This small plot is located on the ground that was once owned by a pioneer family named Griffin, the knoll overlooks a valley which slopes down to the Mississinewa River as it passes the U.S. Veterans Facility. To the north east is Griffin Chapel and the now abandoned Griffin School-house. The family of Futrell used this spot as a burial ground and that name is sometimes given to it. Many sunken spots speak eloquently of a forgotten citizen. Some of the stones lie flat upon the ground. Many of the small foot stones bearing the initials of the deceased are scattered about. One wooden marker is left but time has erased any markings it may have had. The marker erected to the memory of James Griffin lies flat upon the ground. It is a fine example of the tombstone style of the 60's. The dimensions being about four feet long, two feet wide and three inches thick. Of plain white marble it has on the top a pair of clasped hands. The inscription is on a carved shield and a spray of ivy leaves are at the bottom of the shield. Another monument has a hand holding a vase of flowers, while two children's graves are marked with a slab ornamented with a lamb lying down. A large granite monument of modern design marks the Futrell family plot. Whitson's history says of James Griffin "he built a flatboat loaded it with his team and other possessions and poled it from Ridgeville to Mittank's Ford in Jefferson Township. He later sold his property and built a saw mill on Walnut Creek near Marion. He was a soldier of the War of 1812 and fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe." The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's. "This old family cemetery is located near the top of the hill at 'Tator Row', and is west of the Garthwaite Road near the location of the Griffin home, on the east bank of the Mississinewa River almost directly across from the Veteran's Facility, on the west bank of the Mississinewa River." "This cemetery was severely damaged by the Palm Sunday tornado of 11 Apr. 1965 that crossed Grant County with complete destruction in its path." I visited this cemetery in the summer of 1996. It is located in the N.E. 1/4 of Section 21, Twp 24 N. Range 8 E. I am not sure how this area got the name of 'Tator Row', but it's location is 3/10 of a mile south of 38th Street just off the Garthwaite Rd. On the west side of the road is a very long lane back to 3 or 4 residences, the lane doesn't have a number. The cemetery sits on a small wooded knoll about a tenth of mile back off Garthwaite Rd., overlooking a valley that slopes down to the Mississinewa River on the west and Brookhaven Lake and sub-division to the north. The family that owns the ground keeps up the cemetery as best they can. There is just not much left of this sacred ground today. Griffin Chapel and School are now gone, in the name of progress. In the 1940's, twenty graves had been recorded, now there are only 8 stones. I wander if the tornado knocked down trees and drove these stones into the ground, or perhaps actually carried away some of them. I didn't find even one footstone, which I thought was rather unusual. The Futrell plot seems to be almost all that has escaped total destruction, save for James Griffin. His stone is probably still there because of the size of it. But it too, is lying on the ground. Mary (Ricks) Futrell was buried in this cemetery. She was the daughter of Jordan Ricks and Nancy (Griffin) Ricks and wife of Michael Futrell. Mary was born Dec. 4, 1813 in Ohio and died Jan. 3, 1904 in Grant Co., Indiana. Her death certificate states she was buried in the Griffin Cemetery 6 Jan. 1904. The Futrells as well as the Ricks and Griffins all migrated from North Carolina through Clinton Co., Ohio and on to Grant Co., Indiana together. As you can see from the above mentioned Mary Futrell they were all related. Mary's mother Nancy was a sister of James Griffin who is buried in this cemetery. I found one monument without a name on it and also in the 1940's there was a wooden cross with no name left on it. Either, could have been for Mary Futrell, now one can only speculate. *Denotes a stone not found at this time.


Burson, * William R. died June 28, 1866 aged 22y.11m.23d. Cabe, * Thomas June 8, 1806 - Nov. 16, 1887 NOTE: I found this stone in the Marion I.O.O.F. Cemetery (now known as "Estates of Serenity") I have no idea why it is in the Marion I.O.O.F. unless it was found after the tornado and just placed there because they didn't know where it went or his grave could actually have been moved there by a descendant at some point in time. Futrell, Christina A. wife of Joseph Futrell 1841 - 1865 Isaiah son of M. & M. Futrell died Feb. 21, 1860 aged 9y.4m.21d. S/S with Michael and Mary Manda A. 1862 - 1864 Martin died Aug. 11, 1889 aged 23y.5m.18d. Mary dau of M. & M. Futrell died Aug. 17, 1854 aged 1y.1m.26d. S/S with Isaiah and Michael Mary J. 1860 - 1862 Michael died Oct. 6, 1888 aged 77y.11m.24d. S/S with Isaiah and Mary * _____ dau of J. & C.A. Futrell died ___ 1, 186_ aged 2y.3m.27d. (this marker is broken and the figures effaced) Griffin, * Eliza Jane dau of John and Mary J. Griffin died Feb. 2, 1869 aged 2y.3m.26d. * Ella Belle dau of John and Mary J. Griffin died Oct. 19, 1866 aged 8m.13d. * Infant son of R. & E. Griffin died Dec. 12, 1851 James died May 14, 1862 aged 78y.8m.11d. * Maria dau of R. & E. Griffin died May 4, 1852 aged 7m.4d. * Martin son of R. & E. Griffin died Dec. 19, 1847 aged 4y.8d. Morris, * Caleb died Mar. 10, 1858 aged 56y.11m.23d. Poe, * Elizabeth died April 29, 1872 aged 77y.4m.4d. * Gabriel P. died June 2, 1872 aged 77y.7m.1d. Stafford, * Sarah wife of Samuel Stafford died April 8, 1870 aged 64y.7m.20d.

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