Located one and three fourths miles southwest of Sweetser this abandoned cemetery is too overgrown with grass and weeds to allow a complete reading of all the inscriptions. Many of them are names still familiar in the county.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

This cemetery is located in Section 1 of Sims Twp. 24 N. - R. 6 E. on 600 W. just north of N.00 S., (9th street - west of Marion about 4 miles.) Stoney Creek flows south of this cemetery.

I read this cemetery June 4, 1994. Many stones are down, and broken. Some of them were weathered so badly, I could not make out what they said, as you can see from the reading on the following pages. I left blanks where I could not make out what it said.

The place is mowed and free of weeds now. It is also free of trees and flowers and bushes. It has been totally cleared of everything. What was once, probably, a very pretty cemetery is now a lonely, barren place. I have recorded what I found there, which is 10 more readings than were recorded in the 1940's. One can just look around, and see that once there were many more markers, than are found there today.

* Denotes a stone not found at this time.


Allen, Leonard husband of Julia A. Allen died June 15, 1869 aged 38y.3m.24d. NOTE: I found only the bottom half of this stone, the top half with his name is gone. I also found a footstone with the initials L.A. Bragg, Mary E. wife of Elihu Bragg died Dec. 26, 1876 aged 23y.4m.8d. Curry, Waty M. wife of G. Curry died Oct. 23, 1860 aged 20y.1m.2d. NOTE: I found 2 footstones W.N.R. (?) and I.C.(?) Hamilton, J.M. "Co. H 101st Ind. Inf." Tobias "Co. K 145 Ohio Inf." Harrell, Ann S. wife of John H. Harrell died ______ 1875 (?) aged 35y(?)__m.__d. Phebe J. wife of J. Harrell died Oct. 23, 1870 aged 33y.1m.14d. Herbst, Louisa wife of August Herbst died Feb. 28, 1875 aged 48y.10m.15d. Jolly, Harrison son of E. & K. Jolly died Dec. 14, 1862 aged 19y.11m.13d. NOTE: I found a footstone with the initials H.J. Mark, John W. son of J. & S. Mark died Apr. 14, 1863 aged 17y.28d. Mary C. dau of J.B. & S. Mark died Nov. 4, 1878 aged 28y.1m.8d. Sarah wife of James B Mark died Apr. 16, 1880 aged 54y.11m.29d. "Husband and children I must leave you Leave yes Leave you all alone But my Blessed Savior calls me Calls me to a heavenly home" Sarah E. dau of J.B. & S. Mark died April 9, 1857 aged __y.__m.9d. McHaney, Mary E. dau of S.R. McHaney died May 20, 1871 aged 5y.4m.10d. Morgan, Lewis F.R. died Mar. 1877 aged 56y.3m.15d. Rowland, * Ruben died Nov.2, 1867 born Nov.2, 1797 Waty Ann wife of R. Rowland died Jan.30, 1866 aged 72y.1m.28d. Sharp, Elizabeth wife of Wm. Sharp died Oct.1, 1862 aged 66y.7m.9d. Spurgeon, Silas S.D. son of J. & S.A. Spurgeon died Dec.26, 1867 aged 15y.7m.2d. Street, Almeda L. wife of J.J. Street died Nov.8, 1872 aged 43y.6m.20d. James H. infant son of J.J. & A.L. Street born & died Apr. 5, 1866 John F. son of J.J. & A.L. Street died July 3, 1860 aged 6m.9d. Wood, Elizabeth wife of John Wood died Nov.1, 1862 aged 76y.1m.22d. Ellin (not a typo, really spelled this way) wife of _eo_re died Apr.10, 1863 aged 25y.11m.9d. (This stone was weathered and hard to read.) John C. son of J. & E.A. Wood died Dec. 23, 1869 aged 19d. William son of John Wood and E.W. Wood died Aug.25, 1871 aged 11y.14d.

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