This is another family cemetery which has been abandoned to the growth of shrubs and pastured by farm animals. The stones are broken and few of them are where they were originally placed. The farm is the old home of Jacob Drook. His children and some relatives are buried here. It is only a short distance from the cemetery called the Baldwin Cemetery and is in Section #22 of Richland Township. The earliest stone bears the date of July 6, 1845. The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's. This cemetery is located in Section #22 of Richland Township, on 900 W. about 1/4 of a mile south of 400 N., on the east side of the road about 200 yards back. This township wasn't settled as early as other townships, because it was still part of the Indian Reserve. I worked in this cemetery in the spring of 1995. It is quite a bit different than what is described by the DAR in the 1940's. It has been cleaned up and all stones have been reset. But the sad fact remains, much is missing and not where they were originally placed. I have only 23 names recorded here, and three of these were not located when I read the cemetery. You can tell by looking that there have been many more graves here in the past. If you look at the names here you can see a lot of history of this township. Over half of the names recorded here are little children. Life must have been awfully hard for the children back then. The 'Atlas of 1877' states a man by the name of Creviston came with Isaac Baldwin about 1840, Baldwin being the first white inhabitant of this township, because Creviston settled just across the line in Miami County. Could Thomas Creviston be the same Creviston? His stone denotes the fact of his birth about 1805, certainly old enough to be him. Solomon Wright's stone indicates he was born in 1784. And Jacob Fisher's stone indicates he was born in 1786. Not to mention John Druck who was born in 1790. History tells us that John Druck was one of the first settlers of this township, coming in 1844. This cemetery is located on his original tract. This tract was still owned by Drooks in 1877. (Druck/Drook are the same family.) There is an old abandoned farm house and barn still standing on this tract of land, (1995). Descendents of the Druck/Drook family says this is the original Jacob Drook home. *Asterisk denotes a stone not found at this time.

Drook/Parsons Cemetery

Clester, Elizabeth wife of P. Clester died ____ (weathered too badly to read) William son of P. Clester died Dec. 18, 1867 aged 18y.9m.7d. Creviston, Thomas died May 12, 1869 aged 64 years Drook, * Ema A. dau of J. & N. Drook died Jan. 12, 1861 aged 5m.13d. Laura C. dau of Jacob & Nancy Drook died Mar. 2, 1872 aged 7y.8m.23d. Nancy dau of Jacob & Nancy Drook died Jan. 17, 1872 aged 2y.4m.16d. (Part of this stone was missing, so I could not verify the information.) Nancy A. wife of Jacob Drook died Jan. 25, 1874 aged 45y.3m.10d. (Footstone found N.A.D.) * Perry son of W. & J. Drook died Apr. 3, 1866 aged 3m.11d. (Footstone found P.D. also found the bottom of this stone with just the age listed on it.) Rosetta Ann dau of J. & N.A. Drook died Apr. 5, 1853 aged 1m.8d. NOTE: Jacob Drook remarried Rosetta Trook after the death of his first wife Nancy A. Druck, * Albert son of A. & S. Druck died Oct. 15, 1870 aged 15 days (Footstone found A.D.) George M. son of Wm. & C. Druck died Oct. 23, 1862 aged 1m.8d. Henry M. son of John & Salome Druck died July 6, 1845 aged 11y.3m.4d. John died Mar. 16, 1870 aged 79y.8m.7d. NOTE: This is most likely the original John Druck, the original owner of this tract of land. Manda E. dau of A. & S. Druck died Sept. 8, 1862 aged 10m.6d. (Footstone found M.E.D.) Fisher, Canzas V. dau of J. & M.D. Fisher died Sept. 12, 1864 aged 7m.23d. (Footstone found C.V.F.) Jacob died Apr. __ 1851 aged 65y.6m. (Stone was broken right through the date, could not make it out.) S/S with Mary his wife and Mary his daughter. John S. son of D. & C. Fisher died Jan. 1, 1872 aged 3y.2d. (Footstone found J.F.) Mary wife of J. Fisher died Sept. __, ____ aged 55y.6m. S/S with Jacob Fisher and daughter Mary (Stone was broken right through the date, could not make it out.) Mary dau of J. & M. Fisher died July 15, 18__ aged 22y.10m.10d. (Stone was broken right through the date, could not make it out.) S/S with Jacob her father, and Mary her mother. Mary A. dau of D. & C. Fisher died Sept. 14, 1871 aged 14y.2m.25d. Washington G. son of Jonathan & M.D. Fisher died Aug. 27, 1872 aged 5m.25d. S/S with William F. William F. son of Jonathan & M.D. Fisher died July 5, 1872 aged 4m.3d. S/S with Washington G. Note: I calculated their birth date as 2 Mar. 1872, these two boys were twins. Wright, Solomon died May 18, 1855 aged 70y.7m.14d. (Footstone found S.W.)

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