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No reading currently available. I am now trying to find information on this cemetery. I was told it may have been located in Jefferson Township, as there were many Johnson's located there in the early years of our county.
In Whitson's History of Grant County it says the original 160 acres of land that was purchased by James Johnson's father, John Jr. was in Section 8 of Jefferson Twp. My guess is the cemetery was in this section, probably north of the river on the west side of this section, as their were two residences marked there on my 1860 plat map. There is also a small X or cross there, but it looks to be put on at a later date.
Following are two partial replies to my query on the Johnson Cemetery. Still don't have an exact location as to where it was exactly but it is more than I had:

ATTEN: Michael Johnson
Mike, I have records that place Alva and Gertrude Johnson in Blackford County. My name is Greg Slusser. I was born in Roseburg and now live in Fort Wayne. We are related, My Grandfather Charles Burnside is Gertrude (Burnside) Johnson's brother. I have been working on the Burnside family tree and would like to hear more from you. Please e-mail me at:
Best regards, Greg Slusser
Dear Ms. Watson:
The work you have done on Grant County cemeteries is just amazing!
Thank you so much!
I am the gggson of James N. Johnson, born 1821, born in Ohio, died at
Upland, Grant County, 1910. He and his father, John Johnson, born Washington
County Pa., and his brother, Jesse Johnson, born 1824 died Grant County 1914
(who never married) migrated to Grant County about 1840 or '45.  These are
the Johnsons who are buried in section A of the Jefferson Township cemetery
which you have so well recorded. I thought I remembered from my boyhood (I'm
52 now!) that my grandfather, S. Alva Johnson (once Grant county auditor)
showed me a family cemetery near Upland. However, I have checked with my
father, William G. Johnson (81 and living in Florida) and he tells me that,
apart from the graves in the Jefferson Township cemetery, which he believes
were removed from a family cemetery at Upland, he is aware of no Johnson
family cemetery surviving in Grant County. 
Of course, our family were not the only Johnsons in Grant County,
but I think they were the only Johnsons in Jefferson township. 
All the best.

Michael A. Johnson

Dear Ms. Watson:
............ They are pretty well written up in Shinn's history (1914)
(NOTE: I think he means Whitson's History pages 932 thru 934 sdw) and
in the 1904 History of Grant County (which entries I presume they wrote
themselves and paid for appropriately, although they didn't go for any
photos - Presbyterians and Scots-Irish, you know!). I haven't got a copy of
the earlier history of Grant County (was it 1884?). As I recall, my aunt
Betty Wood (my father's sister) had a copy, but no one in the family seems
to know what happened to it. Since she and her husband (Fred) taught at
Fairmount high school for many years (Yes, James Dean was one of her
students), she may have given it to the school. Unfortunately, the Newberry
Library here is Chicago doesn't have a copy. 
By the way, in case you hear from others, our family names in Grant
County before 1900, in addition to Johnson, are: Burnside, Seybold, Connelly
(or Conley), Wise and Burns. After 1900, my grandfather's sisters married
Marley and Snyder and one of their daughters married a Peacock, and my
father's sister (Betty) married Fred Wood, whose mother was a Lindsey. My
father's older brother married in Cincinnati and his wife's name was also
Johnson, so my cousins have an even more wearisome task than mine - Johnsons
everywhere in the family tree! 
None of our family Johnsons lives in Grant County anymore and we
sold the farm (in Liberty Twp.) to Mac and Vivian Love in 1990. That
property was purchased in the 1880's by my ggrand-father, James Noah
Johnson. The original place was the one in Jefferson Twp., which was entered
(apparently) by my ggggrandfather, John Johnson from Guernsey County, Ohio
(born Washington County, Pa. 1787) in 1835. I still have the original deed
to the Liberty Twp. farm, issued to a Dix in 1836 and signed by Martin van
Buren. So, there was some kind of Johnson farm in Grant County for 155
And you thought you rambled on! Well, enough for today. And, once
again, I can't congratulate you enough on your work on the cemeteries of
Grant County. I have surfed all over the Web looking at such things, and
your work is the very best, bar none. The fact that you have made it
available free of charge says a great deal about what a kind person you are.
Thanks again.
Mike Johnson

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