This cemetery is located in Fairmount Township Section # 22. The 1860 plat maps of Fairmount Township show Selby's owning much of this section then. The 1990 Plat Maps show they still do 135 years later. It is believed 3 children of the Selby family are buried in this cemetery, which for many years was only marked by field stones. Recently the Selby family erected a single monument and enclosed the area by a chain link fence. The area is about 8 feet square and has no entrance. This cemetery is located on the west side of an improved public road which is a portion of the old Indianapolis to Fort Wayne road established in 1823. The road no longer goes all the way through the section and runs northeast from south west. I hope to later find out a little more about this forgotten graveyard.

...Original page by Sheila D. Watson

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