Documents Proving  Land Titles

Gibson County,


Compiled documents relating to proof of land titles.

(Most of the documents were assembled in the 1920's, but often refer to events from much earlier.  There is a tremendous amount of detail referring to proof of family relationships.)

This information is made available courtesy of Don Hoke and the Gibson County Historical Society.


Landon Kell, being first duly sworn on his oath deposes and says, that he was personally acquainted with Matilda Mangrum, widow of John N. Mangrum, deceased, and Mary C. Epperson, Sophronia E. Boren, Olive Alice Mangrum, Millie E. Mangrum, Sarah F. Mangrum, and Josie Mangrum, children of John N. Mangrum, he was personally acquainted with Matilda Mangrum, Mary C. Epperson, David A. Epperson, Sophronia Boren, Emelia Mangrum, and Josephine Mangrum, who on the 19th day of January, 1891, executed a deed of conveyance to Alice Ackman for lands in Gibson County Indiana, and he positively knows that at the time of executing said deed of conveyance the said Matilda Mangrum, was a widow and the said Mary C. Epperson was a married woman and the David A. Epperson who joined in deed of conveyance was at the time... is the husband of Mary C. Epperson, and that the said Millie E. Mangrum is the same person as Emelia Mangrum, and that Sarah F. Mangrum and Josie Mangrum were each of them single and unmarried at the time of executing said deed of conveyance, and that the said Alice Ackman is the same person as Olive Alice Mangrum herein first named. Signed Landon Kell Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 6th day of March, 1926 signed Charles W. Benton, Notary Public.

Olive Alice Mangrum intermarried with William H. Ackman December 17, 1890. Marriage record No.8, page 16. 

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