This cemetery is east of Marion about four miles and on the Montpeliar Pike or as
it is now called State Road # 18.  As these small family plots are nearly always located
on a rise of ground, so this one follows the custom of the day.  Not far from Lugar Creek
and in Center Township.  The old Atlas of 1877 says (page 327) "Reason Bevard settled
the Dr. Winchell farm in 1837.  He was the first person buried in the Burson Graveyard." 
This was Feb. 20, 1845.
	The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.
	I read this cemetery in July of 1997.
	Many folks in the area also call this the Pulley Cemetery, and no wonder as about
a third of this cemetery is Pulleys.  This cemetery is still in use at the present date, but
only occasionally.  I found an earlier date than what the 1877 Atlas records and that is
Charles Bevard died May 29, 1841 aged 51 years.
	This cemetery is located in the N.W. 1/4 of the N.W. 1/4 of Section 12, Range 8
E., on the old Montpelier Pike or what was the eastern strip of State Road # 18 (this road
lying directly adjacent to the new improved State Road # 18) on County Road 500 E. 
Just about 4 miles east of Marion.
	This cemetery is well cared for, surrounded by a chain link fence.  It is highly
visible from the new 4 lane portion of State Road # 18.  I found a burial as late as the
present year, although it is usually not used anymore.
	A little history on this cemetery I obtained from old plat maps.  The Burson farm 
(J. Burson) was directly west on the other side of the road from the cemetery.  Old plat 
maps (1860 and 1877) show the land surrounding the cemetery belonged to Wolf's.  But perhaps 
they owned that land also before the Wolf's.  My maps show the Burson's had 40 acres in 
Center Twp. Section 11, right on the corner and the cemetery wasn't showing on the oldest map, 
(1860), but it was there on the 1877 map.  The other name this cemetery goes by is Pulley.  
The Pulley's were also on the old plat maps as living north about a mile from this cemetery.  
Perhaps they intermarried and that is the reason for the double name or maybe it just got to 
be called that at a later date because so many Pulley's were buried there

	* Denotes a stone not found at this time.

Burson/Pulley Cemetery

Barley, Aaron C. 1841 - 1925 S/S with Louisia J. Daniel A. "Indiana Pvt. Hose Corps" Sept. 7, 1959 * Emily wife of A.G. Barley died Jan. 27, 1872 aged 20y.2m.5d. (I didn't find this stone, but I found 2 pieces that I believe was hers. Only the top with a pair of clasped hands and the bottom with some poetry I couldn't make out. Name and dates were gone.) Louisia J. 1854 - 1922 S/S with Aaron C. Marion G. son of A.G. & E. Barley died July 26, 1872 aged 1y.1m.12d. (This stone was broken in 2 pieces.) Paul G. 1906 - 1944 Bevard, Charles died May 29, 1841 aged 51 years Mary died Mar. 11, 1842 aged 20 years Reason died Feb. 20, 1845 aged 20 years Charles, Mary and Reason Bevard on the S/S with Zachariah Clary Boller, Adam S. Dec. 25, 1845 - Feb. 7, 1917 S/S with Luther, Maria J., Mary E. and Orpha James Nov. 30, 1790 - Aug. 23, 1861 S/S with Ruth E. Luther son of A.S. & M.E. Boller May 22, 1874 - Sept. 25, 1875 S/S with Adam S., Maria J., Mary E. and Orpha Maria J. wife of Adam S. Boller Dec. 19, 1841 - Apr. 17, 1898 S/S with Adam S., Luther, Mary E. and Orpha Martha A. dau of J.L. & A.N. Boller Dec. 22, 1911 - Jan. 9, 1912 Martha M. wife of Reuben Boller 1861 - 1917 "Mother" S/S with Reuben Mary E. wife of Adam S. Boller May 5, 1843 - Feb. 7, 1879 S/S with Adam S., Luther, Maria J., and Orpha Orpha wife of Adam S. Boller Oct. 14, 1851 - Sept. 14, 1907 S/S with Adam S., Luther, Maria J. and Mary E. Ralph L. son of H.O. & G. Boller Jan. 13, 1873 - Mar.19, 1893 Reuben 1857 - 1939 "Father" S/S with Martha M. Ruth E. Oct. 29, 1825 - Aug. 3, 1905 S/S with James Boxell, Alfred J. 1868 - 1958 "Father" S/S with Gracie J. Catherine wife of Wm. Boxell Nov. 25, 1800 - Aug. 10, 1892 aged 92y.8m.15d. S/S with William Catherine wife of John W. Boxell Apr. 19, 1843 - May 14, 1908 "Mother" S/S with John A. Eleanor wife of Rev. Joseph Boxell died May 29, 1852 aged 42 years S/S with Rev. Joseph Gracie J. 1878 - 1932 "Mother" S/S with Alfred J. John A. Jan. 9, 1840 - Aug. 26, 1906 "Father" S/S with Catherine Joseph (Rev.) Boxell born ____ died ____ (No dates recorded.) S/S with Eleanor Robert M. son of J. & E. Boxell died Feb. 10, 1888 aged 45y.9m.27d. Sarah W. dau of J. & E. Boxell died May 25, 1848 aged 2y.9m.27d. William Sept. 11, 1801 - Nov. 27, 1881 aged 83y.2m.16d. S/S with Catherine Brown, Caddie wife of John Brown Nov. 10, 1863 - Apr. 24, 1940 S/S with John John June 21, 1863 - Aug. 12, 1912 S/S with Caddie Burge, Harvey son of Wm. & C. Burge died Jan. 1, 1847 aged 3y.11m.10d. Burson, Hannah Ellen died Aug. 15, 1845 aged 11 years Jonathan died Apr. 5, 1862 aged 54 years Juliana wife of Jonathan Burson died July 18, 1890 aged 82 years Ruth died Apr. 15, 1847 aged 3 years Sarah J. died Jan. 6, 1868 aged 21 years Susan died Sep. 20, 1842 aged 3 years All 6 of the above family listed on same stone. * Susan died Jan. 3, 1868 aged 2 years (Didn't find this Susan, possibly a mistake.) Camblin, Phebe wife of T.B. Camblin died Apr. 30, 1881 aged 26y.4m.23d. Clary, Zachariah died Oct. 1, 1846 aged 80 years S/S with Charles, Mary and Reason Bevard Coon, George W. died May 29, 1940 aged 81y.10m.23d. Sarah E. wife of George W. Coon Dec. 14, 1870 - Aug. 21, 1902 These stones were probably replaced because I found the following: George W. 1858 - 1940 S/S with Sarah E. Sarah E. 1870 - 1902 S/S with George W. Desper, Bernice L. born & died Aug. 10, 1913 S/S with Roy K. Roy K. July 20, 1911 - Apr. 8, 1914 S/S with Bernice L. Draper, Henry 1865 - 1932 Mahala wife of T. Draper died Jan. 12, 1875 aged 30 years S/S with Thomas Thomas died Jan. 30, 1903 aged 64 years S/S with Mahala Dugan, John son of J. & D. Dugan died June 11, 1853 aged 3y.6m.11d. Prudence dau of J. & D. Dugan died Jan. 12, 1843 aged 1y.1m.29d. Elwood, Erma wife of J. Elwood died Feb. 20, 1895 aged 40y.29d. Eugene S. son of T.C. & V. Elwood died May 20, 1862 aged 21y.10m.20d. (Flag carved on stone.) George W. died May 28, 1863 aged 25y.11m.2d. Infant dau of J. & E. Elwood (No dates.) James W. son of T.G. & V. Elwood died Oct. 8, 1854 aged 14y.8m.26d. Lenore dau of John & Emma Elwood Oct. 17, 1893 - Oct. 25, 1900 Nancy dau of D.R. & M.E. Elwood died Feb. 3, 1862 aged 10m.17d. Newton died Oct. 3, 1873 aged 28y.7m.25d. Thomas C. son of J. & E. Elwood died Feb. 17, 1868 aged 2m.24d. Thomas G. died Nov. 25, 1861 aged 47y.8m.7d. Vashti 1815 - 1898 Farr, Emma K. 1857 - 1921 S/S with John W. John W. 1842 - 1904 S/S with Emma K. Hawkins, Infant child of James and Doris Hawkins stillborn (no dates.) (Stone was broken into 3 pieces.) Hayes, Infant dau of T. & S. Hayes born & died Apr. 17, 1878 (Stone was broken from base and lying under the fence.) Losure, Mongirettia wife of W. A. Losure died June 3, 1883 aged 28y.10m.20d. Marsh, Jesse died Jan. 14, 1852 in the 63rd year Rachel wife of Jesse Marsh died May 19, 1854 in the 60th year May, Amos died May 7, 1863 aged 36y.4m.22d. (Stone was broken right through the date, could not check for accuracy.) McFadden, John W. son of G. & M.M. McFadden died Nov. 30, 1852 aged 1m.4d. Mary M. died Apr. 28, 1853 aged 21y.7m.9d. Sarah E. died Oct. 19, 1865 aged 30y.7m.21d. "Mourn not for me it is in vain To call me to your sight again" (Sarah E.'s original stone was still there, broken, but same information.) Mowrer, Mary 1842 - 1916 Oliver N. 1843 - 1919 Noble, Frank 1850 - 1927 Pettay, Anna wife of John Pettay died Mar. 19, 1855 aged 33y.4m.17d. Hannah E. dau of J. & A. Pettay died Jan. 5, 1849 aged 21 days Mary H. dau of J. & A. Pettay died June 19, 1852 aged 30 days Powell, Doris M. (Pulley) Powell 1905 - 1997 Pulley, Adam Jan. 1, 1819 - July 1, 1896 aged 77y.6m. S/S with Keturah, John J., Thomas J., Mary and Samuel H. Adam died Apr. 6, 1857 aged 93 years Alfred son of S. & E. Pulley died Aug. 19, 1853 aged 6m.17d. Cary A. son of S. & M. Pulley 1884 - 1923 S/S with Silas A. and Mary J. Clerry B. dau of J.J. & M. Pulley died Nov. 19, 1870 aged 5y.11m.15d. S/S with Mary E., Sary J. and James E. Doris M. (Pulley) Powell 1905 - 1997 Eliza E. dau of J. & E. Pulley died Mar. 3, 1879 aged 22y.5d. Elizabeth wife of Samuel Pulley, Sr. died Aug. 1, 1871 aged 79y.13d. Elizabeth second wife of Samuel Pulley, Jr. died July 23, 1905 aged 75y.6m.9d. "A precious one from us has gone A voice we loved is stilled A place is vacant in our home That never can be filled" S/S with Margaret and Samuel Jr. Hezekiah W. Oct. 9, 1845 - Dec. 17, 1906 S/S with Mary E. Infant of Silas A. & Mary J. Pulley born & died Oct. 3, 1881 Infant of Silas A. & Mary J. Pulley born & died July 24, 1882 Both of these infants were listed on the same stone. J.J. Jan. 18, 1833 - Dec. 15, 1910 "Father" S/S with Margaret James E. son of J.J. & M. Pulley died Oct. 22, 1860 aged 3y.8m.6d. S/S with Clerry E., Mary E. and Sary J. John J. son of Adam & Keturah Pulley died Sept. 15, 1860 aged 10y.6m.18d. S/S with Adam, Keturah, Thomas J., Mary and Samuel H. Keturah wife of Adam Pulley died Sept. 25, 1881 aged 59y.9m.7d. S/S with Adam, John J., Thomas J., Mary and Samuel H. Margaret wife of J.J. Pulley Mar. 11, 1830 - Oct. 17, 1898 aged 68y.7m.6d. "Mother" S/S with J.J. Pulley Margaret wife of Samuel Pulley, Jr. died Apr. 3, 1845 aged 29y.10m.3d. "Asleep in Jesus Blessed sleep From which none ever Wake to weep" S/S with Elizabeth and Samuel Jr. Margaret also has an older stone with same information. Margaret Isabella dau of S. & E. Pulley died Aug. 14, 1853 aged 3y.4m.20d. Mary wife of Hezekiah Pulley Sept. 22, 1847 - Sept. 20, 1919 S/S with Hezekiah Mary dau of Adam & Keturah Pulley died Sept. 2, 1855 aged 4 days S/S with Adam, Keturah, John J., Thomas J. and Samuel H. Mary E. dau of S. & E. Pulley died Oct. 27, 1860 aged 23y.11m.10d. Mary E. dau of J. & M. Pulley died Oct. 27, 1860 aged 2y.9d. S/S with Clerry E., Sary J. and James E. Mary J. wife of Silas A. Pulley 1858 - 1928 "Mother" S/S with Silas A. and Cary A. Robert son of S. & M. Pulley died Mar. 31, 1845 aged 21 days Samuel, Jr. 1821 - 1909 "The Golden Gate was opened wide A gentle voice said come And angels from the other side Welcomed our Father home." Samuel died June 20, 1871 aged 80y.2m.5d. (Stone was broken from the base and lying on the ground.) Samuel H. son of Adam & Keturah Pulley died Sept. 3, 1853 aged 5y.8m.21d, S/S with Adam, Keturah, John J., Mary and Thomas J. Samuel also had a separate stone, same information. Samuel R. son of S. & E. Pulley died Oct. 16, 1860 aged 1y.10m. Sary J. dau of J.J. & M. Pulley died Oct. 11, 1860 aged 6y.11d. S/S with Clerry E., Mary E. and James E. Silas A. 1857 - ____ "Father" S/S with Mary J. and Cary Thomas B. son of S. & E. Pulley died Feb. 26, 1845 aged 15y.2m. Thomas J. son of Adam & Keturah Pulley died Sept. 22, 1860 aged 8y.9m.4d. S/S with Adam, Keturah, John J., Mary and Samuel H. Rood, Rachel dau of G.H.D. & M. Rood died May 3, 1848 aged 2y.22d. Rowland, Infant son of R. & M.A. Rowland born & die Aug. 27, 1878 Mary Ann wife of R. Rowland Jan. 12, 1845 - Oct. 29, 1899 "Mother" "Gone but not forgotten." S/S with Reuben Reuben Oct. 25, 1841 - Apr. 16, 1900 "Father" S/S with Mary Ann Shull, Lindia Ann wife of Jacob Shull died Dec. 9, 1864 aged 20y.2m.25d. Thomas, Ann Eliza dau of Thomas & Susannah Thomas died Jan. 4, 1844 aged 6y.4m.28d. Tippy, Henderson died Oct. 26, 1872 aged 55y.5m.27d. S/S with Matilda Jane, Robison and Vashti James L. died June 22, 1895 aged 50y.2m.7d. Matilda Jane dau of H. & V. Tippy died Aug. 10, 1851 aged 1y.11m.21d. S/S with Henderson, Robison and Vashti Robison W. son of H. & V. Tippy died Nov. 12, 1866 aged 6y.4m.2d. S/S with Henderson, Matilda Jane and Vashti Vashti wife of Henderson Tippy died May 8, 1863 aged 40y.1m.8d. S/S with Henderson, Matilda Jane and Robison Webb, Thomas A. son of T. & J. Webb died May 4, 1862 aged 10y.3m.25d. Wine, George died Aug. 6, 1870 aged 83y.5m.3d. Keturah wife of George Wine died Oct. 9, 1846 aged 58y.1m. Wolff, Elizabeth wife of J. Wolff died May 7, 1895 aged 80y.1m.14d. Elizabeth C. dau of J. & E. Wolff died Mar. 30, 1871 aged 20y.3m.25d. George M. 1854 - 1911 Jeanette 1858 - 1889 Jonas died Dec. 15, 1874 aged 64y.27d. Unknown, 2 graves had metal markers that read "Unknown"

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