Lee/St. Joseph Cemetery

	The Lee Cemetery is located in Section #7 of Van Buren Township.  The farm
land surrounding it is as good as may be found in the state having formerly been loose
swampy ground near the source of the Little Black Creek.  Mrs. William Sanderman
remembers that it was necessary to cut a swath through the rank grass and brush once, in
order to allow a funeral party to reach the Lee Cemetery.  The earliest date found on a
stone is January 23, 1851.  Mrs. Sanderman says that many graves are unmarked and are
frequently entered when a new grave becomes necessary.  During the time of the oil
speculation in this township many new comers buried their dead and removed from the
county before they had marked the grave site.
	The Lee school house is just across the road and having long since been
abandoned, 'sits like a ragged beggar sunning.'
	A group of German people came into this north-west part of Van Buren township
and ere long the community became known as "The Dutch Settlement".  Sometime in the
early nineties a church group was organized into what was called St. Joseph Reformed
Church.  Deed Book 49 page 221 deed #36 says:  "Oscar Landess and Sarah Jane Landess
his wife of Grant County release and quit claim to William Korporal, Henry Sanderman,
Augustus Bolloefer and Frederick Sanderman trustees of St. Joseph Reformed Church of
Van Buren Township and their successors in office for the sum of one dollar a tract of
land containing one acre more or less."  This deed was executed April 8, 1891.
	This church was erected and used until March 21, 1916 when it was razed by a
cyclone which struck Grant County.  The building was never again erected.  I was told
that the church property and the cemetery were separate but I find in the Misc. Record
Book #46 page 572 this record:  " An application made by the trustees of Lee Cemetery
Association to transfer and convey to Van Buren Township the cemetery property of the
association."  The description of the property being exactly the same as that of the church
property as recorded in Deed Book #49 page 212.  This petition asks to give the township
"said cemetery lands and all the appurtenances thereto belonging for a public cemetery
and burial place of the dead."  It is dated April 17, 1918 and is signed by,
									Lacy G. Butler
									William Sanderman
									Joseph E. Armstrong
Board of trustees of the Lee Cemetery Association.  The deed is then made by these
trustees of the Lee Cemetery Association to the grantee--The trustee of Van Buren
Township, April 27, 1918.
	The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.
	I worked in this cemetery Sept. 2001.  The area has evidently changed drastically.
There are new homes in the area and no sign that a church and school was ever there now.  
The cemetery is located on 600 N. between 600 E. and 700 E. on the south side of the road
in Section 7 of Van Buren Twp.  From the DAR information given above it appears the cemetery
originally wasn't on the road.  The roads are very crooked in this part of Grant County
and I suspect many were moved when the county tried to straighten out the roads just after
the turn of the last century (early 1900's).  Now the cemetery is within a few feet of 
600 N.
	* Denotes a stone not found at this time.

Lee/St. Joseph Cemetery

Aspy, Infant dau of R.A. & L.E. Aspy born & died Aug. 17, 1904 Infant dau of R.A. & L.E. Aspy born & died Nov. 2, 1906 Beekman, John W. 1869 - 1942 S/S with Mary C. Mary C. 1869 - 1940 S/S with John W. Robert F. son of J.W. & M.C. Beekman June 20, 1900 - Oct. 4, 1901 Bollhoefer, Adolph A. 1861 - 1919 S/S with Rozenia, Oscar A., Herman W. and Stella L. August Apr. 23, 1833 - Sept. 12, 1924 "Father" S/S with Louisa Herman W. 1895 - 1955 S/S with Rozenia, Adolph A., Oscar A. and Stella L. Louisa Oct. 27, 1825 - Feb. 24, 1915 "Mother" S/S with August Lucy G. dau of A. & L. Bollhoefer Sept. 5, 1869 - Sept. 19, 1869 Oscar A. 1893 - 1941 S/S with Rozenia, Adolph A., Herman W. and Stella L. Philip H. Apr. 18, 1863 - June 12, 1918 Rozenia 1863 - 1925 S/S with Adolph A., Oscar A., Herman W. and Stella L. Stella L. 1898 - 1959 S/S with Rozenia, Adolph A., Oscar A. and Herman W. Boggs, G.A. died Feb. 21, 1880 aged 29y.3m.12d. Butler, Alexander 1846 - 1919 Alpheus died Aug. 25, 1889 aged 82y.11m.14d. Ann M. wife of Alex. Butler May 20, 1852 - Mar. 17, 1881 Ceattea E. 1857 - 1921 S/S with John Delilah wife of Alpheus Butler died Aug. 14, 1887 aged 66y.5m.16d. "Mother" Eda dau of A. & D. Butler died July 29, 1884 aged 25y.9m.23d. Elmira wife of John Butler died Jan. 28, 1876 aged 30y.10m.13d. Esca A. son of A. & A.M. Butler July 18, 1872 - Aug. 7, 1873 Infant dau of A. & A.M. Butler born & died Jan. 14, 1877 John 1844 - 1932 S/S with Ceattea E. Mary E. wife of Alex. Butler Jan. 25, 1847 - May 20, 1904 Morris son of A. & M.E. Butler Oct. 19, 1883 - Sept. 27, 1884 Compton, Elizabeth A. wife of J. Compton died Oct. 3, 1883 aged 66y.1m.17d. S/S with Joshua Joshua Sept. 28, 1800 - Jan. 9, 1893 S/S with Elizabeth A. William A. son of J. & E.A. Compton died Sept. 3, 1849 aged 6y.3m.22d. Cook, Dolores dau of B.W. & J.N. Cook Jan. 10, 1905 - Feb. 28, 1905 Endsley, Anna A. dau of H. & M. Endsley born July 22 1870 NOTE: Her age was obstructed by cement work done in the past. No death date noted on stone. Broken from base. Henry 1846 - 1923 S/S with Malinda John died Sept. 21 1898 aged 89y.6m.6d. Malinda 1850 - 1925 S/S with Henry Rachel died Sept. 19, 1871 aged 71y.1m.18d. Green, Artemesia E. 1854 - 1938 "Mother" S/S with Joshua B. Joshua B. 1862 - 1924 "Father" S/S with Artemesia E. Lacy 1893 - 1962 Lot died Oct. 21, 1903 aged 86y.6m.9d. S/S with Mary and Palmer, also had footstone with Lot on it. Margaret dau of L. & M. Green died Oct. 7, 1852 aged 7y.20d. This stone was very illegible and weathered, could not check it for accuracy. Mary wife of Lot Green died Jan. 24, 1890 aged 72yrs. S/S with Lot and Palmer, also had footstone with Mary on it. Palmer son of Lot & Mary Green died Jan. 28, 1890 aged 30yrs. S/S with Lot and Mary, also had footstone with Palmer on it. Sarah L. dau of L. & M. Green died Jan. 21, 1871 aged 21y.25d. Son of Lewis P. & Margaret R. Green born Nov. 15, 1863 (no other date) Havens, Nancy J. wife of Simon P. Havens Feb. 23, 1828 - Oct. 4, 1894 S/S with Simon P., also found a footstone with Nancy on it. Simon P. Mar. 14, 1825 - Sept. 17, 1900 S/S with Nancy J. Also said "Father and Mother" Hefner, Henretta wife of James W. Nov. 18, 1860 - Aug. 27, 1910 S/S with James W. James W. Aug. 14, 1858 - _____ (no death date given) S/S with Henretta Hewitt, Lillian 1911 - 1914 S/S with Pauline Pauline born & died 1912 S/S with Lillian Von L. son of J.M. & F.L. Hewitt died Nov. 17, 1897 aged 7m.28d. Johnson, Anna A. dau of J. & E. Johnson aged 1m.5d. Ella dau of J. & E. Johnson died Nov. 8, 1886 aged 21y.8m.1d. "Gone but not forgotten" S/S with Jennie Hannah S. dau of J. & M. Johnson aged 22y.4d. S/S with Mary No death date given. Jennie dau of J. & E. Johnson died Nov. 8, 1886 aged 16y.9m.1d. S/S with Ella Mary wife of J. Johnson aged 22y.5m.27d. S/S with Hannah S. No death date given. Korporal, * Ada dau of H.A. & Z. Korporal Apr. 21, 1900 - Aug. 6, 1900 Christina wife of Simon Korporal died Nov. 14, 1881 aged 78y.4m. Eliza wife of Wm. Korporal died Aug. 30, 1902 aged 65y.2m.8d. S/S with William Elizabeth wife of Wm. S. Korporal died Apr. 21, 1903 aged 38y.9m.23d. S/S with William S. and Louise Infant son of W.S. & M.E. Korporal born & died Nov. 10, 1887 "Gone but not forgotten" Infant dau of A. & M.L. Korporal born & died Jan. 18, 1892 Louise 1866 - 1946 S/S with William S. and Elizabeth Simon died Nov. 10, 1871 aged 77y.5m.16d. William died Aug. 10, 1893 aged 64y.8m.8d. S/S with Eliza William S. 1858- 1936 S/S with Elizabeth and Louise Lee, Charles Ray Oct. 24, 1900 - Oct. 28, 1968 Charles S. 1871 - 1915 Elisabeth wife of J.R. Lee died Jan. 16, 1872 aged 35y.5m.26d. S/S with __ry M. Elizabeth A. died Oct. 11, 1873 aged 48y.7m.27d. James R. died Feb. 27, 1913 aged 81y.2m.13d. "At Rest" Jane dau of S. & M. Lee died Oct. 14, 1856 aged 18y.5m.4d. Jessie son of J.M. & S. Lee Feb. 12, 1907 - Jan. 27, 1913 NOTE: Stone broken from base. John died Sept. 27, 1863 aged 76y.5m.4d. S/S with Nancy John Russell Ray died Jan. 13, 1933 (No birth date or age given.) "Indiana Seaman 1 CL US Navy" Mary wife of Stephen Lee died June 1, 1870 aged 69y.5m.7d. __ry M. died Mar. 29, 1881 aged 47y.2m.28d. S/S with Elisabeth NOTE: This stone is broken and badly weathered and illegible but I believe these to be Mary and Elisabeth both wives of J.R. Lee Nancy wife of John Lee died Feb. 5, 1871 aged 73y.5m.26d. S/S with John Nancy May 1861 - 1928 Omer L. Oct. 31, 1904 - Oct. 27, 1963 "Indiana Pvt 336 MP Escort Gd Co. World War II" (Metal military marker - flat on ground.) Stephen son of John & Nancy Lee died Nov. 1, 1858 aged (stone broken) Stephen J. son of S. & M. Lee died Feb. 21, 1871 aged 38y.20d. Stephen Sr. died May 1, 1878 aged 73y.7m.6d. Steven M. 1864 - 1949 Marquart, George died Jan. 15, 1896 aged 38y.11m.5d. Martin, Francis M. 1858 - 1941 Ida E. July 12, 1862 - Apr. 20, 1891 James Daniel Sept 5, 1898 - May 27, 1957 "Indiana Pvt Co. A 36 Infantry World War I" "US American Legion Metal Marker" (Metal military marker - flat on ground.) Pulley, Adam J. died June 1, 1905 aged 70y.4m.11d. S/S with Rachel Edward son of A. & R. Pulley died Oct. 14, 1873 aged 10m.22d. S/S with Mathew Freddie H. son of B. & O. Pulley died Feb. 11, 1891 aged 1y.27d. S/S with Retta J. Henson died June 23, 1851 aged 52y. "Father" S/S with Susannah Mathew son of A. & R. Pulley died Sept. 14, 1863 aged 7y.3m.2d. S/S with Edward Rachel wife of Adam J. Pulley died Jan. 20, 1917 (no age given) S/S with Adam J. Retta J. dau of B. & O. Pulley died Oct. 1, 1882 aged 2y.4m.18d. S/S with Freddie H. Susannah wife of Henson Pulley died Aug. 21, 1864 aged 62y. "Mother" S/S with Henson Sanderman, Frederick died Sept. 1, 1902 aged 65y.1m.20d. Fredreca 1862 - 1939 Henrietta died Mar. 23, 1927 aged 87y.3m.8d. NOTE: "Sanderman" monument in front of these 3 stones. Smithers, America E. wife of Samuel J. Smithers June 23, 1854 - Feb. 21, 1906 "A loved one from us is gone A voice we loved is still A place is vacant in our hearts That never can be filled" Irl son of S.J. & A.E. Smithers Aug. 3, 1896 - Oct. 2, 1910 Trout, Daisy 1880 - 1960 S/S with L. Witmer Della A. 1867 - 1899 S/S with Lot L. and Editha J. "In Loving Remembrance" Delores I. 1902 - 1926 "Mother" Editha J. 1866 - 1924 S/S with Della A. and Lot L. George W. died Dec. 2, 1896 aged 62y.4m.1d. S/S with Nancy B. Infant son of G. & N. Trout born & died Mar. 22, 1870 (Infant) son of W. & D. Trout died Jan. 24, 1900 aged 10 days Infant son born & died Mar. 5, 1913 NOTE: No last name or parents listed on this stone. Assume they were Trouts because they were right beside L. Witmer and Daisy Trout. S/S with Ruth Viola L. Witmer 1874 - 1963 S/S with Daisy Lot L. 1862 - 1926 S/S with Della A. and Editha J. Nancy B. wife of G.W. Trout died Aug. 6, 1900 aged 46y.2d. S/S with George W. Ruth Viola Aug. 22, 1917 - Aug. 25, 1918 NOTE: No last name or parents listed on this stone. Assume they were Trouts because they were right beside L. Witmer and Daisy Trout. S/S with Infant son Zent, Clyde F. June 7, 1892 - July 17, 1960 Eliza C. May 8, 1872 - Apr. 13, 1927 "Mother" S/S with Mike P. Martha J. wife of Phillip Zent died Jan. 5, 1879 aged 36y.6m.19d. S/S with Phillip Mike P. July 30, 1869 - Dec. 24, 1955 "Father" S/S with Eliza C. Phillip died Jan. 12, 1892 aged 67y.11m.26d. S/S with Martha J.

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