INGenWeb Ideas

Many of us do not reside near the counties we coordinate. Below are some ideas for things a non-resident County Coordinator can research and add to their site(s). When using materials collected from other sources be sure to cite your source and give credit to the person/people or organization from which the materials were gathered.
Vintage Postcards - Do a Google search for vintage postcards from your county. Many can be found, particularly on online auction sites where postcards are often posted for sale.

Google Books - Google Books contains many historical books for various counties. Biographies, geographical and historical information, etc. can be found and copied to our sites.

Public Library websites - See the Research links page for information and do a Google search as well. Lots of libraries have historical and genealogical information on their websites.

Facebook and other social media - Some counties have had tremendous luck using Facebook to connect with researchers and others interested in county history and genealogy.