This cemetery is directly across the road from Oak Chapel and is sometimes called by that name although it is older than the church. This church was built by members of the United Brethren denomination. The organization was made in 1876.

The earliest date on a stone is Aug. 8, 1848. The cemetery is still being used. Surrounded by a good wire fence and reasonably free of weeds and briers on high ground makes it a very desirable place for burial.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

This cemetery, located in Sec. 13 of Monroe Twp., is no longer in use. At the time of this writing the last burial was Addie Lacey Baker 1862 - 1929. I found a few older burials than listed above. The earliest being Margaret Wickersham, daughter of James and Laura Wickersham, died Aug. 8, 1845. Enoch Wickersham, possibly the father or brother to James Wickersham, was an original land buyer in Sec. 13., obtaining his patent July 12, 1837, for 160 acres. Isaiah Miller, who is also buried in this cemetery, is also an original land buyer, obtaining his patent Dec. 14, 1838, for 80 acres in Sec. 13.

Undoubtedly, there are many more burials here, as many empty spaces attest to this. Several stones are stacked against a tree, many are broken and illegible. Some time in the past someone has tried to reset stones in this cemetery, but not knowing their original location, they were placed in rows around the tree. I found newer vintage stones on some very old graves, and the original stone just left against the tree.

Oak Chapel is now a Methodist Church. It is a very impressive structure with a large steeple enclosing the church bell. The present church was built in 1905. The Jadden Road separates the church from the cemetery. It is still a very pretty place, with a fence around three sides and a steel cable across the front. The township trustee keeps the grass mowed, and there are many old fashioned flowers there.

The original name of this cemetery is McKinley. I was told it was named McKinley for the person who donated the land for the cemetery, although I found no McKinley's buried in this cemetery. It became known as Oak Chapel after the church was established in 1876.

This cemetery was a total read, of which I recorded 205 names.

Oak Chapel/McKinley

Amos, John M. died May 8, 1872 aged 56y.3m.19d. Sarah 1819 - 1895 Baker, Addie (Lacey) Baker 1862 - 1929 Francis M. Nov.8, 1833 - Jan. 25, 1912 S/S with Rachel R. "gone home" Rachel R. May 14, 1840 - Sept. 26, 1927 S/S with Francis M. "Faithful to the end" Balsley, Henry "Co. I 34th Ind. Inf." Beavans, Horace A. son of James and Anna Beavans died Nov.2, 1866 aged 10m.5d. "Sweet little bud on earth, too fair It has gone to heaven to blossom there" Bird, Amos H. son of J.W. & A.C. Bird died Oct. 12, 1866 aged 3m.10d. "God blesses in an early death And takes the infant to himself" Elizabeth E. dau of J.S. & S Bird died Oct. 4, 1876 aged 11m.19d. Emma S. dau of J. W. & A..C. Bird died Jan. 28, 1865 aged 10y.6m.28d. "To you the child was only ten While mortal it was thine The child, tho dead, is alive And lives forever mine" * James W. died Feb.13, 1868 aged 39y.28d. Mary C. dau of J.W. & A.C. Bird died Feb.28, 1879 aged 14y.10m.20d. * Rozilla dau of J.W. & A.C. Bird died Dec. 13, 1850 aged 15 days Susan wife of Joseph S. Bird died Sept. 26, 1876 aged 22y.5m. Blair, Cintha A. Blair dau of T.H. & A. Maddux died Aug. 29, 1859 aged 28y.10m.11d. Bole, Mary wife of L.D. Bole died Feb. 28, 1886 aged 49y.3m. Bricker, Mary A. died May 29, 1877 aged 53y.2m.26d. Moses S. died Feb.16, 1890 aged 73y.5m.3d. (Clawson), Note: These were not Clawson as recorded by the DAR, they were Glasgow. Conger, Infant dau of James W. & Sarah H. Conger died Jan. __, 1852 Mary E. dau of James W. & Sarah H. Conger died Mar.9, 1850 aged 5y.27d. Sarah H. wife of James W. Conger died June 7, 1852 aged 33y.2m.14d. Dilman, R. Lenore dau of W.F. & M.J. Dilman died July 13, 1865 aged 10m.5d. Farr, Isaac C. died May 22, 1867 aged 45y.2m.11d. James W. died June 27, 1866 aged 52y.6m.11d. S/S with Nancy E. and Jesse O. Jesse O. son of J.W. & N.E. Farr died Mar.1, 1857 aged 16y.5m.26d. S/S with James W. and Nancy E. Mahala (Wallace) wife of Sam'l Farr died Sept. 17, 1860 aged 77y.10m.6d. Margaret M. dau of T.H. & R.L. Farr died July 10, 1853 aged 14y.8m.28d. Mary Jane wife of S.M. Farr died May 24, 1861 aged 27y.2m.11d. (Mary Jane's original stone was broken and had been replaced.) Nancy E. wife of J.W. Farr died Jan. 27, 1901 aged 79y.10m.6d. S/S with James W. and Jesse O. Ruth L. wife of T.H. Farr died Feb. 10, 1892 aged 83y.6m.8d. Samuel W. son of S.W. & C. Farr died July 12, 1863 aged 18y.1m.16d. Smiley M. born in N. Carolina Apr.28, 1827 died Dec.22, 1913 Thompson H. died Feb. 11, 1880 aged 70y.1m.6d. Fergason, Charlotte wife of D. Fergason died Mar.17, 1868 aged 56y.4m.20d. Drewry died Mar. 13, 1879 aged 76y.8m.25d. Infant son of J. & E. Fergason born & died Feb. 3, 1857 * Infant son of J. & E. Fergason born & died May 4, 1868 * Infant son of J. & E. Fergason born & died May 17, 1869 Infant son of J. & E. Fergason born & died May 21, 1872 Infant dau of J. & E. Fergason born & died Apr.11, 1873 Futrell, John died Dec. 17, 1877 aged 35y.4m.25d. Gage, Chloe wife of H. Gage June 6, 1835 - May 16, 1904 Elizabeth wife of Mark Gage died July 16, 1903 aged 88y.11m.2d. Elmira dau of Henry & Chloe Gage died Mar. 20, 1877 aged 15y.6m.6d. Infant son of Wm. & Ina Gage born & died July 14, 1876 S/S with Loula E. Loula E. dau of Wm. & Ina Gage died Sept. 11, 1884 aged 1y7m.20d. S/S with Infant son Mark died Feb. 24, 1863 aged 45y.1m.15d. Gillespie, Infant son of J.B. & A. Gillespie born & died Aug. 26, 1875 James L. son of J.B. & A Gillespie died Jan.2, 1874 aged 5y.11m.21d. Julia A. wife of J. Gillespie died Mar 4, 1877 aged 56y.10m. (Broken) Susan Jane dau of J.B. Gillespie 1866 - 1912 Thomas E. son of J.B, & A Gillespie died Oct.31, 1877 aged 11m.15d. The infant son and Thomas E. were on the same stone. Glasgow, Catherine wife of John Glasgow May18, 1836 - May 23, 1863 Francis M. son of John & Catherine Glasgow July 14, 1861 - May 15, 1862 John W. Glascow Nov.10, 1833 - Jan. 25, 1863 All three on one large stone. (Note: these are the people the DAR had as Clawson's) Goodwin, Carlos died Oct. 26, 1885 aged 65y.1m.26d. S/S with Sarah M. Charlotte dau of C. & S. Goodwin died Mar.2, 1863 aged 1y.6m.2d. Melinda J. dau of C.& S. Goodwin died June 2, 1863 aged 11y.3m.9d. Sarah M. wife of C. Goodwin died Nov.29, 1873 aged 49y.3m.29d. S/S with Carlos Goodykoontz, Rebecca J. dau of Jacob & M. Goodykoontz died Aug. 18, 1847 aged 15y.10m.10d. Gray, Anna C. wife of A.J. Gray Sept.11, 1828 - Aug.21, 1909 "In loving remembrance." Axiom died Oct. 7, 1878 aged 87 years S/S with Ursula Ursula wife of Axiom Gray S/S with Axiom (on south face of the stone, but with no dates) Green, Sarah J. wife of Wilson Green Apr.13, 1841 - Aug.8, 1912 S/S with Wilson Wilson Feb.11, 1842 - June 11, 1902 S/S with Sarah J. Greenlees, George died Feb.6, 1881 aged 64y.4m.1d. S/S with John M. "Farewell my wife and children all From you a father, Christ doth call Mourn not for me, it is in vain To call me to your sight again" * George Feb. 15, 1838 - Aug. 3, 1899 John M. son of G. & M.C. Greenlees died Dec.12, 1881 aged 18y.10m.18d. S/S with George Pearly I. dau of T.J. & A.L. Greenlees Feb. 19, 1879 - Aug. 7, 1879 Haines, Laura Ann wife of Samuel E. Haines died Mar.30, 1862 aged 20y.11m.18d "Blessed are the dead That die in the Lord" Hallam, Aley Feb. 15, 1838 - Aug. 3, 1893 Ella Mar. 1, 1887 - Mar. 28, 1887 William 1832- 1912 Haynie, Dora F. dau of C.D. & M.J. Haynie died Sept. 9, 1886 aged 29y.11d. Henley, Phebe W. wife of T. Henley died Dec. 20, 1877 aged 64y.8m.23d. Hillsamer, William B. son of D.& C. Hillsamer died Feb. 27, 1848 aged 10y.5m.11d. Hodgson, Minie E. dau of B.H. & R.J. Hodgson died May 5, 1886 aged 14 days Holloway, Sarah wife of Timothy Holloway July 14, 1838 - June 9,1864 S/S with Willis Willis son of T. & S. Holloway Jan.9, 1863 - Sept.24, 1865 S/S with Sarah Houston, Albert died Oct. 29, 1881 aged 32y.11m.11d. Jeffries, Elizabeth wife of S.S. Jeffries died Dec. 21, 1887 aged 81y.3m.7d. Joseph died Jan.22, 1891 aged 60y.3m.15d. S/S with Julian Julian wife of D.C. Wilkinson died Mar 28, 1901aged 68y.3m.25d. (2nd marriage ?) S/S with Joseph Jeffries North side of stone says... "Our Parents" This poem was at the bottom... "Mother thou art gone to rest And this shall be our prayer That when we reach our journey's end Thy glory we may share" Lucinda dau of Joseph & Jula A. Jeffries died Sept. 7, 1872 aged 18y.5m.7d. Smith S. died July 3, 1881 aged 88y.10m.27d. Smith S. son of S.S. & E. Jeffries died Jan. 29, 1863 aged 21y.11m.23d Johnson, Archie son of T. & L. Johnson died Mar 2, 1884 aged 4m.6d. Emanuel R. Dec.1, 1850 - Aug.3, 1912 S/S with Mary A. Infant son of Enos & Martha Johnson born & died Aug. 23, 1856 Infant dau of Enos & Martha Johnson died Nov.1, 1857 aged 20 days Infant son of R.M. & Phama Johnson still born Dec. 5, 1869 Infant son of Emanuel & Mary Johnson born & died Nov. 27, 1883 * Infant son of T. & L. Johnson born & died Oct. 30, 1890 Infant dau of L. & J. Johnson born and died Oct. 30, 1890 Jacob J. son of E. & M.M. Johnson died Mar. 24, 1863 aged 11y.3m.8d. James G. son of Emanuel & Mary A. Johnson died June 6, 1895 aged 14y.1m.18d. Lafayette died Dec. 3, 1890 aged 39y.6m. "Come ye blessed" Laura 1847 - 1925 "Mother" S/S with Thomas Laura also has a separate stone, same information. Martha M. wife of Enos Johnson died Aug. 27, 1880 aged 64y.4m.11d. "Farewell my husband and my children all From you a mother Christ doth call Mourn not for me, it is in vain To call me to your sight again" J.B. Hollingsworth - Fairmount Mary A. wife of Emanuel R. Johnson Nov.20, 1855 - Mar.3, 1912 "Gone but not forgotten." Phama wife of R.M. Johnson died June 7, 1873 aged 33y.2m.14d. Phama E. dau of R.M. & Phama Johnson died Aug.6, 1873 aged 1m.29d. Sarah E. dau of L. & R. Johnson died Dec.13, 1882 aged 18y.8m.12d. Sarah R. dau of Elihu & N.J. Johnson died Jan. 9, 1875 aged 7y.5d. Thomas 1842 - 1897 S/S with Laura Winey dau of Enos & Martha Johnson died Nov. 10, 1855 aged 15y.3m.5d. Zelda E. died Aug. 28, 1891 aged 9m.10d. Jones, Evan R. died Jan. 5, 1857 aged 30y.9m.21d. Kester, Emma G. dau of J. & B. Kester 1883 - 1888 Lucy A. dau of J. & B. Kester 1885 - 1887 Kilander, Calvin V. died Feb. 10, 1881 aged 28y.11m.23d. Lacey, Addie (Lacey) Baker 1862 - 1929 Infant son of J.D. & A.B. Lacey born & died June 5, 1881 Leffingwell, Abigail 1834 - 1905 Fannie wife of Samuel Leffingwell died Aug. 8, 1856 aged 54y.10m.9d. Samuel died Sept. 6, 1874 aged 74y.3m.3d. Saphrona dau of S.& F. Leffingwell died Mar. 4, 1857 aged 20y.7m.6d. Lightfoot, Children of J.W. & N.G. Lightfoot born & died Aug.3, 1899 Hilma M. born & died June 28, 1902 Nina B. died June 25, 1891 aged 1y.7m.18d. All three inscriptions on one stone. Maddux, Aseneath wife of T.H. Maddux died Mar. 2, 1901 aged 90y.10m.2d. (north face of monument) Assenath dau of Walter & Bethiar Yeoman (This gray granite stone has no other information.) (A tall shaft beside the smaller one says on the west face...) Cintha A. Blair dau of T.H. & A. Maddux died Aug. 29, 1859 aged 28y.10m.11d. Rachel H. dau of T.H. & A. Maddux died July 10, 1864 aged 13y.1m.5d. (The two daughters data on south face of shaft) Original stone for Thomas was completely buried. Thomas H. Maddux (Rev.) married Asenath Yeoman dau of Walter & Bethier Yeoman Mar. 26, 1829, died Oct. 13, 1856 aged 50y.10m.12d. Thomas died Oct.13, 1856 aged 50y.10m.1d. (the number of days on the two stones were different) Marshall, Omer son of Linus & Harriet Marshall Oct.22, 1884 - Mar.12, 1887 Rosa Adda dau of Linus & Harriet Marshall Aug.10, 1875 - Oct.12,1880 McArthur, Rachel Mariah wife of J.B. McArthur died July1, 1867 aged 51y.7m.7d. McCoy, Maudie dau of F. & L. McCoy died Aug. 3, 1874 aged 3m.7d. McMillan, Alexander D. June 24, 1798 - Mar.5, 1884 S/S with John A. & Narcissa M. Hazil Lucile dau of J.A. & Ida McMillan died Aug.31, 1900 "God takes the life he gave." John A. June 22, 1849 - Sept. 11, 1878 S/S with Alexander D. & Narcissa M. Narcissa M. June 6, 1819 - July 20, 1891 S/S with John A. & Alexander D. Miller, Elizabeth dau of J.A. & S. Miller died July 23, 1854 aged 47y.8m.6d. Isaiah died Sept. 15, 1863 aged 49y.3d. Lydia wife of Isaiah Miller died Mar.24, 1888 aged 55y.5m.12d. Sarah died Feb. 9, 1865 aged 54y.5m.20d. Morgan, George H. 1842 - 1885 S/S with Sarah M. Sarah M. 1848 - 1906 S/S with George H. Nelson, Lemuel M. son of J.E. & M.S. Nelson died June 3, 1878 aged 3m.1d. Noe, Lysander died Jan. 11, 1871 aged 61y.3m.24d. O'Banion, Sarah J. 1851 - 1890 Oliver, Abi died Mar. 13, 1894 aged 75y.6m.20d. * Infant son of W.H. & M.E. Oliver born & died July 13, 1861 * Infant son of L.B. & M.J. Oliver born & died June 16, 1882 Louisa died May 26, 1888 aged 69y.6m.23d. Palmer, B.F. son of Allen & Harriet L. Palmer died Dec. 19, 1869 aged 11m.25d. "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best." Elizabeth dau of Jacob & Phebe Palmer died Dec. 2, 1871 aged 32y.7m.27d. Jacob Dec.24, 1801 - Mar. 29, 1885 Mary May 13, 1833 - Aug. 12, 1894 Phebe Nov. 29, 1807 - Jan. 10, 1873 (The last three names are on one large red granite stone) Pearson, Martha wife of Peter Pearson died Apr. 10, 1875 aged 55 years Phillips, Elmira dau of Wm. & M. Phillips died Apr. 3, 1869 aged 2y.1m.29d. "Gone but not forgotten." Mary wife of William Phillips died Jan. 10, 1910 aged 82y.1m.24d. S/S with William William died June 5, 1897 aged 76y.11m.11d. S/S with Mary Pierce, Dottie B. dau of D.B. & S.O. Pierce died Mar. 20, 1895 aged 13y.4m.3d. S/S with Levi O. Levi O. son of D.B. & S.O. Pierce died Sept. 3, 1877 aged 5m.15d. S/S with Dottie B. (Levi O. also has a separate stone.) Pierse, Allen "Co. D 48 Ohio Inf." Franklin son of F.L.B. & Huldah Pierse died Sept. 10, 1855 aged 5 days Pierse, James died June 29, 1855 aged 67y.1m.25d. Mariah 1813 - 1885 Stephen 1810 - 1885 Ransom, Nevada S. dau of W.C. & E. Ransom died Jan. 29, 1872 aged 3y.4m.3d. Richardson, Isabell died Sept. 21, 1875 aged 67y.12d. Rix, * Charley H. died Dec. 17, 1899 aged 25y.1m.15d. Sarah wife of Jordan Rix died Jan. 6, 1880 aged 76y.7m.2d. Robb, Barbara A. 1843 - 1896 Christina wife of Peter Robb died Mar.4, 1866 aged 66y.11m.6d. Clara Etta 1872 - 1892 George 1837 - 1876 Peter died Dec. 14, 1878 aged 85y.6d. Schooley, Isaac J. son of J. & P. Schooley died Mar.10, 1854 aged 2y.5m.27d. Lydia Ann. dau of J. & P. Schooley died July 21, 1849 aged 5y.4m. Margaret J. dau of J. & P. Schooley died July 10, 1849 aged 2y.14d. Ohmer Osker son of T.C. & S.E. Schooley died Sept. 4, 1877 aged 1y.6m.9d. Rosco son of G.W. & M.A. Schooley (no dates on this stone) Thomas W. son of J. & P. Schooley died Mar.12,1854 aged 5y.6m.23d. Walter W. died Mar. 12, 1854 aged 23y.11m.28d. Shannon, Thomas J. died Apr. 24, 1883 aged 22y.11m.28d. Smith, Infant son of John W. & Ellen Smith born & died Oct. 15, 1879 Infant son of Charlie C. & Abbie Smith July 12, 1884 - Aug. 3, 1884 Infant son of Wm. J. & C.E. Smith died Jan. 28, 1896 aged 2d. "Asleep in Jesus." Ira J. son of John & L.M. Smith died Mar.30, 1886 aged 4y.3m.24d. Roscoe R. son of John W. & Ellen Smith died Jan. 17, 1879 aged 3m.9d. Vedie Delight dau of John W. & Elizabeth E. Smith died June 28, 1893 aged 7y.11m.18d. Stockton, Infant son of E.W. & M.E. Stockton born & died Aug. 11, 1894 "Asleep in Jesus." Stotler, Mary Jane wife of Isaac N. Stotler died Aug. 3, 1863 aged 26y.3m.12d. "My friend as you pass by As you are now, so once was I As I am now, so you will be Prepare for death and follow me" Stroup, George died Oct. 30, 1862 aged 4y.1m.17d. (Broken) Thomason, Mary E. July 28, 1877 - June 5, 1899 Sarah Dec. 24, 1830 - May 18, 1920 Townsend, Infant sons of J.B. & J.A. Townsend died Sept. 9, 1876 and July 29, 1877 Julia Ann wife of J.B. Townsend died Feb. 8, 1877 aged 24y.6m.19d. Tudor, * Margaret E. wife of Wm. Tudor died May 3, 1873 aged 32y.7m.6d. Wm. "Co. A 48 Ohio Inf." Van Horn, Ann Maria wife of Jos. G. Van Horn died Aug. 7, 1857 D.L. "Co. G 84 Ind. Inf." Myrtie A. died Feb. 20, 1893 aged 14y.7m.23d. Noah J. died Feb. 19, 1882 aged 2y.1m. (children of Z.T. & Sarah E. Van Horn) Wallace, Mahala (Wallace) wife of Samuel Farr died Sept.17, 1860 aged 77y.10m.6d. Wickersham, Margaret S. dau of James & Laura Wickersham died Aug. 8, 1845 aged 9y.5m.18d. Wilkinson, Julian wife of D.S. Wilkinson died Mar. 28, 1901 aged 68y.3m.28d S/S with Joseph Jeffries. Williams, Sarah wife of Solomon Williams died Sept. 21, 1874 aged 63y.2m.20d. Solomon died Oct. 8, 1848 aged 44y.2m.25d. Woods, Infant son of J. & M.M. Woods born & died Jan. 26, 1878 James born Jan.12, 1827 died Apr. 14, 1894 aged 67y.3m.2d. S/S with Nancy "No pain, no grief, no anxious fear, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here." Nancy wife of Jas. Woods born Sept.1, 1826 died Feb. 19, 1884 aged 57y.5m.18d. S/S with James - also on the East side... "God gave, he took, he will restore He doeth all things well" Wort, Andrew J. died June 3, 1899 aged 70y.7m. S/S with Miley E. Miley E. dau of A.J. & M.J. Wort died Sept. 19, 1855 aged 19y.2m.29d. S/S with Andrew J. Yeoman, Aseneath wife of T.H. Maddux died Mar. 2, 1901 aged 90y.10m.2d. (north face of monument) Assenath dau of Walter & Bethiar Yeoman (This gray granite stone has no other information.) (A tall shaft beside the smaller one says on the west face...) Cintha A. Blair dau of T.H. & A. Maddux died Aug. 29, 1859 aged 28y.10m.11d. Rachel H. dau of T.H. & A. Maddux died July 10, 1864 aged 13y.1m.5d. (The two daughters data on south face of shaft) Original stone for Thomas was completely buried. Thomas H. Maddux (Rev.) married Asenath Yeoman dau of Walter & Bethier Yeoman Mar. 26, 1829, died Oct. 13, 1856 aged 50y.10m.12d.

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