"Jefferson Christian or the Hog Creek Church was organized in 1845." page 368 History of Grant Co. 1885. "The church lot and graveyard were conveyed by James B. Neal and Joseph Day." page 400. (Same book.) This church lot and cemetery are across the road from each other a mile west and a little north of Upland in Section #4 of Jefferson Township. About twenty or more years later a cemetery plot was laid out on the same side of the road and to the west of the church building. The old cemetery has the graves of many of the early settlers of this township. It is seldom used of late years and has an over-growth of vines and grass. Names such as Bugher, Jacks, Ballinger and Troxell are connected in the interesting history of this township. The above was written by the DAR in the 1940's. The cemetery is kept mowed fairly well now. But one can simply look around and see that many stones are missing from this cemetery. Footstones are everywhere without headstones near them. Many of these I pulled up to make sure that they were really footstones, then I slipped them back in their respective holes. I spent a great deal of time in this cemetery because so much of it was out of line. It was hard to keep track of where you were. I was well pleased to find most of what the DAR listed as well as approx. 55 more stones. The earliest burial I found was Phillip Michel son of Wm. A. & Emily Michel. He died Sept. 15, 1841 aged 1y.2m.18d. Another interesting thing here is the fact that 30 years later when Wm. A. died he spelled his name Mitchell. Wm. A. and Emily are buried behind their two sons Phillip and Andrew. I found this more than once in this cemetery. Shumaker - Shoemaker was another example, Ballenger - Ballinger was another one, and also Troxel - Troxell - Troxtell. Many people don't realize that in most cases, such as these, they are of the same family. Only years of being in America changed the way they spoke as well as the way they spelled their names. Maybe this is what is called being 'Americanized.' The latest burial I found was Laura J. Fanning 1861 - 1926 wife of Samuel Fanning. Fisherbucks were not found in this cemetery. I'm not sure what really happened in this case, but I was looking around in Jefferson Cemetery which is right across the road and there they were, all three of them. Maybe they were moved or possibly a mistake was made. They are with many other Fisherbucks - Fisherbocks. If they were moved to Jefferson the records in the Jones Funeral Home, Upland, Indiana, may show this. *Denotes a stone not found at this time.

Ballinger/Hog Creek Cemetery

Adamson, Phebe wife of John Adamson died Feb. 10, 1863 aged 41y.11m.8d. Antrim, Joseph T. died June 26, 1893 aged 65y.9d. Mary M. wife of C.J. Antrim died May 8, 1877 aged 33y.2m.9d. Ballenger, David died May 5, 1842 aged 28y.9m.12d. Huston "Co. H 118 Ind. Inf." Ballinger, Achsah wife of Jesse Ballinger died June 12, 1843 aged 33y.4m.4d. Amanda dau of John W. & Malinda A. Aug. 8, 1857 - Aug. 31, 1869 S/S with John W. & Malinda A. Cary son of Isaac & E. Ballinger died Mar. 17, 1861 aged 3y.4m.14d. "Sleep on sweet babe And take thy rest God called the home He thought it best." Charity S. wife of H. Ballinger died Feb. 28, 1882 aged 27y.4m.11d. Eber son of D. & M.J. Ballinger died Sept. 27, 1875 aged 6m.2d. Elizabeth wife of I. Ballinger Dec. 13, 1827 - Sept. 14, 1892 Glenn son of H. & E. Ballinger died Sept. 8, 1893 aged 14y.8m.7d. Gracie dau of H. & E. Ballinger died May 25, 1898 aged 16y.7m.21d. Hustan son of J.W. & M. Ballinger died Aug. 12, 1852 aged 2m.10d. Infant dau of J.D. & M.J. Ballinger born & died Feb. 4, 1859 Isaac Feb. 29, 1820 - Aug. 2, 1881 "Rest in Peace." James died May 24, 1874 aged 78y.21d. Jesse "Co. F 34th Ind. Inf." John A. son of J.F. & P.A. Ballinger died Apr. 13, 1879 aged 21y.6m.29d. John W. Nov. 1, 1825 - Feb. 25, 1901 S/S with Malinda & Amanda Joseph son of J.W. & M. Ballinger died Jan. 6, 1843 aged 6y.2m.2d. Joseph May 3, 1796 - Jan. 5, 1865 "Pvt. 4 Ind. Militia War of 1812" Malinda A. wife of J.W. Ballinger July 9, 1835 - Jan. 20, 1901 S/S with John W. & Amanda Martha Jane wife of David Ballinger died Apr. 3, 1875 aged 31y.11m.3d. Louvina E. dau of I. & E. Ballinger June 20, 1868 - Aug. 16, 1888 Levi son of J.W. & M. Ballinger died June 30, 1863 aged 3y.9m.16d. Lewis M. son of J. & N. Ballinger died Feb. 24, 1865 "Drowned in Mississinewa River" "Mourn not for me it is in vain Or call me to your sight again." Tamer M. Scot dau of James & Nancy Ballinger died Dec. 29, 1882 aged 24y.2m.1d. Triplets Effie dau of J. & T.W. Ballinger died July 20, 1869 aged 12 days Elda dau of J. & T.W. Ballinger died July 10, 1869 aged 24 hours Etta dau of J. & T.W. Ballinger died July 25, 1869 aged 17 days (All three girls on one stone.) Benson, Ida E. dau of J.E. & M.C. Benson died Dec. 15, 1873 aged 2y.13d. Mary C. wife of J.E. Benson died May 28, 1878 aged 27y.1m.8d. Bowers, Infant dau of S.H. & S.A. Bowers died ___ (This stone was broken and part of it was missing.) James N. 1855 - 1914 John G. 1858 - 1925 Noah died Sept. 15, 1854 aged 60y.7m.6d. Phebe wife of Noah Bowers died June 14, 1855 aged 68y.9m.9d. Samuel L. son of S.H. & S. Bowers died Dec. 1, 1870 aged 19y.8m. Samuel H. died June 6, 1892 aged 73y.10m.25d. S/S with Sarah A. Sarah A. wife of Samuel H. Bowers died Feb. 3, 1902 aged 72y.3m.12d. S/S with Samuel H. * Sarah died Sept. 15, 1854 aged 60y.8m.3d. Reason C. died Oct. 31, 1870 aged 21y.2m. Brooks, Sam'l "Co. F 34th Ind. Inf." Brumfiel, Sarah Violia Eliza Ann dau of J. & L. Brumfiel died Feb. 18, 1879 aged 18y.1m.24d. Bugher, Ida Dora dau of J. & M. Bugher died Oct. 7, 1866 aged 10m.5d. Infant son of J. & M. Bugher born & died Jan. 21, 1865 Cole, Allie (No dates.) Child of ___ & ___ Cole died Sept. 17, 1867 aged 11m.17d. (This stone was badly weathered and illegible.) Phillip L. (No dates.) Walter W. Jan. 10, 1884 - Mar. 22, 1894 Conelley, Infant dau of J. & E. Conelley died Dec. 31, 1875 aged 2 months Fanning, Albert 1890 - 1892 Diana B. 1884 - 1892 Emma (Fanning) Slagle 1876 - 1898 "Mother" Laura J. 1861 - 1926 S/S with Samuel Samuel 1853 - 1899 S/S with Laura J. Fannon, Ety Jane dau of J.M. & M.E. Fannon died Sept. 13, 1873 aged 1y.11m.22d. Fisherbuck, Benjamin F. Feb. 4, 1815 - Dec. 28, 1882 * Christian July 24, 1819 - Aug. 3, 1881 * Frederick born 1817 died Jan. 5, 1892 * Henriette Apr. 20, 1820 - July 11, 1891 (NOTE: Only a hand made footstone was found with the initials F.F. The stone was made out of cement and cut glass. But even more interesting is the fact that all three of the people marked with an asterisk are buried in the Jefferson Cemetery right across the road.) S.C. Nov. 29, 1833 - July 22, 1901 Graves, Christopher C. son of Wm. & Sarah Graves died Mar. 15, 1857 aged 2y.10m.21d. (Stone broken - buried right beside it.) Sarah wife of Wm. Graves died Apr. 10, 1860 aged 40y.4m.20d. Vilindia dau of Wm. & Sarah Graves died Feb. 8, 1847 aged 1day Gurrens, Elizabeth wife of James S. Gurrens died July 8, 1872 aged 71y.9m.4d. Haines, Clara B. died Apr. 25, 1882 aged 20y.7m.12d. S/S with Lucetta A. & Eugene Eugene died Oct. 29, 1860 aged 23days S/S with Clara B. & Lucetta A. Lucetta A. died Sept. 21, 1866 aged 10y.11m.18d. S/S with Clara B. & Eugene Hodson, Hester wife of Samuel Hodson died July 30, 1872 aged 70y.2m.15d. Samuel died Oct. 12, 1866 aged 65 years Hollingsworth, Mary J. wife of Cyrus Hollingsworth died Jan. 26, 1883 aged 39y.11m.11d. Hoover, Infant children of S.G.H. & M.E. Hoover died July 12, 1874 Huffman, Allen "Co. I 118 Ind. Inf." William died May 6, 1879 aged 50y.9m.25d. Jacks, Hester wife of J. Jacks died Dec. 6, 1897 aged 74y.5m.26d. Jeremiah died Mar. 11, 1890 aged 70y.7m.17d. John died Mar. 20, 1860 aged 91y.6m.23d. Phebe wife of John Jacks died Dec. 30, 1853 aged 71y.4m.14d. Jackson, Amy M. dau of L.M. & A. Jackson died Oct. 16, 1870 aged 2m.22d. Jadden, Elizabeth C. wife of Wm. Jadden died Sept. 30, 1883 aged 71y.2m. Joseph D. son of Wm. & E.C. Jadden died June 14, 1884 aged 30y.6m.25d. William died Apr. 24, 1875 aged 65y.9m.5d. (All three names on same stone.) Johnson, Elizabeth dau of John & Mary Ann Johnson died Mar. 9, 1849 aged 4y.4m.28d. Infant dau of James & Elizabeth Johnson died July 1, 1851 aged 15 days Infant son of James & Elizabeth Johnson died Aug. 22, 1854 (Age was illegible.) James son of John & Mary A. Johnson died Mar. 19, 1849 aged 6y.11m. John died Sept. 24, 1845 aged 26y.6m.10d. John H. died Mar. 29, 1882 aged 36y.2m.17d. Lacy Ann dau of James & Elizabeth Johnson died Jan. 29, 1860 aged 7y.5m.20d. Lena dau of J.H. & M. Johnson died Aug. 23, 1881 aged 3m.2d. Mary E. dau of J. & E. Johnson died June 15, 1862 aged 2y.6m.3d. Keever, Daniel C. died Mar. 18, 1895 aged 78y.8m.15d. Eliza A. dau of D.C. & J.R. Keever died Dec. 27, 1858 aged 12y.9m.11d. Eliza J.R. wife of D.C. Keever died Sept. 12, 1876 aged 57y.7m.24d. (All three names on one large stone.) Kidner, J.W. "Co. I 57 Ind. Inf." Priscilla wife of R. Kidner died Mar. 4, 1876 aged 55y.11m.18d. Rubin died Mar. 28, 1870 aged 61y.5m.10d. "This body lies beneath the sod It's gentle spirit rest with God." S.M. 1841 - 1887 Kirkwood, Anna J. dau of S.D. & S.E. Kirkwood died Apr. 12, 1892 aged 8y.5m.21d. Mirven F. son of S.D. & S.E. Kirkwood died Nov. 16, 1886 aged 1y.1m. Lane, Sarah E. (Randolph) 1846 - 1919 Leonard, George W. died Dec. 24, 1871 aged 66y.16d. Infant son of G.W. & H. Leonard born & died Apr. 11, 1850 Long, Jas. M. "Co. I 59th Ind. Inf." Looker, Elizabeth A. wife of Thomas Looker died Sept. 18, 1887 aged 78y.5m.16d. S/S with Thomas Lieucretia A. died Feb. 16, 1867 aged 18y.9m.15d. Rachel wife of Wm. Looker died July 30, 1854 aged 66y.9m.3d. Rachel J. died Jan. 19, 1871 aged 33y.5m.27d. "Beneath this stone her ashes rest Whose memory fills my aching breast." Thomas died Aug. 11, 1858 aged 55y.11m.20d. S/S with Elizabeth A. W.H. "Co. F 89th Ind. Inf." McCaffrey, John J. son of O. & S.J. McCaffrey died Apr. 11, 1870 aged 15 months McCoy, Mary wife of G.M. McCoy died Aug. 4, 1859 aged 43y.7m. McCrieght, Mary A. dau of Robert & Mary McCrieght died Jan. 18, 1868 aged 11m.11d. Michel, Andrew son of William A. & Emily Michel died May 7, 1846 aged 17y.5d. Phillip son of William & Emily Michel died Sept. 15, 1841 aged 1y.2m.18d. (This is the oldest stone in this cemetery, and also very weather worn and hard to read. Note spelling of the names in these two readings. Listed below is the parents of these two boys, 30 to 40 years later. See how the spelling changed Michel/Mitchell) Mitchell, Emily wife of William Mitchell died July 21, 1888 aged 79 years Wm. A. died Jan. 6, 1871 aged 63y.6m.11d. Moore, Electa wife of James A. Moore July 22, 1845 - June 1, 1910 "Blessed are the pure in heart." "at rest" James A. "Co. K 130th Ind. Inf." Samantha E. wife of J.A. Moore died May 11, 1881 aged 41y.3m.10d. Morman, Minnie E. Apr. 16, 1874 - June 10, 1890 William I. Aug. 7, 1876 - Jan. 25, 1890 Morris, James died May 18, 1876 aged 57 years Myers, * Lucinda May 9, 1829 - June 9, 1907 * Thomas Feb. 24, 1818 - Nov. 27, 1902 (Lucinda and Thomas are buried in the Jefferson Cemetery just across the road. They were evidently moved after the DAR read in the 1940's.) Newport, Daniel 1825 - 1893 Infant son of C. & C. Newport (No dates.) John F. 1855 - 1876 Oliver D. 1860 - 1861 Perlina 1832 - 1909 Niccum, Infant of Charles & Amanda Niccum died June 20, 1855 aged 11 days Martha Ann wife of Peter Niccum died Oct. 18, 1853 aged 63 years Oliver, Christina wife of Winburn Oliver died Sept. 6, 1886 aged 65y.1m.19d. Lydia J. dau of W. & C. Oliver died Mar. 18, 1886 aged 26y.11m.6d. Winburn died Feb. 4, 1885 aged 69y.10m.12d. Poorman, Infant son of J.A. & H.V. Poorman died July 19, 1880 Infant dau of J.A. & H.V. Poorman died July 10, 1880 Randolph, Alonzo N. son of J. & S.E. Randolph died May 2, 1880 aged 3y.8m. Jacob died Apr. 2, 1880 aged 40y.21d. Oliver G. died June 12, 1888 aged 21y.7m.22d. Sarah E. (Randolph) Lane 1846 - 1919 William L. son of J. & S.E. Randolph died Feb. 18, 1881 aged 6y.4m.17d. Roberds, Elizabeth E. dau of E. & A. Roberds died Oct. 11, 1885 aged 19y.9m.4d. Roberts, Bessie dau of J.T. & Alva Roberts 1903 - 1904 Shoemaker, Alexander T. son of B. & E. Shoemaker died Feb. 23, 1883 aged 38y.3m.13d. Bazzell died Dec. 23, 1881 aged 69 years Shumaker, William P. son of B. & E. Shumaker died Mar. 1, 1862 aged 22y.15d. Scot, Tamer M. (Ballinger) dau of James & Nancy Ballinger died Dec. 29, 1882 aged 24y.2m.1d. Slagle, Emma (Fanning) 1876 - 1898 "Mother" Smith, James died Apr. 30, 1859 aged 55y.5m.20d. John son of James & Mary Smith died Nov. 21, 1844 aged 13 years Mary wife of James Smith died Sept. 2, 1863 aged 65y.6m.8d. Snyder, Amanda E. dau of J. & N.J. Snyder died Jan. 31, 1863 aged 11 months Swoard, Sarah E. dau of Samuel & Hariat Swoard died Jan. 20, 1860 aged 4y.2d. Troxel, William A. died Feb. 4, 1885 aged 49y.7m.4d. Troxell, David died May 8, 1851 aged 38y.11m.14d. Lida C. dau of W. A. & S.J. Troxell died Oct. 20, 1874 aged 3y.9m.15d. Sarah Jane wife of Wm. A. Troxell died Dec. 17, 1875 aged 34y.1m.17d. Sarah Jane and Lida C. are on the same stone. Troxtell, Marion "Co. F 34th Ind. Inf." Vickers, Emma L. Apr. 16, 1899 - Jan. 21, 1900 William "Co. K 1 Ohio Inf." Walker, John died July 2, 1845 aged 36y.9m.13d. Williams, Isaac M. son of ___ died Oct. 11, 1860 aged 3y.9m.17d. (Stone was weathered and illegible.) Wright, Catherine wife of Robert Wright died Nov. 28, 1885 aged 70y.8m.13d. John T. son of A. & E.J. Wright died Mar. 4, 1876 aged 24y.2m.27d. "at rest" Robert died Feb. 12, 1895 aged 79y.27d. Robert E. son of A. & E.J. Wright died Sept. 24, 1855 aged 5m.18d. Note: Two footstones were found with the initials of F.V. & E.V. Another footstone was found with the initials R.M. I found one stone, so badly weathered, that only the first name was legible. William S. son of ___ died ___ aged ___ (He appears to be a child because it's a smaller stone with a lamb on the top.)

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