For lack of a name I chose to call this small burying plot 'Levengood's', after the people who are buried there. I checked a few records on these people and everywhere I looked, their name was spelled differently. Livengoods, Leavengoods, Lavengoods, etc. There is sufficient evidence to show they are one and the same people.

This plot is located in Section 26 of Monroe Twp. in the N.1/2 of the N.E. 1/4 of Twp 24 N. R. 9 E. In simpler terms, just west of 1100 E. on 300 S., on the Arthur Hodson farm. There are only three graves there. Jesse and Susannah Levengood and Mary Ann Cisco.

Since this is a cemetery book and not a genealogy, I did not go into a lot of research as to who these people are and why they are buried there, alone, instead of in a church cemetery. But I myself, have puzzled over this for several years. When I first saw these graves there were three stones and a very large monument for the Levengoods. Now there are only two stones and the monument has toppled over. I did find half of Mary Ann Cisco's marker, but time and the elements have taken their toll. Hardly anything can be read on it now.

I did look at the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records. They show that Jesse Levengood was born in Kentucky and Susannah was born in Pennsylvania. Part of their children were born in Ohio and the latter ones in Indiana. Old maps show that the Levengoods lived one mile north of where they are buried, on the Jadden Road. Later ones show that their son Gideon, lived one mile East on 300 S., right next to Bococks. I also was helped by Mr. Hodson. He got his abstract out and checked to see who owned the land at the time of the deaths of the Levengoods. The land belonged to John Smith and Lucy (Bocock) Smith. I also found a book written in the 1920's by high school children called 'Less We Forget' compiled of interviews of the oldest citizens in the community. John Levengood was one of the people interviewed. He states he was born in Monroe Twp. in 1852. He mentions his Uncle Bocock as living about 3/4 of a mile from them.

Of course none of this explains why they are buried on this farm, but it does show a relationship between Lucy (Bocock) Smith and Levengoods. As for the marker of Mary Ann Cisco, I found no Cisco name in anything I looked in, for Indiana. Someone has read these stones before and read her death date as 1830, but to me it looks like 1880, which is more logical since the vintage of the stone was about the same as Levengoods. Also, settlement had not even taken place in this township in 1830, but if it is 1830 it would probably be the oldest stone left in the county.

Listed below are the stones as I found them:

Jesse Levengood Oct.25, 1811 - Mar.23, 1875
Susannah Levengood Oct. 9, 1811 - Apr. 14, 1880
Mary Ann Cisco died Sept. 27, 1880 aged 3-y.6m.5d
Please keep in mind that Mary Ann's stone is partly gone and very illegible.

...Original page by Sheila D. Watson

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