Frequently, in old histories, we find references to the "Foster Graveyard" and in the Atlas of 1877 it is located on the map. Except for these few references no one among our county people seem to have the faintest idea of where this plot of ground may be. The Grant County History of 1855 says, "Dr. Buckman had an office near where the Foster Graveyard is located in the house in which the first school of the county was taught by William James." In the Atlas of 1877 the map on page 43 locates this cemetery -- old cemetery is on the right of way of the Big Four Railroad. This was near the property owned at that time by J.B. Leapley. Another reference is found in this Atlas which says-"--then in the school house built in the county located on the knoll known as The Foster burial ground, immediately on the C.W. & M.R.R. about one hundred rods south of the corporation line of the town of Marion." On page 329 the writer says, "Lewis Foster's wife was the first person buried in the Foster Graveyard." Another cemetery is lost and its population "Known only to God." The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's. Dec. 27, 1951 LOCATION OF FOSTER CEMETERY Authority: Cassius Cochran, who has lived at 26th and Meridian Streets all of his life and will be 91 in January of 1952, with mind still very clear at this date, reports that the location of Foster Cemetery was as follows: Location: The Foster Cemetery was located at the north-east corner of 23rd Street and the Big Four Railroad, directly across from the old Cystal Ice Plant. Several years ago a foundry tried to use the "Sugar Sand" at this location but abandoned the project because of numerous bones turned up. In 1995 I studied all available information I could find on this cemetery. My conclusion is to concur with a statement found in the book "Less We Forget". It says the Foster Graveyard was moved to the Boots cemetery, on top of 3rd and 4th street hill. In turn the Boots cemetery was moved to the IOOF, currently known as - Estates of Serenity. I found no official documentation that the cemetery was moved, but believe it to be so from other sources. The practice of moving cemeteries seems to date back pretty far. The 1877 Atlas of Grant County page 329 records the following. The first person to be buried in the Foster cemetery was the wife of Lewis Foster. In the I.O.O.F readings you will find Susannah wife of Lewis Foster died Oct. 16, 1838 aged 21y.5m.3d.

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