Monroe Township has had its name changed as well as its boundary line. The present township is as it has been since 1838 when it was reorganized and called Monroe instead of Madison. In 1838 George Washington Hults settled in what was then called Madison Township. In 1842 James Hults and Thomas Jefferson Hults came. The last name is buried in this cemetery, also the wife of James Hults and a child of George Washington Hults.

A school building is a few rods away and in a mile or so is Center Church. The owner of the property said that more people are buried here than is indicated by the number of stones. A strong wire fence encloses the place which is kept free of weeds, briars and groundhogs by the owner who frequently burns it over.

This family plot is in Center Township at the junction of the 38th Street Road and the Upland-Van Buren Pike which is the western boundary line of Monroe Township. The inhabitants of this cemetery for the greater part were citizens of Monroe Township. The earliest date on a stone is found to be that of a child of G. W. & M. A. Hults who died on Sept. 9, 1853. The latest is Dec. 29, 1905.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

I visited this cemetery in the summer of 1993. I'm confused as to why they said that this cemetery was in Center Township. To my knowledge this is Monroe Township and never a part of Center Township. As of this writing the school has been converted to a beautiful home, and the church is also still there. The Upland-Van Buren Pike was changed to State Road 221, then abandoned by the state and became a country road for a time. The state has taken it back now and is calling it State Road 5.

Just a couple of years back the fence was still there and grown up all around it. You entered the cemetery on the N. W. corner. When you walked in, you were completely secluded from the outside world. There were beautiful flowers everywhere. But there were very few stones, even then. Now the fences and shrubs and flowers are all gone. So when you drive down State Road 5, all you see is a small grassy knoll with a few stones. There is a new one put on by a relative, probably at the time of Susannah's death.


			In memory of			his wife
	Father		Thomas J. Hults	Mother		Susannah
			Aug. 25, 1818			Nov. 25, 1817
			Oct. 4, 1863			Jan. 26, 1901

	This cemetery was a total read, of which I recorded 16 names.						 			                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   			                                                                                                                                                                                                        

* Denotes a stone not found at this time.

HULTS Cemetery

Hults, Emma E. dau of J.F. & M.J. Hults Mar. 24, 1876 - Oct. 10, 1880 Infant son of J.F. & M.J. Hults born & died Oct. 15, 1879 Infant son and dau of S.E. & C.M. Hults born & died Dec. 29, 1905 * John B. son of J.F. & M.J. Hults died Sept. 6, 1886 aged 8m.8d. Margaret dau of T.J. & S. Hults died May 25, 1863 aged 2y.1m.18d. Mary wife of James Hults died Sept. 29, 1853 aged 66y.10m.13d. * Mary C. dau of T.J. & S. Hults d. May 27, 1863 aged 16y.8m.28d. Susannah wife of Thomas J. Hults Nov. 5, 1817 - Jan. 26, 1901 Thomas Jefferson Hults died Oct. 4, 1863 aged 44y.1m.5d. Thomas J. son of G.W. & M.A. Hults died Sept. 9, 1853 aged 2y.1m.23d. Johnson, Lemuel Sr. died Dec. 3, 1870 aged 62y.9m.23d. Mary wife of Lemuel Johnson Sr. died Dec. 4, 1870 aged 69y. 10m.12d. Robert died Aug. 20, 1862 aged 38y.2m.29d. Line, Nancy J. wife of J.W. Line died Nov. 20, 1863 aged 22y.2m.26d. Oliver, Infant dau of John W. & Ruth Oliver born & died Aug. 13, 1869 Winborn Losson son of John & Ruth Oliver died Nov. 24, 1879 aged 11y.11m.23d.

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