The Massey or Dunn Cemetery is located a mile northwest of Marion and probably a quarter mile off the Wabash Pike. It is over run by briars and only a few stones can be deciphered. A number of bodies were disintered and placed in other cemeteries where better care could be insured. The earliest date is September 3, 1839. The names are here given in alphabetical order since family lots were unknown in Indiana at this early period. The only marker of any note is one recently erected by Miss Emily Goldthwaite in memory of her great-grand mother Martha Taylor Rose.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

I visited this cemetery in June of 1994. Let me say here I have never seen so many mosquitoes, ants and spiders in any other cemetery I have ever been in. I believe I had more mosquito bites than I had skin. I suppose the reason for there being so many mosquitoes, is the cemetery is completely surrounded by woods, and I believe there may be a swampy area nearby.

This cemetery sits on a slight hill, with steps leading up to it. It is rectangular in shape, and there appears to be a diagonal road cut across the middle of this cemetery, probably a buggy path, to bring in the funeral procession. I could not locate any stone that read the early date of 1839. But this does not mean they did not exist. At the entrance of this cemetery are two stones, totally obliterated of any information. They are, in all probability, the two people I did not locate. The DAR listed 21 people in the 1940's. I listed 39 people. Of these 39 people, 18 were infants, almost half of the total number of people. The pioneer life was awfully hard on the babies. One can only imagine what life may have been back then, when all of this land was wooded and swampy.

This cemetery is mowed now. The briars and small trees, that once were allowed to grow rampant in most of these abandoned cemeteries, are cut down now. When you enter this cemetery it is like leaving the busy world behind. It is a very pretty little place. Here and there you can still see some of the flowers that used to bloom here profusely. Now the mower keeps them in check.


Andrew, Eli died Nov. 13, 1869 aged 46y.1m.20d. S/S with Martha Martha wife of Eli Andrew (no dates) S/S with Eli Arnold, John G./C. F. son of J.J. & R.E. Arnold died Nov. 27, 1858 aged 1y.7m.7d. Arthurhults, Lydia A. dau of __ & R. Arthurhults died Dec. 8, 1871 aged 11y.1m.8d. Baldwin, Carter E. dau of Moses & Dorothy B. Baldwin died May 8, 1851 aged 8m.8d. Elzina E. dau of ___ & ___ Baldwin died Dec. 20, 1859 aged 2y.1m.20d. Infant son of Moses & Dorothy B. Baldwin born & died Sept. 18, 1849 Mary C. dau of M. & D.B. Baldwin died Oct. 27, 1856 aged 6m.18d. * Seleigh died May 18, 1863 aged 81y.11m.26d. NOTE: The 1860 census says her name is Celia. Susannah wife of Edward Baldwin died April 9, 1864 aged 71y.9m.28d. NOTE: I could not check the age on this one, it was in cement. Footstone with initials S.B. Bayley, Mary wife of Andrew Bayley died Aug. 25, 1857 aged 49y.8m.18d. Chenoweth, ________ died Aug. 29, 1853 aged 7y.11m.21d. (First name was broken off and lost.) Cravens, * Joseph born Sept. 16, 1777 died Sept. 2, 1839 Darby, Mary E. wife of S.G. Darby died August 6, 1871 aged 29y.2m. Dunn, Elizabeth dau of Alexander & Sarah Dunn died June 19, 1854 aged 3 years. Infant son of A. & S. Dunn born & died Aug. 12, 1846 Margaret E. dau of A. & S._. Dunn died Aug. 22, 1859 aged 1y.8m.5d. Marten, John W. son of D. & L.M. Marten died Aug. 16, 1865 aged 7m.28d. Massey, Ada A. dau of L.W. & C.C. Massey died Mar. 16, 1862 aged 4m.2d. "Sweet little bud for ______ Has gone to heaven to blossom there" Bethiah wife of Wm. Massey died Sept. 10, 1873 aged 72y.27d. Cyntha C. wife of Loren W. Massey died Nov. 23, 1862 aged 28y.23d. Perry son of E.W. & A.C. Massey aged 2y.1m.5d. died May 17, 1862 William died Sept. 15, 1862 aged 63y.1m.25d. Miller, Elizabeth wife of Christian Miller died Sept. 14, 1859 aged 65y.8m.5d. Margaret L. wife of Rev. J. L. Miller died Dec. 23, 1866 aged 34y.1m.8d. "Dearest wife thou hast left us Here thy loss we deeply felt But tis God who hath bereft us He will all our sorrows heal" Moss Anna wife of J. Moss died July 4, 1854 aged 31y.11m.13d. Granville Lile son of Joseph & Anna Moss born Sept. 26, 1843 died Sept. 21, 1861 Porter, Elizabeth (Wood) born Sept. 7, 1792 died Aug. 24, 1874 aged 81y.11m.17d. Ezra died Nov. 23, 1874 aged 76y.7m.21d. Prop, Eliza Ann died Oct. 9, 1846 aged 25y.11m.11d. Pugh, Wesley husband of Sarah E. Pugh died Dec. 3, 1862 aged 28y.3m.19d. Rose, Martha (Taylor) 1764 - 1851 wife of John Rose killed in Battle of Lake Erie Sept. 10, 1813 "Erected in 1939 by descendants of their mother Martha Emily Goldthait/Goldthwait" Stephens, Daniel K. died Jan. 9, 1857 aged 22y.11m.9d. Footstone D.K.S. "We lay thee in thy silent tomb Sweet blossom of a day We just began to view thy bloom When thou wert called away Friendship and love have done their best And now can do no more; The bitterness of death is past And all thy suffering o'er" John died Mar. 7, 1856 aged 54y.6m.16d. John infant son of Alfred M. & Catherine M. Stephens born & died May 13, 1867 William son of J. & __ Stephens died Sept. 27, 1871 aged 2y.7m.22d. Ward, Albert W. son of Wm. & M.M. Ward died Mar. 18, 1860 aged 6m.12d. Young, Mary wife of John A. Young died Oct. 23, 1851 aged 63y.11m.14d. ______, Sarah dau of S.K. & Cass____ (this is all of the stone that was found.) (also found 1/2 stone with only this - 3y.2m.13d.)

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