This is another of the pioneer cemeteries which is lost to the memory of nearly everyone in the county. Green Township was settled in 1843 by James Burton and Joseph Taylor. In a few years following, many others had come to make this their home, among them the Kellys and McLains. An epidemic of cholera took a number of this family and they were buried near the home of the McClains in Section 16. There is no evidence of this old cemetery except for one McClain stone which is so badly broken that the entire name cannot be deciphered. John Downing is my source of information.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

In the summer of 1991, I did a little inquiring about this cemetery. I found a man who's Uncle owned the land back in the 1930's. Even then the cemetery was in bad shape. But what was very sad, thinking no one really cared, and that this man himself put no value on old cemeteries, he put his hog lot next to the cemetery. When the hogs tore down the fence that separated them he just let them take over the cemetery also. Now there is nothing left to mark these graves, except in the memories of the older citizens of our community.

Notice the difference in spelling the name McLain/McClain. I found throughout the county this difference in the name. I also found it spelled McLane.

While reading the Point Isabel cemetery in 1996, I found many pieces of stones and bases in a crypt - like structure. I use the term crypt - like structure because this doesn't really appear like an above ground crypt, at least not like many I have seen. I wonder if maybe this was built just to put the pieces of the Kelly - McClain Cemetery that was left after it's destruction. Many of these pieces were marked as if they had been hit by plows. When the DAR read the cemeteries in the early 1940's, it was mentioned that all that was found at the Kelly - McClain Cemetery was one piece of a stone. Is it possible that after the destruction of this cemetery the stones were moved to the Point Isabel location, which would have been long before the DAR read the cemeteries? I have one other observation on this matter to make. I did not find 5 gravestones of the McClain family that was supposed to have been there in the 1940's. I'm guessing they were in a pile when the DAR read the Point Isabel Cemetery and now may be covered up in the bottom of the crypt that is now piled high with pieces of stones and bases. John J. McClain and Rachel McClain wife of Thomas McClain were found inside this crypt - like structure. Many stones that were uncovered inside were totally illegible, they may be the other McClains I did not locate. I also want to point out that I found Susan Keever dau of Wm. & Phebe Keever in the crypt - like structure and one Echelbarger. They also lived in the same mile the cemetery was located in.

I'd like to make one other observation. The Kelley's that are buried at Point Isabel used the K E L L E Y spelling not the K E L L Y spelling that the DAR used for this cemetery. They are probably part of the same family by that name. Also want to mention that Susan McClain married James Kelley.

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