This cemetery was evidently overlooked by the DAR in the 1940's. I could find no reference to it in their readings. Now many references are made to this small, seemingly forgotten burial ground. I had trouble finding this cemetery, but finally as luck would have it, I located it. It seems no two people told me the same directions. In the Marion Public Library you will find several directions to this cemetery. One map I found is a developers map. Evidently the Moses McKeever farm was destined to be a small sub-division. As of May 1994, this has, thus far, eluded the planners. This cemetery is about 100 to 150 feet behind a barn owned at this time (1994) by John Clester. Get permission from him when visiting this site. One reference states that Moses McKeever and relatives are probably buried here. This is very likely, although the only reference I found to McKeevers, is Aldona son of John and Nancy McKever (not misspelled, as found on stone). The cemetery also carries the name of Trask, this was a nearby postoffice, many years ago. The Mulberry Schoolhouse was also located nearby at this time. I noted one place made reference to this cemetery by the name of Carter. Many Carters owned land around the Moses McKeever farm, perhaps there are also Carters buried here. The cemetery is fenced in, and a new gate has been installed fairly recently. It is approximately 35 feet wide by 70 feet long, room enough to have probably 50 to 60 grave sites. One can only guess at what is actually here, for very few markers are left to mark the graves of the people who are resting here. I would also like to note that in the early years of this township, Mittank's ford was nearby on the river. This cemetery is located in Jefferson Township, Twp. 23 Range 9 E , N.W. 1/4 of Sec. 21./8421 S. 810 E. On the following page I have included a recent map of the area which is fairly accurate in showing the roads as they are actually laid out. Hopefully this map will stand the test of time, so that others will not have the same problems I did in finding this lost little cemetery. *Denotes a stone not found at this time.


Eviston, Burns son of E. & J. Eviston died Jan. 19, 1852 aged 17y.4m.19d. McKever, Aldona son of John & Nancy McKever died Dec. 5, 1858 aged 1m.22d. Mittank, David Nov. 15, 1824 - Dec. 16, 1897 Margaret July 29, 1833 - June 16, 1900 Tibbitts, Lawrence E. (no dates, this stone is leaning against a tree) Walker, Joseph C. son of James & E. Walker died Sept. 10, 1843 aged 2y.5d. Note: There is a footstone with initials J.C.W. NOTE: One stone was found that was totally obliterated of any information.

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