This cemetery is on State Road 22 Southwest of Marion in Sims Township. The graves have become so sunken that many stones have fallen into them and cannot be reached except with difficulty.

The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.

This cemetery is located in Section 36 of Sims Twp. 24 N - R. 6 E., on State Road 35/Indiana 22 just west of 600 W., southwest of Marion. Pipe Creek flows near by. I read this cemetery June 4, 1994. Let me say I tried to read it. There wasn't much left there to read. As the DAR wrote, there are many graves here, as can be seen by the depressions in the earth. But stones are missing, or sunk way below the earth. I probed the earth with a 12 inch probe and found nothing. I did pick up on 3 more stones than the DAR had, as listed below.

Galbreath Cemetery

	Asberry A. son of E.B. & M.A. Burns died Aug. 29, 1858 aged 1y.9m.29d.
	Mary A. dau of E.B. & M.A. Burns died ____ 20, 1856 aged 1y.7m.14d.
		NOTE:  The part where the month should have been was missing.
	Wm.  "Co. F 57 Ind. Inf."
	Eunice wife of John Galbreath  Apr.29, 1832 - Dec. 9, 1893  "Mother"
		S/S with John
	John  May 31, 1828 - July 25, 1898  "Father"  S/S with Eunice
	Charles W. died April 14, 1856 aged 64y.  Also a footstone with initials C.W.L.
	William B. son of Charles W. and Rachel Lyons died Jan. 9, 1858 aged 1m.19d.
	William M. son of William L. & Mary E. Lyons died Dec. 24, 1854 aged 3m.23d.
	Adelia M. dau of W. & C. Phipps died Dec. 13, 1878 aged 3m.5d.
	Mary dau of W. & C. Phipps died Sept. 24, 1876 aged 11m.1d.

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