel Grindle died Dec. 9, 1855 aged 35y.10m.21d. (Mary is also listed on a newer stone with her husband Samuel.) Grindle, Saddie (Little) dau of S. & Mary Grindle died May 11, 1858 aged 11m.15d. (The DAR had this child listed as Maggie.) Samuel July 9, 1818 - June 28, 1894 "Father" S/S with Mary Hagans, Clary dau of W.M. & R.G. Hagans Apr. 1, 1866 - Sept. 29, 1882 Haines, Azariah born Sept. 14, 1797 died Nov. 25, 1879 aged 83y.2m.11d. Hamden, (This name turned out to be Harnden, as listed below.) Hanes, * Henry A. son of A. & E. Hanes died Aug. 13, 1867 aged 3y.18d. * Margaret C. dau of A. & M. Hanes died Jan. 20, 1855 aged 11y.18d. Margaret E. dau of R.B. & S.C. Hanes died May 15, 1866 aged 6m.15d. Orpha J. dau of R.B. & S.C. Hanes died Dec. 31, 1865 aged 2y.2m.15d. Pearlie A. infant son of A. & E. Hanes died May 28, 1873 aged 9d. (This stone was broken and much of it was missing, also very weathered
and worn to the point of illegibility.) * Sarah A. dau of R.B. & S.C. Hanes died Nov. 12, 1872 aged 6y.3m.26d. * William E. son of A. & E. Hanes died Aug. 9, 1876 aged 7y.5m.15d. Hanna, Matilda Allis dau of J.A. & S.A. Hanna Mar. 21, 1864 - July 9, 1865 aged 1y.3m.18d. Hardacre, Arlie (No dates.) Caroline (No dates.) Delia (No dates.) Henry B. (No dates.) (These four people were all on separate stones with no other
information.) William died Apr. 17, 1888 aged 63y.1m.9d. Harenden, Anna May (Little) dau of B. & E. Harenden died Mar. 10, 1872 aged 4y.6m.11d. Harnden, Benjamin born New Lexington, Highland Co., Ohio Feb. 20, 1819 died in Mier, Grant Co., Indiana Oct. 3, 1871 aged 52y.7m.13d. "Mason" Evaline wife of B. Harnden died May 20, 1870 aged 32y.3m.29d. * Lucy May (Little) dau of B. & E. Harnden died Mar. 20, 1878 aged 4y.6m.11d. (This may have been Anna May Harenden listed above.) M. Alice dau of Benj. & Evaline Harnden July 29, 1857 - Mar. 17, 1859 Orris son of B. & E. Harnden died Oct. 7, 1867 aged 3y.1m.28d. Harrell, Irene B. dau of J. & A.C. Harrell July 23, 1903 - Nov. 8, 1911 Thursia M. (Alexander) wife of W.A. Harrell 1864 - 1917 Harris, Nathaniel died Feb. 16, 1874 aged 68y.6m.27d. Penninah wife of Nathaniel Harris died June 28, 1866 aged 60y.10m.1d. Harrison, Verna son of C.M. & J.A. Harrison died June 30, 1886 aged 2y.3m. Harvey, Infant dau of W.N. & G. Harvey died Aug. 5, 1873 Hayden, B.F. died Apr. 30, 1860 aged 28y.7m.14d. Francis M. son of B.F. & S.J. Hayden died Jan. 18, 1879 aged 1y.11m.18d. S/S with Ovid T. Mary A. wife of S. Hayden died Nov. 28, 1856 aged 38y.4d. Nancy A. 1824 - 1889 Ovid T. son of B.F. & S.J. Hayden died Apr. 11, 1880 aged 1y.1m.22d. S/S with Francis M. Samuel O. son of S. & M.J. Hayden died Jan. 5, 1889 aged 28y.8m.9d. Stephen died Oct. 28, 1868 aged 51y.11m.13d. (Stone was badly deteriorated and broken.) Heaverland, Margaret died Sept. 2, 186_ aged 69y. (This stone was badly deteriorated.) Hersey, Frances wife of B.V. Hersey died Oct. 22, 1854 aged 19y.10m.22d. (DAR lists this name as Kersey. Age 14y.???.) Hoggatt, Elizabeth A. wife of A. Hoggatt died Mar. 18, 1863 aged 25y.5m.14d. Jonathan son of A. & E.A. Hoggatt died Aug. 14, 1878 aged 19y.3m.9d. Salathael son of A. & E.A. Hoggatt died Aug. 18, 1863 aged 5y.14d. All three of these people are on one stone. Hood, * Evaline dau of O.D. & M. Hood died Nov. 26, 1855 aged 1y.2m.1d. Hullinger, * M. dau of A. & K. Hullinger died Oct. 18, 1852 aged 8m.5d. Johnson, Nancy wife of J. Johnson died Aug. 29, 1875 aged 44y.1m.22d. Jones, Alabama wife of Stephen Jones ___ (This stone was broken and is now set in cement. This is all that can be seen of it. No birth or death dates.) Charles infant son of William & Rosa Belle (No dates.) Edward N. son of S. & A. Jones died Mar. 23, 1853 aged 1y.3m.2d. (Couldn't check the age it was in cement.) G. Edward son of Reuben & Margaret Jones died Mar. 31, 1883 aged 22y.2m.8d. Nancy dau of Edward & Emily Jones died Mar. 23, 1856 aged 11m.3d. (I found the bottom of this stone only.) * Peter C. 1830 - 1892 Priscilla dau of Edward & Emily Jones died Mar. 4, 1861 aged 3y.1m.4d. (This stone was badly deteriorated, could not make out the name.) A note from a relative says this name was: 'Rosabella Ava Jones. I have the book that my grandmother, Inda Grace (Jones) Detamore (Converse,IOOF) recorded the names of her siblings.' Howard Detamore - Indianapolis, Ind. Jumper, John B. died Nov. 21, 1855 aged 29y.1m.27d. Kellar, Christian Sept. 2, 1879 aged 75 years. Cora E. dau of J.W. & M.A. Kellar died Sept. 22, 1876 aged 8m.25d. Laurinda F. wife of Jos. A. Kellar died Feb. 4, 1869 aged 24y.3m.3d. Mary Ann wife of J.W. Kellar died Mar. 30, 1880 aged 36y.11m.1d. Nora E. dau of J.W. & M.A. Kellar died Apr. 12, 1874 aged 7m.10d. Kersey, Frances wife of B.V. Kersey died Oct. 22, 1864 aged 14y.10m.28d. (As listed by the DAR. See Hersey above.) Key, Mary died Feb. 22, 1881 aged 60y.5m.10d. Knote, Harry son of B.F. & T.J. Knote died Feb. 3, 1889 aged 2wks.5da. Kuhn, Catherine wife of George Kuhn died May3, 1875 aged 52y.2m.13d. (Broken.) Lake, Charley E. son of J.C. & M.J. Lake died Sept. 8, 1875 aged 11m.2d. Infant of J.W. & B. Lake born and died 1891 (This child was listed on a slab of cement covering the grave.) Landis, Daniel died Mar. 11, 1861 aged 35y.2m.25d. "Farewell my wife and children all From you a father Christ doth call Mourn not for me it is in vain To call me to your sight again." Lawson, Bertha M. dau of V.S. & M.E. Lawson died Sept. 1, 1892 aged 7m.16d. Henry son of J.W.A. & C.R. Lawson died Jan. 15, 1883 aged 11y.2m.3d. Leisure, Lydia (Smith) Leisure 1858 - 1888 Lewis, James son of J.R. & M.A. Lewis died May 13, 1860 aged 7y.14d. Mary dau of J.R. & M.A. Lewis died May 8, 1860 aged 3y.9m.25d. (Mary's stone is broken and very illegible.) Prudence dau of J.R. & M.A. Lewis died May 20, 1860 aged 9y.8m.22d. Lillard, Hannah wife of Darias Lillard died Mar. 13, 1863 aged 25y.8m.20d. Mary A. dau of T.J. & N.A. Lillard died Sept. 8, 1864 aged 10m.28d. Nancy A. 1840 - 1918 S/S with Thomas J. Thomas J. 1841 - 1873 S/S with Nancy A. Long, Adolphus R. son of O.M. & S. Long died Oct. 5, 1886 aged 18y.9d. S/S with Ella May and Susia B.F. born July 20, 1852 died Dec. 19, 1891 Ella May dau of O.M. & S. Long died Sept. 23, 1888 aged 11y.1m.18d. S/S with Adolphus R. and Susia O.M. "Co. I 12 Ind. Inf." Joseph F. son of O.M. & S. Long died Mar. 16, 1874 aged 10m.2d. Susia wife of O.M. Long died Aug. 29, 1881 aged 37y.7m.13d. S/S with Adolphus R. and Ella May Lykins, * Rose Ana dau of David & Jane Lykins died Apr. 26, 1866 aged 1y.1m.19d. Lynch, And. W. "Co. K 11 Ind. Inf." Emma Elizabeth wife of O'neal Stair & dau of A.J. & M.J. Lynch died Mar. 14, 1889 aged 18y.2m.26d. Lida A. 1870 - 1942 "Mother" S/S with William A. Thomas K. son of A.J. & M.J. Lynch died Oct. 15, 1875 aged 9m.18d. William A. 1869 - 1944 "Father" S/S with Lida A. Marks, Minerva J. wife of E. Marks May 13, 1824 - July 28, 1899 William B. son of Elisha & Minerva J. Marks died Dec. 9, 1870 aged 20y.11m.25d. * _____ wife of J.N. Marks dau of Wm. & A. Parker was born in Hamilton Co., Indiana June 22, 1846 married June 10, 1862 died in Somerset, Wabash Co., Indiana Sept. 14, 1866 aged 20y.2m.22d. Martin, Charles died Apr. 4, 1860 aged 66y.3m.19d. Claud June 9, 1888 - Jan. 28, 1892 Curlista K. dau of J. & S.A. Martin died June 25, 1865 aged 2y.9m.1d. (This stone was badly deteriorated, I couldn't check it for accuracy.) Emley wife of C.W. Martin died Dec. 25, 1881 aged 23y.7m.17d. Luvina wife of G. Martin died Jan. 23, 1856 aged 48y.11m.6d. Oscar son of A. & E.J. Martin died Nov. 25, 1878 aged 2y.7m.23d. Martin, Rachel A. died June 8, 1857 aged 27y.1m.11d. Sarah dau of C. & R.A. Martin died July 28, 1856 aged 1y.10m.10d. Sarah J. dau of L. & M. Martin died Sept. 21, 1858 aged 2y.1m. McCan, James H. died Mar. 3, 1881 aged 31y.2m.1d. Mary L. wife of James H. McCan died Dec. 9, 1870 aged 19y.8m.4d. "Jesus can make a dying bed Feel soft as downy pillows are While on his breast I leave my heart And breathe my life out sweetly there." McGuire, Climenia 1828 - 1905 S/S with Nelson Nelson 1825 - 1897 S/S with Climenia _____ A. son of ____ & C. McGuire died Sept. 9, 1862 aged 1y.11d. (This was all that was legible on this stone.) McKillip, * Os___ dau of William & Zetta McKillip died May 27, 1875 aged 20 days Miller, Bridget A. Jan. 19, 1865 - Nov. 12, 1870 S/S with Lee and Lydia Ang. Delilah Nov. 20, 1834 - June 12, 1908 S/S with Martin * Julia Ann Dec. 11, 1867 - Nov. 26, 1870 (This stone was not found, I believe this was probably misread and
is really Lydia Ang. as follows.) Lee Nov. 7, 1869 - Dec. 8, 1870 S/S with Bridget A. and Lydia Ang. Lydia Ang. Dec. 11, 1867 - Nov. 26, 1870 S/S with Bridget A. and Lee Martin Oct. 20, 1820 - Apr. 23, 1892 S/S with Delilah Mary wife of Paul Miller died Mar. 21, 1859 aged 26y.10d. Sary J. wife of Vinton Miller died Mar. 21, 1859 aged 26y.10d. "Gone Ye Blessed." Wm. "Co. A 101st Ind. Inf." ____ dau of ____ Miller died Mar. 27, 1871 aged ____ (This was all that was legible on this stone.) Mills, Mary J. dau of Wm. & C. Mills died May 29, 1869 aged 3m.9d. * William died Apr. 11, 1870 aged 26y.10m.4d. Moore, Caroline dau of B.F. & Effy A. Moore died Jan. 29, 1870 aged 19y.1m.11d. Dellia 1867 - 1907 Dorcas wife of Peter Moore died Dec. 18, 1872 aged 76y.8m.11d. Harrison son of B.F. & E.A. Moore died Apr. 9, 1870 aged 2y.1m.6d. Levi 1865 - 1918 Mullins, Jesse L. son of Jas. & Margaret Mullins died July 12, 1890 aged 19y.10m.19d. Murray, Doney dau of W.H. & R.A. Murray died May 1, 1875 aged 3y.2m.24d. Isaac Oct. 2, 1811 - Jan. 1, 1875 aged 63y.2m.29d. William died May 23, 1879 aged 39y.5m.13d. ____ son of J. & M. Murray died Dec. 5, 1862 aged 10y.1m.24d. (I could find no indication there ever was a given name on this stone.) Myer, Charles W. son of J. & I. Myer died July 3, 1853 aged 1y.2m.18d. Isabel second wife of John Myer died Feb. 10, 1856 aged 45y.1m.10d. John died July 21, 1881 aged 77y.8m.11d. Myre, Mary M. wife of John B. Myre died Sept. 7, 1873 aged 17y.2m.22d. Samuel son of John & E. Myre died Jan. 27, 1862 aged 3y.24d. Newton, Ansel died Mar. 18, 1875 aged 58y.7m.8d. Byard son of A.N. & M.A. Newton died Oct. 24, 1872 aged 11y.2m.23d. S/S with James W.N. Eliza J. dau of A.N. & M.A. Newton died Mar. 1, 1878 aged 23y.6m.15d. "Dearest daughter thou hast left us Here thy loss we deeply feel But tis God that hath bereft us He can all our sorrows heal." James W.N. son of A.N. & M.A. Newton died Jan. 11, 1880 aged 20y.10m.5d. S/S with Byard Nicholson, Arthur W. son of J.W. & S.A. Nicholson Feb. 20, 1878 - Oct. 28, 1881 S/S with Dora, Asa C. and 2 Infants Asa C. son of J.W. & S.A. Nicholson Jan. 14, 1880 - Sept. 22, 1880 S/S with Dora, Arthur W. and 2 Infants Dora E. dau of J.W. & S.A. Nicholson died Sept. 23, 1871 aged 6y.4m.26d. "Weep not for Dora, Her gentle spirit pled She gently sleeps in Jesus Among the silent dead." Infant of J.W. & S.A. Nicholson born & died Nov. 18, 1883 S/S with Dora E., Asa C., Arthur W. and another Infant Infant of J.W. & S.A. Nicholson born & died Aug. 27, 1887 S/S with Dora E., Asa C., Arthur W. and another Infant Overhultz, Martha A. dau of Eli & Ellen Overhultz Apr. 13, 1887 - Nov. 15, 1888 Mary A. infant dau of Eli & Ellen Overhultz (No dates were on this stone.) Parker, * Mary wife of John Parker died Sept. 4, 1869 aged 77y.5m.24d. * Sarah Ann wife of Wm. Parker died May 19, 1863 aged 50y.5m.11d. * _____ wife of J.N. Marks dau of Wm. & A. Parker was born in Hamilton Co., Indiana June 22, 1846 married June 10, 1862 died in Somerset, Wabash Co., Indiana Sept. 14, 1866 aged 20y.2m.22d. Parson, Edgar D. 1916 (No other information on this stone.) Pearson, Ann 1864 - 1930 S/S with Thomas M. Thomas M. 1857 - 1911 S/S with Ann Pence, Ellen wife of A.J. Pence died Aug. 31, 1868 aged 26y.8m.13d. * Infant son of John S. & Martha E. Pence born & died Feb. 9, 1870 Ivy M. dau of J.S. & M.M. Pence died Dec. 20, 1875 aged 8m.9d. "Though lost to sight To memory dear." Martha E. wife of John S. Pence died Feb. 9, 1870 aged 22y.11m.5d. (This stone was broken in several pieces.) * Mary J. wife of Lewis G. Pence died Dec. 5, 1872 aged 25y.4m.13d. Oda son of I.M. & B.A. Pence died Nov. 16, 1873 aged 1m. (This stone was badly deteriorated, I could not check it for accuracy.) Pennington, Aaron died Mar. 22, 1896 aged 69y.11m.17d. S/S with Margrett Cynthia E. 1859 - 1901 S/S with Joseph B. Estle May 19, 1892 - Feb. 23, 1951 "Indiana Pvt. Co. H 106 Infantry W.W. I" James B. son of A. & M. Pennington died ____ aged 2m.3d. (Bottom of this stone was gone.) Joseph B. 1858 - 1938 S/S with Cynthia E. Margrett died Aug. 23, 1905 aged 70y.28d. S/S with Aaron Rosanah wife of I. Pennington died Apr. 6, 1877 aged 23y.14d. Phillip, Infant of B. & M. Phillip born & died 1890 Infant of B. & M. Phillip born & died 1891 (Both of these children are listed on slabs of cement covering the graves.) Pierce, Nathaniel died June 13, 1874 aged 85y.1m.2d. Rader, Frances 1864 - 1878 Girtrude dau of S.W. & M.I. Rader 1883 - 1884 Mary I. 1865 - 1933 S/S with Simeon W. Simeon W. 1860 - 1950 S/S with Mary I. Ramirez, Mary Tristan 1918 - 1963 Ratliff, Ralph 1919 - 1937 Reel, Mary M. wife of R.F. Reel May 22, 1869 - Apr. 20, 1912 Retherford, Edna P. 1888 - 1891 S/S with William F. Infant son of W. & K.M. Retherford born & died Nov. 4, 1867 S/S with Ziba William F. 1890 - 1891 S/S with Edna P. Ziba son of W.A. & K.M. Retherford died Oct. 12, 1880 aged 11m.24d. S/S with Infant Retz, Lillie dau of R. & C. Retz died Aug. 24, 1883 aged 3m.23d. Robinson, Mary J. wife of C.C. Robinson died May 20, 1882 aged 29y.8m.8d. S/S with John W. Bryant Roye, Catherine wife of Chas. H. Roye died Feb. 15, 1872 aged 23y.9m.7d. Rude, Catherine 1808 - 1891 Delilah 1842 - 1879 __nde 1836 - 1879 (First name was illegible.) Sater, N.W. "Co. D 36 Ind. Inf." Sawyer, Cordilla D. dau of J. & R. Sawyer died May 27, 1864 aged 2y.6m.2d. (This stone was very badly deteriorated, not sure of first name.) Sayers, Nellie J. dau of J. & M. Sayers died Sept. 16, 1887 aged 1y.10m.12d. Sayre, Myrtle dau of J. & S.J. Sayre died Jan. 19, 1877 aged 5y.4m.23d. Shanahan, Lydia A. died May 25, 1890 aged 69 years "I.H.S." Michael member of Parish of (name blurred) County of Cork, Ireland died Jan. 2, 1885 aged 86y.3m.28d. "I.H.S. "In Memory Of" (There has been a bronze tablet added to the bottom of this stone.) Michael Shanahan 1799 - 1885 Noah D. son of I./E. & N. Shanahan died May 23, 1873 aged 5y.2m.10d. Shaw, * Rolly son of Wm. & Sarah Shaw died Mar. 8, 1873 aged 3y.10m.8d. Shivley, Willie son of S.T. & R.E. Shivley died June 15, 1887 aged 13y.8m.19d. Shockey, Marion L. (No dates.) Skinner, Nancy E. dau of J. & J.A. Skinner died Dec. 13, 1864 aged 15y.10m.23d. (This stone was badly deteriorated and hard to read.) Smith, Caroline wife of G.W. Smith died Mar. 3, 1881 aged 48y.9m.15d. Charles L. Apr. 27, 1876 - June 5, 1909 S/S with George W. David "Co. G 124 Ind. Inf." Dow son of G.W. & C. Smith died Dec. 13, 1871 aged 9y.11m.8d. Fern dau of G.R. & A.J. Smith Jan. 4, 1891 - Oct. 4, 1893 Francis died ____ 1865 aged 81y.8m.25d. (Stone badly deteriorated.) Francis M. son of G. & S.M. Smith died Aug. 30, 1859 aged 5y.8m.10d. George W. Dec. 26, 1821 - Sept. 15, 1903 S/S with Charles L. Infant dau of L. & P.A. Smith died Dec. 17, 1872 Lydia (Smith) Leisure 1858 - 1888 Lydia wife of A.J. Smith died June 8, 1882 aged 35y.3m.1d. Massey wife of Francis Smith died Apr. 11, 1877 aged 76 years Metta P. dau of F.M. & C.E. Smith died Aug. 20, 1874 aged 5m.3d. S/S with Osker P. Osker P. son of F.M. & C.E. Smith died Aug. 10, 1875 aged 1y.5m. S/S with Metta P. Snyder, * Drusilla dau of J. & R. Snyder died Mar. 27, 1864 aged 27y.8m.2d. John July 22, 1885 (No birth date or age stated.) S/S with Ruth "Where immortal spirits reign Then we shall meet again." Ruth wife of John Snyder June 23, 1816 - Mar. 28, 1885 aged 68y.9m.5d. S/S with John "Dear Mother in earth's thorny paths How long thy feet have trod To find at last this peaceful rest Safe in the arms of God." Spencer, Hulda A. Dec. 6, 1878 - Aug. 1, 1879 S/S with Jackson Jackson Nov. 20, 1819 - Nov. 22, 1881 S/S with Hulda A. St. Clair, James Jr. died Aug. 27, 1854 aged 22y.1m.13d. (Couldn't check the age, it was buried to deep.) Martha J. wife of John P. St. Clair died June 4, 1860 aged 21y.8m.7d. Stair, Emma Elizabeth wife of O'neal Stair & dau of A.J. & M.J. Lynch died Mar. 14, 1889 aged 18y.2m.26d. Stotlar, Isaac died July 6, 1861 aged 63y.5m.7d. Strain, Dianna wife of Wm. Strain died Apr. 26, 1875 aged 35 years S/S with Wm. Wm. died Sept. 5, 1905 aged 67 years S/S with Dianna Street, * Charles W. son of Wm. & N.J. Street died Aug. 9, 1853 aged 1m.28d. George G. son of W.M. & N.J. Street died Oct. 17, 1868 aged 21y.2m. (So badly deteriorated I couldn't check it for accuracy.) * Nancy Jane wife of Wm. M. Street died Jan. 15, 1871 aged 46y.11m.4d. * Wm. M. died June 26, 1867 aged 48y.2m. Taylor, Joseph H. 1853 - 1932 S/S with Margaret A. Margaret A. 1854 - 1917 S/S with Joseph H. Virgil O. died June 24, 1902 aged 20y.11m.24d. Thomas, Daisy M. dau of J.E. & H.M. Thomas Feb.6, 1888 - Feb. 22, 1889 Hannah M. Mar. 8, 1858 - Apr. 23, 1908 S/S with James E. "Gone to a better land." James E. Nov. 7, 1850 - July 17, 1926 S/S with Hannah M. Leo R. son of J.E. & H.M. Thomas June 10, 1895 - Aug. 31, 1897 Verna A. dau of J.E. & H.M. Thomas Aug. 24, 1884 - May 17, 1886 William A. son of M. & M.J. Thomas died May 1, 1856 aged 2y.1m.21d. Titus, A.A. Aug. 23, 1878 - Nov. 26, 1900 C. Aug. 25, 1890 - Oct. 18, 1890 W.O. Nov. 8, 1887 - July 25, 1888 Weber, Anna E. 1866 - 1936 Weesner, Abrem P. 1839 - 1905 Wentworth, Cynthia M. dau of W. & M. Wentworth died Oct. 14, 1875 aged 24y.4m.14d. John W. son of S. & C.A. Wentworth died Feb. 15, 1874 aged 3m.20d. (So badly deteriorated, could not be sure this was right.) Samuel died Feb. 11, 1876 aged 31y.9m.9d. "I am going home" "Farewell my wife and children all From you a father Christ doth call Mourn not for me it is in vain To call me to your sight again." West, James M. died Aug. 20, 1886 aged 45y.8m.11d. Separate stone for James M. "96 Ohio Volunteer Infantry" West, Mary M. dau of J.M. & S.C. West died Dec. 26, 1869 aged 16d. Mattie dau of T. & E. West died Jan. 28, 1876 aged 1y.6m.21d. * Noah 1846 - 1894 Sarah C. wife of Noah West 1846 - 1926 William F. son of J.M. & S.C. West died Jan. 4, 1872 aged 10m.24d. (There is a separate stone with Noah A. 1874 - 1924, and Sarah C. 1846 - 1923, and James M. 1839 - 1885 "96th Ohio Inf." These dates don't match the older stones I found.) Wetheroe, David son of H.B. & M. Wetheroe died Oct. 3, 1874 aged 25y.9m.5d. (This stone was broken in half.) James son of H.B. & M. Wetheroe died May 6, 1874 aged 27y.3m.16d. Wetherow, (See Wetheroe above.) White, M. born & died Apr. 10, 1911 (A flat stone or box almost buried in the ground.) Whittiker, Samuel B. son of J.W. & Carrie A. Whittiker died Aug. 4, 1903 aged 18y.9m.13d. Williams, Blanche dau of S.J. & C.J. Williams died Aug. 12, 1884 aged 2m.2d. Clarence son of S.J. & C.J. Williams died Mar. 11, 1884 aged 10y.4m.13d. Cornelia A. dau of J. & E.J. Williams died May 17, 1873 aged 13y.1m.11d. Elvira dau of Garitt & E. Williams Mar. 8, 1869 - Dec. 3, 1870 Martha E. dau of Garitt & E. Williams June 14, 1863 - June 28, 1863 Wilson, Alfred 1870 - 1963 S/S with Della Della 1874 - 1963 S/S with Alfred Michael L. died May 7, 1862 aged 41 years Wimmer, Rosella Aug. 7, 1872 - Mar. 15, 1965 Wood, Charley D. son of T.J. & M. Wood Mar. 14, 1879 - Sept. 2, 1896 S/S with Willie M. Evalina dau of W. & M. Wood died Nov. 26, 1855 aged 1y.2m.1d. Wood, George died Apr. 30, 1885 aged 53y.9m.23d. Lovina wife of William Wood died May 28, 1852 aged 21y.9d. Mary dau of W. & L. Wood died Oct. 26, 1851 aged 1y.5m.15d. Ruth A. wife of Geo. Wood July 22, 1842 - Apr. 16, 1906 "Mother" Willie M. Dec. 2, 1874 - Jan. 6, 1879 S/S with Charley D. Wright, Donnice A. dau of L.S. & D. Wright Mar. 16, 1886 - Mar. 28, 1896 Zirkle, Frances dau of M. & A. Zirkle died Aug. 26, 1861 aged 1y.2m.15d. * Willard Emery son of _____ Zirkle died Sept. 8, 1863 aged 11m.26d. Willis died Feb. 15, 1881 aged 50y.1m.14d.

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