Lake Branch Cemetery has long been abandoned. I have found very little about this cemetery. From a History of Grant County ____, I found the following paper written by Jacob Bugher for the Historical Meeting at that time. "My first school in Grant county was during the winter of 1851 -52, in the Lyon schoolhouse on Lake Branch. This was a sample school for this part of the county at that period. It was built with round logs clapboard roof and loft, with puncheon floor, and seats and writing desks against the wall with fireplace and stick chimney at one end of the house. This house was in the woods. Here we had spelling schools and a debating society. In this debating society we had Joseph B. Allen, Daniel Dean, Thomas Dean, Dr. John W. Pugh and Jacob Bugher. And in a Meeting house not far east of this we had a singing school with Jacob Covalt as teacher." This meeting house was Lake Branch Church and adjoining cemetery as can be seen on the old maps of Jefferson Twp.

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