The United Brethren denomination organized a church group here in 1855 and named it for John Knox who was a prominent member of the group. This is a small cemetery which lies to the east of the church building which is not used at the present time. Few burials are made in this part of the cemetery, nearly every one using the newer part across the road. There is a stockholders association which is responsible for the good care given these two plats. The earliest date on a stone is March 19, 1859.

These two cemeteries are noted through the county for their beauty. The old plot lies in section #26 of Green Township and the new part is just across the road in Section #35.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

I worked in this cemetery in the summer of 1996. This is one of the nicer cemeteries of the county. The easiest way to get to this cemetery is to go south of Marion on State Road 37 to 1000 South and turn right or west and proceed down 1000 S. past 700 West and within a half a mile you will see this cemetery on both sides of the road. The old church is now gone, torn down a couple of years ago. It hadn't been in use for the last 40 years. Vandalism and time had taken it's toll and with the fear of someone getting hurt in it, and a heavy heart, the decision was made to tear it down. The corner post on both sides of the walk and the walk are still there as quiet reminders of the common country church, that could be found every few miles all over our county. Now only a few remain.

While working here I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Max Leisure, the man who served this cemetery for 41 years and is still helping out. He talked to me a little bit about the changes that had occurred in his time.

He told me that when the new part of the cemetery was started it was originally called the "The New Knox Chapel Cemetery", but the New in the name was soon lost and now few people remember that it ever existed. Several years ago the old Knox Cemetery, the part that is in section #26 was put up for sale. He said he contacted a lawyer about the sale of a cemetery and was told it was perfectly legal, as they held the deed to the piece of land. They wanted $1500.00 for it, but the cemetery board couldn't raise enough money to buy it. It appears the two cemeteries are still really separate, but most people don't realize it now.

He pointed to a piece of ground where very few stones were standing and told me that it really is full. During the depression, when they were using that area, people didn't have any money for headstones for their families. He told me about a man that was in World War I or II, by the last name of Jacoby. This man was buried without a stone. He said he tried to contact the daughter, to no avail. This is really a shame as the government provides stones for all veterans, free of charge. It was a pleasure to talk to Mr. Leisure.

Following is part of an article, taken from the Chronicle Tribune of Oct. 3, 1995.

Leisure family has deep roots
"Point Isabel

- Max Leisure is following in his father's footsteps. And his grandfather's. And two of his uncles'. And a cousin's.

The Leisure name and membership to the Knox Cemetery board go hand in hand. Generation after generation has served on the board.

But Max Leisure's tie to the community does not end there. For more than 100 years, the Leisure family has helped the area grow. Max's grandfather even had a town named after him. At 76, Max Leisure has served as the secretary/treasurer for Knox Cemetery more than half of his life; 41 years. (Now semi-retired in 1996.) He's seen the cemetery, near Point Isabel, double in size and has helped out in every way, from digging graves to selling lots to mowing grass.

The cemetery was started in 1908. In 1916, Max Leisure's grandfather, Nathan J. Leisure, became president

of the cemetery board. Then Max's father, Orange Leisure, became general superintendent. Later, Orange's brother, Bert, served as president. And his brother, Oscar, was a board member. Oscar's son, Joseph, was on the board in the 1930's.

After the Civil War, Nathan Leisure moved to a town that was then called Harmony, south of Point Isabel, and became an active citizen in the tiny community......" (This town is in Madison County, Indiana, just across the Grant and Madison county line. The town was later named Leisure in honor of Nathan Leisure, Max's grandfather.)

*Asterisk denotes a stone not found at this time.

Knox Chapel Cemetery

Original Plat

Armstrong, Georgianna dau of H.C. & F.L. Armstrong died Mar. 16, 1874 aged 7y.11m.24d. Laura dau of P.C. & H.A. Armstrong died Sept. 16, 1876 aged 2y.7m.7d. Athans, Frankie son of J.B. & M. Athans died Dec. 4, 1880 aged 1m.24d. S/S with John B. John B. died Feb. 17, 1881 aged 28y.8m. S/S with Frankie Julia A. 1860 - 1922 Banister, Charlie son of J. & M. Banister died Mar. 20, 1876 aged 17y.4m.20d. Behymer, Mary E. dau of Wm. & C. Legg wife of Perry Behymer Feb. 21, 1851 - May 31, 1872 S/S with Charles A., Clarissa, James A., William, Samuel F. and Clyde E. Legg NOTE: Mary E.'s original stone is still there, it reads; Mary E. wife of Perry Behymer died May 31, 1872 aged 21y.3m.10d. Bidachafer, Betsy wife of Jacob Bidachafer died Sept. 2, 1890 aged 75 years "At Rest" "Both old and young, O' Death, must yield to thee And day by day thy powerful arm we see In vain the tear, in vain the heartfelt sigh All who are born to live, are born to die" Brizendine, Infant dau of Leroy & E.L. Brizendine died Nov. 28, 1879 aged 7 days (Broken in 2 pieces and laying flat on the ground.) Orvle E. son of N.M. & L.M. Brizendine died Apr. 16, 1888 aged 1m.6d. Butler, Jane wife of Eli Butler died Sept. 22, 1873 aged 86y.1m.9d. Mary A. dau of W. & C.J. Butler died Apr. 15, 1887 aged 14y.11m.24d. Reba Lavaughn 1903 - 1905 Wilson died Mar. 18, 1894 aged 47y.8m.18d. Collins, Charles son of Lewis & Sarah Collins died Nov. 27, 1865 aged 5m.18d. S/S with Elizabeth and Roxanna Elizabeth dau of Lewis & Sarah Collins died Oct. 11, 1871 aged 2y.2m.2d. S/S with Charles and Roxanna George H. son of Wm. S. Collins died May 19, 1888 aged 7y.6m.2d. Jemima wife of Wm. S. Collins, Sr. died Jan. 30, 1874 aged 56y.1m.20d. Lewis G. died Oct. 27, 1880 aged 67y.9m.1d. "Mason" Roxanna dau of Lewis & Sarah Collins died Dec. 4, 1866 aged 1m.2d. S/S with Charles and Elizabeth William S. died Aug. 19, 1888 aged 72y.3m.2d. Covalt, Abraham died Aug. 5, 1886 aged 88y.8d. S/S with Ann Amos E. son of F.M. & G. Covalt died Apr. 30, 1872 aged 5y.9m.7d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Ann wife of A. Covalt died Jan. 2, 1875 aged 80y.10m. S/S with Abraham Ebenezer D. died May 30, 1865 aged 11y.10m. (Badly weathered and almost illegible. Broken in 2 pieces.) Ellie July 16, 1866 - Dec. 19, 1881 (Broken in 2 pieces.) * James J. son of G. & D. Covalt died Apr. 23, 1867 aged 14y.2m.6d. Jesse M. son of F.M. & G. Covalt died Apr. 30, 1870 aged 16 days S/S with Osadell Osadell dau of F.M. & G. Covalt died Aug. 27, 1871 aged 4m.25d. S/S with Jesse M. Craig, Geo. "Co. F 8th Ind. Infantry" Curles, Laura Etta dau of James & Cloris Curles died Apr. 3, 1880 aged 14y.10m.25d. Day, Mary M. dau of A. & R. Day died Sept. 8, 1868 aged 6m.1d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Dickey, Wm. S. died Feb. 21, 1878 aged 52 years "Amiable and beloved husband Farewell Thy years were few, but thy virtues many They are recorded not on this perishing stone, but on the books of life and on the hearts of thy afflicted friends." Dimick, Walter died Oct. 3, 1860 aged 31y.11m.13d. Downs, Abraham died May 24, 1874 aged 74y.1m.17d. Barbara A. wife of Abraham Downs died July 29, 1887 aged 72y.9m.27d. Isaac A. son of J.F. & Mary A. Downs died Aug. 16, 1880 aged 2y.11m.24d. William L. son of J.F. & Mary A. Downs died Oct. 2, 1881 aged 2 years Dudgeon, * Elizabeth J. wife of Edward E. Dudgeon died Aug. 11, 1885 aged 32y.3m.22d. Evans, John died Jan. 12, 1880 aged 81y.1m.24d. Freeman, Wilson T. died Feb. 13, 1877 aged 38y.1m.29d. Goble, Ferda E. dau of D.H. & M. Goble died Oct. 26, 1874 aged 1y.5m.5d. Joseph B. 1860 - 1884 "Brother" S/S with Mary E. Mary E. 1853 - 1885 "Sister" S/S with Joseph B. Gossam, * Charles son of John & Mary Gossam died Feb. 21, 1865 aged 1y.2m.2d. * Emma J. dau of John & Mary Gossam died Nov. 20, 1860 aged 7m.9d. James O. died May 11, 1877 aged 23y.6m.26d. Martha wife of Wm. Gossam died 1879 aged 84 years William J. son of John & Mary Gossam died Mar. 19, 1859 aged 6m.9d. (This stone was found in the back of Section A, near a tree that had been cut down.) Haith, * Thomas son of Jesse L. & Rebecca Haith died June 10, 1871 aged 4y.11m.12d. Hale, Orla Glynden son of B.F. & R.A. Hale died Mar. 20, 1879 aged 1y.8m.26d. Halfin, Joseph died Apr. 24, 1880 aged 35y.11m.16d. Hiatt, Amanda A. wife of Aaron Hiatt died May 19, 1884 aged 26y.7m.23d. Clarence son of A. & A.A. Hiatt died Aug. 25, 1878 aged 4m.20d. * Infant dau of A. & A.A. Hiatt born & died Feb. 28, 1877 Loyd V. 1904 - 1905 * Maudie E. dau of A. & A.A. Hiatt died Dec. 18, 1884 aged 4m.19d. Hinton, * Hershall son of S.P. & R.M. Hinton died Apr. 6, 1899 aged ____ Infant son of James & Ruhama I. Hinton born & died 1863 S/S with Nora B. * James E. 1827 - 1911 * Mary A. died Aug. 2, 1870 aged 63y.1m. Nora B. dau of James & Ruhama I. Hinton died June 4, 1875 aged 1y.4m.26d. S/S with Infant * Ruhama I. 1833 - 1875 * Wayne infant son of S.P. & R.M. Hinton born & died Feb. 18, 1888 Hoover, Axie died Jan. 12, 1874 aged 75y.9m.25d. Hueston, Thomas son of J.J. & Elizabeth J. Hueston died July 15, 1886 aged 26y.5m.2d. Huston, Elizabeth Jane wife of John J. Huston died June 8, 1888 aged 65y.5m.24d. Jester, Jarod F. son of E. & E. Jester died Nov. 15, 1869 aged 3y.10m.4d. "Asleep in Jesus - Blessed sleep" John D. died July 6, 1886 aged 37y.10m.15d. John, Eleazar Feb. 5, 1816 - May 5, 1908 "Father" S/S with Sarah Sarah Apr. 12, 1818 - July 27, 1876 "Mother" S/S with Eleazar Jones, Harriet E. dau of __ & __ Jones died Nov. 8, 1872 aged 2m.2d. (This stone was broken right where the initials were.) Martha E. wife of Columbus Jones died Oct. 24, 1879 aged 26y.10m.4d. S/S with Mazie Mazie dau of C. & M.E. Jones died Oct. 1, 1879 aged 4m.14d. S/S with Martha E. Nancy wife of Thomas B. Jones died Dec. 5, 1876 aged 82y.2m.12d. This was at the bottom of the stone: "Erected by __ill.__ D. Covalt" Keever, Alfred D. son of Emett & Sarah R. Keever died Nov. 2, 1881 aged 1y.3m.15d. "Little Alfred's gone to heaven To a bright celestial home And we hope we there may meet him When our days on earth are done" Ephraim A. son of Emett & Sarah R. Keever died Sept. 14, 1882 aged 5m.8d. George died Oct. 25, 1879 aged 69y.8m.28d. Holman H. son of Wesley & Susannah Keever died Oct. 26, 1880 aged 17y.7m.25d. Mary dau of Wesley & Susannah Keever 1861 - 1947 Nancy Aug. 10, 1821 - May 5, 1903 Susannah wife of Wesley Keever 1834 - 1920 Wesley died Nov. 11, 1866 aged 36y.4m.16d. Kellar, Lucinda wife of John W. Kellar died Oct. 12, 1870 aged 28y.3m.4d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) * Malissa A. dau of J.W. & Lucinda Kellar died July 2, 1863 aged 4m.11d. Kilgore, Alonzo son of J. & M.A. Kilgore died July 9, 1873 aged 5y.11m.2d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Charity wife of David Kilgore died July 26, 1878 aged 68y.6m.11d. David died Jan. 3, 1892 aged 83y.5m.4d. Edna dau of M.M. & J.E. Kilgore died Mar. 18, 1879 aged 3y.1m.11d. Elbert E. son of John M. & E.A. Kilgore died Oct. 21, 1863 aged 11m.21d. Ellena J. dau of J.M. & E.A. Kilgore died Sept. 30, 1876 aged 2y.1m.23d. (This stone can now be found in Section E across the road.) * Margaret dau of J.M. & E.A. Kilgore died Oct. 15, 1877 aged 4m.25d. * Mary M. dau of J.M. & E.A. Kilgore died Aug. 21, 1878 aged 1y.6m.2d. Kirkwood, Fannie J. dau of J.L. & S.E. Kirkwood died Nov. 29, 1872 aged 3y.10m.22d. (DAR recorded this name as Connie aged 89y.10m.22d.) John O. son of J.L. & S.E. Kirkwood died Sept. 25, 1881 aged 15y.10m.24d. Sarah E. wife of Jos. L. Kirkwood died May 9, 1872 aged 27y.3m.8d. Knox, Dory Ann dau of J.W. & Lydia Knox died Dec. 2, 1872 aged 1y.9m.3d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) George W. son M. & H. Knox died Dec. 5, 1873 aged 19y.8m.5d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) * Isolina dau of M. & H. Knox died Jan. 6, 1873 aged 13y.3m.21d. * John son of Marlin & Hannah Knox died May 10, 1860 (stone broken) * John died Dec. 12, 1874 aged 75y.11m.8d. Lucinda A. dau of M. & H. Knox died July 3, 1869 aged 2y.10m. * William died Jan. 9, 1878 aged 29y.9m.3d. William A. son of J.W. & L.M. Knox died Oct. 26, 1874 aged 1y.16d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) * William E. son of Wm. & Susan Knox died Nov. 6, 1862 aged 11m.25d. Lane, Christian F. died July 14, 1873 aged 27y.10m.12d. Cordelia wife of Samuel Lane died Dec. 5, 1867 aged 50y.8m.26d. (Broken in 2 pieces.) Samuel died Apr. 8, 1875 aged 63y.9d. Leer, Mary born Mar. 31, 1803 died Aug. 28, 1885 aged 82y.5m.10d. Wm. died Nov. 27, 1877 aged 78y.4m.5d. Legg, Charles A. son of Wm. & C. Legg Apr. 30, 1855 - May 25, 1894 S/S with Clarissa, James A., Mary E., William, Samuel F. and Clyde E. Clarissa (Knotts) wife of Wm. Legg Aug. 23, 1827 - May 16, 1907 S/S with Charles A., James A., Mary E., William Samuel F. and Clyde E. Clyde E. son of S.F. & R.M. Legg July 25, 1882 - June 2, 1894 S/S with Charles A., Clarissa, James A., Mary E., William and Samuel F. Infant son of A.D. & E.B. Legg born & died Oct. 3, 1896 James A. son of Wm. & C. Legg May 20, 1857 - Apr. 9, 1875 S/S with Charles A., Clarissa, Mary E., William, Samuel F. and Clyde E. James original stone was still there and read: James A. son of Wm. & C. Legg died Apr. 9, 1875 aged 17y.10m.19d. Legg, Lorel A. son of A.D. & E.B. Legg Dec. 11, 1906 - Oct. 10, 1907 Mary E. dau of Wm. & C. Legg wife of Perry Behymer Feb. 21, 1851 - May 31, 1872 S/S with Charles A., Clarissa, James A., William, Samuel F. and Clyde E. Legg NOTE: Mary E's original stone is still there, it reads; Mary E. wife of Perry Behymer died May 31, 1872 aged 21y.3m.10d. Samuel F. son of Wm. & C. Legg Jan. 12, 1853 - July 2, 1888 S/S with Charles A., Clarissa, James A., Mary E., William and Clyde E. William Oct. 7, 1822 - Oct. 12, 1899 S/S with Charles A., Clarissa, James A., Mary E. Samuel F. and Clyde E. Lightfoot, Ernest son of L. & I. Lightfoot died Dec. 12, 1883 aged 3m.2d. S/S with Estelle Estelle dau of L. & I. Lightfoot died Mar. 24, 1882 aged 1y.3m.24d. S/S with Ernest Wm. S. died Oct. 14, 1877 aged 71y.5m.8d. _____ wife of Wm. S. Lightfoot died Apr. 11, 1879 aged 69y.23d. (Top of this stone was broken off and lost.) There is a newer stone to replace these 2 monuments: Phebe R. Mar. 18, 1810 - Apr. 11, 1879 William S. May 8, 1806 - Oct. 14, 1877 Lynas, Charlie son of C.W. & Ellen Lynas died July 26, 1879 aged 5y.4m.28d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Eddie son of C.W. & Ellen Lynas died July 18, 1879 aged 3y.10m.8d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Infant dau of C.W. & Ellen Lynas died June 29, 1884 aged 3 days Manlove, Jesse H. son of __ & __ Manlove died Sept. 11, 1870 aged 4m.2d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Maria A. dau of Wm. A. & M. Manlove died Jan. 9, 1874 aged 2y.11m.5d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) McGraw, Michael died Apr. 7, 1879 aged 37 years Meldrum, Mary E. wife of Henry Meldrum died Jan. 20, 1878 aged 32y.4m.12d. Miller, Ambrose C. died July 8, 1895 aged 69y.11m.20d. Belinda died Jan. 11, 1869 aged 52y.7m.25d. Isaac M. son of A.C. & E. Miller died Feb. 12, 1879 aged 22y.7m.2d. Rhoda A. Apr. 29, 1851 - May 6, 1918 Sarah L. dau of J. & M. Miller died Feb. 3, 1877 aged 14y.9m.9d. Nash, Cynthia C. wife of Lyman A. Nash died Mar. 14, 1887 aged 21y.1m.12d. Newhouse, Flora May dau of __ & __ Newhouse died ____ 1873 aged ____ (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Oldham, * Charlie G. son of Noah & Mary G. Oldham died Aug. 25, 1870 aged 1y.6m.7d. Daniel F. 1873 - 1875 S/S with Omar G. Noah died Apr. 23, 1875 aged 33y.8m.26d. Omar G. 1866 - 1875 S/S with Daniel F. * W.H. son of Noah & Mary G. Oldham died Oct. 21, 1867 aged 1y.9m.17d. Osburn, Willie S. son of J.B. & E. Osburn died Aug. 26, 1875 aged 8m.24d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Patterson, * Wm. died Apr. 4, 1881 aged 58y.3m. Perry, * Charles M.D. son of Wm. & Margaret Perry died July 29, 1863 aged 8y.1m.17d. Phillips, Infant dau of A.F. & Sarah A. Phillips born & died June 20, 1883 Jesse died Feb. 23, 1885 aged 66y.8m.16d. Pinkerman, Infant son of J.F. & Mary C. Pinkerman born & died Aug. 11, 1882 Rebecca wife of William H. Pinkerman 1833 - 1911 S/S with William H. William H. 1829 - 1880 S/S with Rebecca Pratt, Emily J. wife of Henry Pratt died May 18, 1881 aged 24y.6m. * Nancy A. wife of Lewis Pratt died Apr. 21, 1868 aged 20y.2m.24d. Prine, * Jennie dau of J.H. & V. Prine died Jan. 3, 1886 ___ Pyle, Harriett H. wife of J.H. Pyle died June 25, 1892 aged 61y.3m.10d. S/S with Joseph H. Joseph H. died Aug. 30, 1881 aged 52y.3m.1d. S/S with Harriett H. "Our Parents" Rich, Florence O. dau of W.J. & M.A. Rich died Dec. __, 1878 aged 1y.29d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Mary E. dau of Wm. & Hester J. Rich died May 25, 1871 aged 9y.1m.19d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) William born in Adams Co., Ohio Oct. 16, 1823 died in Grant Co., Ind. Apr.. 3, 1877 "A faithful friend, a husband dear A loving father is sleeping here" William E. son of William & Hester J. Rich died Jan. 16, 1867 aged 9y.4m.2d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Rodgers, Francis L. dau of ___ & ___ Rodgers died June 6, 1871 aged 11m.27d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Malinda L. dau of John & Elizabeth Rodgers died Jan. 27, 1867 aged 2y.2m.10d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Rybolt, Clarence Z. son of Wm. & E.E. Rybolt died Nov. 2, 1864 aged 2y.3m.11d. Sanders, * Mary J. wife of John W. Sanders died Oct. 24, 1867 aged 23y.11m.23d. Scott, Anna wife of C.A. Scott died Mar. 14, 1884 aged 19y.2m.16d. Rosy M. dau of A. & M. Scott died Aug. 26, 1875 aged 1y.5m.11d. Sharp, Mary A. dau of J.C. & A.J. Sharp died Dec. 24, 1879 aged 19y.5d. "He took thee from a world of care An everlasting bliss to share" Shelly, Susan E. dau of Joseph & M. Shelly died July 20, 1880 aged 2m.6d. Smiley, * Malissa A. wife of Thomas N. Smiley died Dec. 21, 1865 aged 24y.22d. * Thomas N. died Mar. 3, 1862 aged 23 years Smith, Major son of J.T. & M. Smith died Nov. 3, 1878 aged 10y.17d. S/S with Peggy Peggy dau of J.T. & M. Smith died Nov. 5, 1872 aged 7y.4m.18d. S/S with Major Snook, George Orange son of W.J. & L.J. Snook died May 3, 1872 aged 4m.10d. Snowhill, Elma E. wife of W.H. Snowhill died Oct. 11, 1879 aged 24y.11m.20d. Spell, David E. son of Spencer & Margaret Spell died Dec. 13, 1877 aged 21y.2m.6d. * Margaret died Feb. 12, 1873 aged 38 years Spencer died July 13, 1874 aged 43y.1m.23d. Sperry, James B. died Nov. 6, 1896 aged 19y.8m.28d. Sprong, Milton Feb. 17, 1880 - Dec. 7, 1880 "Our Angel" Stevens, Alice A. wife o B.F. Stevens died Sept. 13, 1870 aged 36y.1m.7d. (Handwritten addition to the DAR book was this notation: Daughter of Abraham & Ann Covalt who came here from Brown County, Ohio. -- Source unknown.) Stiers, Alva died Oct. 17, 1878 aged 70y.1m.21d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Epley Ernest son of J.J. & M.E. Stiers died Dec. 12, 1880 aged 1y.1m. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Hannah wife of Alva Stiers died Aug. 16, 1875 aged 68y.6m.18d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Samuel P. son of A. & H. Stiers died Jan. 15, 1917 aged 80y.7m.22d. (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Tetrick, Charles S. son of J.W. & J.M. Tetrick died June 16, 1883 aged 8m.26d. "Little bud for earth so fair Rose in glory blooming there" Titus, James 1802 - 1873 S/S with Lydia Lydia wife of James Titus 1814 - 1901 S/S with James Todd, Andrew F. son of John & Mary E. Todd died Nov. 7, 1886 aged 5y.3m.7d. S/S with Lott Elizabeth N. dau of J. & M.E. Todd Nov. 31, 1879 - Dec. 11, 1879 aged 12 days (Badly weathered and almost illegible.) Lott son of John & Mary E. Todd died Nov. 15, 1883 aged 6 days S/S with Andrew F. Vernon, * Florence B. dau of F.M. & L. Vernon died Aug. 2, 1874 aged 1y.3m.28d. Wilson, * Matilda died Sept. 22, 1876 aged 69 years Unknown, Andrew W. son of M.M. & M. Bottorff???? died Sept. 27, 1870 aged 3m.11d. (This stone was really bad. The last name may be wrong.) Bottom half of a stone with this was found: Aug. 23, ___ aged 1y.6m.2d. (possibly Mary M. Kilgore or Charlie G. Oldham) 4 stones were totally illegible beyond reading anything on them.

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