A family cemetery containing evidence of only six burials may be found on the
old Barley farm.
	This site overlooks Lugar Creek as it nears its junction with the Mississinewa
River.  Three miles east of Marion on State Road #18 and one half mile south on the
Troyer Road is this fine old pioneer home.  It nestles in the shelter of a hill above the
creek.  Atop the hill are some shrubs and old trees where an orchard once grew.  To the
north-west of the orchard is the old family burying ground.
	The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's.
	I visited this cemetery in the fall of 1996.  I must say it was difficult to locate. 
One thing I want to say here is the Mississinewa River, as mentioned above, is more than
a mile and a half from this cemetery.  This property was, in 1990, in the hands of Irving
Brothers.  In 1990 they owned the north 80 acres of the original Barley Homestead.  The
part of the farm we are concerned with is the northeast 80 acres, the east 1/2 of the north
east 1/4 of Section 10 Twp. 24 N. Range 8 East.  This part of the Barley Homestead was
located on the southwest corner of Old State Rd. 18 and 400 E.  400 E. is referenced
above as the Troyer Road.  After several inquiries I was able to pinpoint the area this
cemetery was supposed to be in.  After my husband made two trips alone, back into this
rugged area trying to locate it, I decided to go along.  I was amazed at finding what had
apparently been the Barley Homestead.  Of course time and many other families after the
Barley's have erased, probably, all traces of them, but still many things were very old. 
Several small areas are fenced in with old pegged boards.  These pegged boards were
probably from the original Barley Homestead.  Evidence of the beginnings of Grant
County.  The corner posts were made of 12 inch hewed timbers.  Most of them were
rotting away, but it was quite a sight.  The old house that once stood there has burned
down, leaving only one very old brick wall and a newer chimney still standing. along
with newer concrete block walls.  Apparently this house had been built on to many times. 
There is now a basement under where the house once stood.  Someone had boarded up
portions of the house that were still standing after the fire, probably to keep stock from
falling into it.  Behind the house was a dug well, with limestone lining the walls.  There
was also an old cistern under what once was an eave of the house.  Several outbuildings
lay on the ground in decay.  Just north of this homestead, on higher ground, had been an
old orchard.  There are no signs of any fruit trees there now.  Just north of this orchard
and across what appears to be an old road, perhaps 500 feet, on higher ground, was where
I found the old stones.  From the reading you can see only 2 were found and one base. 
From Grant County History books we find that Henry Barley moved from this farm in
1869, when he bought the old Conners Mill.  So from 1838 (his time of settlement) until
1869 many graves could have been here.  One source says he, with his brother A.R.
Barley, came with their father, Conrad Barley.  I have not found where the father was
	The base I found, was for a much larger stone than the two I found.  I feel it was
probably for Catherine Snyder, wife of Jacob Snyder.  These stones were by a pile of
field stones, near an old fence that seems to just stop at this point.  I also found a roll of
fence wire rolled up that had a scalloped top on it.  This may have once been around this
cemetery.  The DAR says the cemetery was northwest of the orchard, but this would have
been impossible because to the northwest of the orchard is a very deep and wide ravine. 
The stones may have been moved to this location, from somewhere else on this old farm. 
There is no way of knowing that now.
	I have included a detailed map of the farm, as I found it in1996.  Hopefully in
another 50 years others will be able to find where this family plot was once located.

	*Denotes a stone not found at this time.

	Jacob son of Jacob & Mary Barley died Jan. 18, 1856 aged 21y.9m.30d.
*	Louisa died April 28, 1845 aged 20 days.
	Mary E. dau of G.W. & M. Barley died Oct. 25, 1860 aged 4y.7m.27d.
*	Matilda dau of Henry & Mary Barley died Sep. 9, 1847 aged 8m.27d.
*	Catherine wife of Jacob Snyder died Apr. 7, 1860 aged 72y.
		"She was a member of the Lutheran Church."

Sheila's Barley Map

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