Matthews I.O.O.F.

	This cemetery is now owned by the Odd Fellows Lodge of the town of Matthews. 
The Original cemetery joined the old town of New Cumberland which is now called Old
Town.  The Mississinewa River flows below the steep bank where this cemetery is
located.  The last wooden bridge of the county stands in sight of this plot.  The earliest
date on a stone is that of December 11, 1869.  The cemetery is being used and is a well
kept and beautiful place.  
	New Cumberland was the second town in the county being founded in 1833 by
Robert Sanders.
	The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

Matthews IOOF Cemetery

Barnhouse, Capitelia dau of Lizzie Barnhouse died Mar. 15, 1870 aged 3y.8m.4d. Barrett, William "Co. D 84th Ind. Inf." Benbow, Reason died Oct. 5, 1889 aged 28y.17d. Carter, Rachel wife of Lewis Carter died June 21, 1894 aged 32y.11m.8d. Chalfant, Jesse "Priv. Co. G 9th Ind. Cav." 4/21/1846 - 12/17/1932 Couch, Infant of B.W. & Belle Couch died Oct. 4, 1890 John son of B.W. & Belle Couch died Feb. 22, 1895 aged 11m.17d. Crow, John "Priv. Co. G 153rd Ind. Inf." died 7/18/1891 Deeren, Alexander Apr. 14, 1839 - July 3, 1895 Dunn, John "Priv. Co. I 12th Ind. Inf." Fowler, Luticia wife of J.M. Fowler died Oct. 18, 1891 aged 51y.3m.15d. Frame, Enoch W. "Priv. Co. A 40th N.Y. Inf." Hoover, Benton G. son of Wm.W. & O. Hoover died Dec. 11, 1869 aged 3y.10m.7d. Lanning, Isaac died Mar. 22, 1897 Mary A. wife of Isaac Lanning died Feb. 28, 1880 McCreery, John W. Sr. "Priv. Co. G 9th Ind. Cav." Millspaugh, William "Priv. Co. H 30th Ind. Inf." 3/16/1840 - 3/5/1903 Munsey, Orville K. son of J.S. & Lona Munsey died Dec. 12, 1892 aged 8y.5m. Needler, David M. "Priv. Co. C 84th Ind. Inf." 7/24/1832 - 7/30/1898 Nottingham, Fayette P. died Feb. 14, 1881 aged 28d. Dora L. died Feb. 12, 1877 aged 16m.19d. (children of R.C. & D.C. Nottingham) Reed, David R. "Priv. Co. D 84th Ind. Inf." Samuel S. "Priv. Co. L 9th Ind. Cav." Richardson, Jonathan S. "Priv. Co. E 66th Ind. Inf." Sanders, Abner M. died July 31, 1899 aged 57y.9m.29d. NOTE: Abner Sanders "Corpl. Co. G 153rd Ind. Inf." John "Priv. Co. B 84th Ind. Inf." 1845 - 1923 Scott, Thomas F. "Corpl. Co. C 84th Ind. Inf." 1843 - 1917 Sexton, Edmund G. "Priv. Co. D 175th Ohio Inf," 1843 - 1906 Steele, Robert "Sergt. Co. I 23 VRC Corp." Thompson, John M. "Corp. Co. B 84th Ind. Inf." 1835 - 1903 Walker, William C. "Priv. Co. A 8th Ind. Inf." 1844 - 1907 Wilcoxon, George E. son of Mary & John Wilcoxon born Apr.5, 1865 died Dec. 28, 1899 aged 24y.8m.23d. Wood, Zeno "Sergt. Co. D 65th Ohio Inf." born 1839 Worl, Joseph "Priv. Co. E 19h Ind. Inf." 1834 - 1891

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