Following are two articles depicting a cemetery once at 5th and Gallatin Street, in Marion, Ind.. No name for this cemetery was given in the articles or any clue as to who may have been buried there. I did find two other references to this cemetery, one calling it the "City Cemetery" and another stating it had been moved to the Boots Cemetery on the 3rd and 4th street hill. One other item of interest I found was in the DAR readings of the IOOF Cemetery. This stone stands alone on the corner of 5th and Boots Street in Marion. The grave of "Phebe wife of Samuel Gray died May 28, 1859 aged 35y.1m.23d." I can now find no one who remembers what happened to that stone or of it ever being there. But I seem to vaguely remember my mother telling about it. She may have known of its existence because the lady was a Gray and that is my mother's maiden name.


MARION WEEKLY CHRONICLE Nov. 28, 1872 Vol. 6 No. 48 pg.3 Col. 1


There was once a little burying ground near the corner of Fifth and Gallatin streets, and the cutting for the improvement of the latter street discloses where there was once a grave. All the bodies that were buried there were removed save perhaps three.


   I must assume that when these people were removed from this cemetery, something was printed in the newspaper. But our copies of early newspapers only go back to 1867, presuming this move was made before this date. Note the article states all the bodies were moved save perhaps three. I wander why these three were not moved, and why they evidently were forgotten until the improvement of the street. The next article appeared almost a year later.


MARION WEEKLY CHRONICLE Aug. 14, 1873 Vol. 7 No. 33 pg. 3 Col. 2

As Mr. John Dugan was caving in the earth in filling the gravel pit on Gallatin street, on Wednesday he discovered partial remains of a human body--the bones of the skull and teeth. A little spot at that place was once used as a burying ground. All the bodies except three were moved years ago.


This is all I found about the cemetery that once stood where the Presbyterian Mance now stands on Gallatin Street.

...Sheila Watson - Oct.1996

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