Will Book A

Index to Abstracts

Gibson County,


Abstracts from WILL BOOK A for Gibson County, Indiana, 1813-1818, compiled by the late Paul Stewart.

This information is made available courtesy of Don Hoke and the Gibson County Historical Society.
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Estate of:
Adams, John
Adams, Sarah "Sally"
Alexander, William
Brenton, Wlliam
Brooks, Dabney
Cannon, William
Catt, Solomon
Clark, Braselton
Coleman, Page
Crow, James
Decker, Joseph
Douglas, John
Embree, Joshua
Fields, Cain
Fisher, Daniel
Foster, Isiah
Foster, Josiah
Gaylord, Thomas
Goodwin, John
Grissom, John W
Hickman, Clement
Hogue, Samuel, Sr.
Holcomb, Asa
Ingram, Allen
Johnson, George
Johnson, John
Jones, George W
Kennedy, William
Key, Bennett
Key, Simon
Kirk, Henry
Lyons, Charles P
Mangram, William
McMillian, James
Montgomery, Robert
Neely, Thomas
Nixon, Joseph
Patterson, Babtist
Putman, Daniel
Robinson, James
Sherrill, Levi
Skelton, James
Slaven, Robert
Sterrit, John
Taylor, Jacob
Thomas, Michael
Warrick, Eleanor
Wells, Edward
Woods, James

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