Park Cemetery

   This is a linked index to each Section.   Just click on the Section you are interested in and it will take you there.    This work was done by Julie Ward, a wonderful volunteer.    Upon completion she went back and picked new burials that had occured since she started.    So the reading is complete up to May 25, 2003.
Thank you Julie for a job well done.

Use this map to identify the Sections listed below.

Sec. 1A Sec. 2A Sec. 3A Sec. 4A Sec. 5A Sec. 6A
Sec. 1B Sec. 2B Sec. 3B Sec. 4B Sec. 5B Sec. 6B
Sec. 1C Sec. 2C Sec. 3C Sec. 4C Sec. 5C Sec. 6C
Sec. 1D Sec. 2D Sec. 3D Sec. 4D Sec. 5D  

(Note: numbering system used here is for this site only.
It is not valid for searching Marion Library cemetery database)

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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