Old Weaver Cemetery

The following was taken from the book 'Less We Forget', published in 1921. The high school class of Cora M. Straughn visited some of the pioneer cemeteries of Grant County and recorded people that were born before 1840. "Another cemetery for colored people is located in a field about a mile and a quarter northwest of the Weaver cemetery. There was formerly a little Baptist Church located near this cemetery but it has fallen to decay. There is but one aged negro yet living who attended this church, Nathan Jones. The inscriptions are almost obliterated on the old stones." I found the following entry in the 'Atlas of 1877 of Grant County Indiana', "The Regular Anti-Slavery Baptists have a small class in the colored neighborhood. They have church property of the probable value of $100.00 and a membership of about 30. Jeremiah Shewcraft is local Pastor."

*	Charles  born 1821
*	William  born 1759
*	Jerry  born 1770  
		From Cora Straughn's 'Lest We Forget', published in 1921.

	I visited this site in the fall of 1996 and didn't find any of the stones listed by Cora 
Straughn's class.  I did find two stones not listed previously.  This cemetery is located in 
Section 4 Twp. 23 N. Range 7 E. about 1/4 of mile south of State Road 22  and almost 1/4 of a 
mile west of 300 N., in a small woods, on a 13 acre parcel of land owned (1996) by Joan Wilson.

	Charles B.  1879 - 1915
	Lindsey  "Sgt. Co. F  28  U.S. Cld. Inf."

* Asterisk denotes a stone not found at this time.

I visited this site in October 2009 and found the two stones above plus an additional stone for:

	John Sr.  May 5, 18?? (partially buried with only one date visible)

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