The population of this community belong to the Friends or Quaker faith. Running true to custom they built a log church near which was a cemetery and not far away a cemetery. The church has been replaced by a frame building which is still in use but the cemetery is no longer used. Permission was given "to the Friends south of Oak Ridge to establish a meeting of Friends" in 1854. The earliest date on a stone is Sept. 6, 1858. Burials may have been made earlier than this for many Friends did not permit a stone to be erected at a grave. This is a beautiful spot near the old church and guarded by giant native trees. The ground is covered by blue myrtle and violets were blooming profusely when we visited there.

It is located in Liberty Township section # 35.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

I visited this site in the fall of 1995, and it appears to have been completely redone. The church is still active, recently built on to and newly resided. Most of the stones are in neat rows, embedded in cement. A few, that were broken off at the base were leaning against two trees. Most of these stones were very hard to read. I think the trees blocking out the sun, let lichen grow on the stones. Still there were a few stones that were recorded in the 1940's that I did not locate at this time. This cemetery is located in Section 35 of Liberty Township on Grant County Rd. 1050 South, between 100 West and 200 West, on the south side of the road.

In July of 1995 Countryside Friends (formerly Oak Ridge and Radley Friends) joined together with Little Ridge Friends and changed their names to Liberty Friends North, which was the previous Oak Ridge and Radley Friends, and Liberty Friends South, which was the former Little Ridge Friends. As with most of the smaller churches, times are changing and the younger generation seems to prefer the larger churches which can afford many new opportunities and functions for the new generation. And the little country churches that once dotted our countryside are fast becoming a thing of the past.

*Asterisk denotes a stone not found at this time.

Little Ridge Cemetery

Allred, Albert son of G.N. & T.A. Allred died Sept. 27, 1879 aged 4m.8d. (This stone was badly weathered and illegible, could not check it for accuracy.) Bennet, Hester A. dau of J.K. & H. Bennet died Sept. 2, 1862 aged 11m.4d. (This stone was leaning against a tree.) Boyle, Infant dau of W. & M.J. Boyle died Aug. __, 1867 aged 3 days (This stone was broken in 3 pieces and leaning against a tree.) Brewer, George son of William & Nancy Brewer died Dec. 14, 1862 aged 17y.5m.22d. Nancy wife of William Brewer died July 5, 1867 aged 47y.10m.25d. Wm. died Jan. 20, 1878 aged 65y.9m.26d. (This stone was badly weathered and illegible, could not check it for accuracy.) Briles, John June 13, 1822 - Dec. 5, 1886 Caldwell, Train died July 27, 1881 aged 59y.3m.20d. "Lifes work well done. Eternal life well won. Sweet rest at last." Cochran, * Claudia dau of C.M. & S.C. Cochran died Apr. 7, 1886 aged 1y.7m.26d. Davis, Abigal C. dau of K.W. & J. Davis died Dec. 23, 1873 aged 18y.10m.15d. Jane wife of Kelly Davis died Dec. 10, 1880 aged 51y.3d. Kelly W. Jan. 14, 1825 - Aug. 27, 1896 aged 71y.7m.13d. "Father" Mary M. A. dau of M.L. & M.A. Davis died May 30, 1878 aged 5y.8m. Pasha A. dau of K.W. & J. Davis died Feb. 25, 1876 aged 18y.4m.13d. Ferree, Sarah dau of John & Rebecca Ferree deceased 9th m. 3, 1859 aged 1y.8m.23d. Finley, Margaret E. dau of E.H. & L.A. Finley died May 4, 1868 aged 14y.8m.2d. Harvey, Alvin died 1m.15, 1857 aged 15y.1m.15d. Cyntha dau of J. & R. Harvey died 8m.28, 1873 aged 16y.4m.23d. Elmina dau of J. & R. Harvey died 3m.2, 1880 aged 11 years Jehu died 4m.22, 1875 aged 42y.3m.11d. (DAR had this recorded as John.) Julia dau of J. & R. Harvey died 3m.18, 1876 aged 15y.4m.6d. Rachel A. wife of Milton Harvey died 6m.22, 1875 aged 23y.2m.2d. Sarah Emelea dau of M. & Z. Harvey died 12m.19, 1867 aged 17y.6m.16d. (This stone was half gone and leaning against a tree, could not locate the bottom of it.) Therrissa O. dau of Eli & E.T. Harvey died Jan. 11, 1884 aged 5y.4m.22d. William died 3m.10, 1883 aged 91y.8m.25d. Hoover, David Y. born 12m.8, 1830 died 4m.24, 1900 Netty wife of David Hoover died Sept. 6, 1860 aged 26y.1m.28d. Rachel dau of A. & C. Hoover died Apr. 14, 1867 aged 31y.5m.21d. Sarah wife of David Y. Hoover died Apr. 12, 1888 aged 64y.7m.29d. Moon, * Isaiah died Feb. 26, A.D. 1904 aged 84y.1m.24d. Martha J. born 5d.5m.1848 died 7m.25d.1860 aged 12y.2m.20d. Mary wife of Isaiah Moon died Aug. 31, 1886 aged 70y.2m.3d. Peirce, Elizabeth J. wife of George Peirce died June 18, 1867 aged 32y.3m.25d. Phillips, Fanny H. wife of J.C. Phillips died Feb. 4, 1877 aged 22y.7m.2d. Malinda M. wife of Josiah Phillips died Jan. 19, 1876 aged 32y.8m.9d. Powell, Nancy dau of J. & S. Powell died Jan. 12, 1867 aged 11y.6m.9d. Sarah wife of John Powell died Dec. 20, 1861 aged 19y.1m.22d. Reeder, Elizabeth wife of J.J. Reeder died the 7m.29d., 1877 aged 72y.4m.14d. Richardson, Arminda dau of H. & M. Richardson died Aug. 24, 1877 aged 9m.28d. Charles S. son of H. & M. Richardson died Sept. 14, 1869 aged 11m.10d. Manerva C. dau of H. & M. Richardson died Oct. 24, 1864 aged 2y.4m.17d. (This stone was broken and leaning against a tree.) Rush, Azel died 8m.30, 1859 aged 79y.26d. Sally deceased 21st of 2nd month 1869 aged 69y.11m.27d. Trader, Margaret A. dau of R.W. & P.A. Trader died Sept. 2, 1873 aged 6m.18d. White, Simon P. son of Jean & Sarah A. White died Aug. 4, 1860 aged 1y.24d. Wright, Alpheus M. died Apr. 28, 1880 aged 25y.9m.12d. Charlie M. son of J.B. & S.J. Wright died 9th m.9, 1861 aged 9m.15d. * Charity wife of Jesse Wright deceased 3rd m.26d of 1859 aged 44y.2d. Clarence son of J.R. & F.A. Wright died Aug. 18, 1878 aged 3 days Cornelius son of J.B. & S.J. Wright died 9th m.6, 1858 aged 1y.2m.3d. (This stone was half gone and leaning against a tree, could not locate the bottom of it.) David W. son of Jesse & Charity Wright died June 24, 1867 aged 11y.10m.27d. Elizabeth wife of M. Wright died May 2, 1892 aged 63y.10m.29d. Hannah C. wife of Jesse Wright died 8m. 9, 1873 aged 54y.13d. Hannah C. dau of Moses & Elisabeth Wright died Sept. 4, 1865 aged 14y.3m.19d. Jacob R. son of M. & E. Wright died May 21, 1891 aged 40y.6d. Jemima R. dau of Jesse & Charity Wright died 7m. 6, 1864 aged 25y.6m.13d. Wright, Jesse Wright born 3m.22d. 1810 died 8m. 8d. 1899 aged 89y.4m.16d. Mary E. dau of Jesse & Charity Wright died 4 mo.5, 1866 aged 17y.29d. Moses T. died May 16, 1865 aged 38y.8m.5d. Precious M. dau of J. & J. Wright died 11m.18, 1859 aged 15y.8m.8d. (This stone was badly weathered and illegible, leaning against a tree, I could not check it for accuracy.) Ruth E. dau of J. & J. Wright died 11m. 16, 1859 aged 10y.6m.17d. Sarah J. wife of J.B. Wright died 3m.17, 1873 aged 35y.6m.20d. William G. son of J.B. & H.E. Wright died Dec. 22, 1874 aged 4m.6d.

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