From the writings of Agnes Kendall, we have "Buckwheat" a friendly 
Indian.  The following was written by Agnes Kendall in the 1940's.	
	Jefferson Township has one of the "Lonely Graves".  Soon after the 
town of Marion had grown to be a village an Indian brave known to the 
villagers as "Buckwheat" made occasional visits to the town.  He put up his 
teepee and stayed until he had the urge to move.  In his wanderings he was 
taken sick and died.  Grant County History 1885 says, "Barren Creek crossed 
the road at John McWilson's.  Just on the north side, between the creek and 
the house is the grave of Buckwheat an Indian who lived on the Mississinewa 
in the early days."  pp 361.

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