Contributor: Harold Clupper of Pennsylvania

The following is a transcription of the journal of Jerome (born James) Wiley, 1822-1894.[4,5].
Mr. Wiley made no entries in his journal from about the time  of his marriage to Maria Hawkins in 1848 until the marriage of his daughter Caroline in 1879.

Many of the folks mentioned in the journal are from the  Northwestern quarter of Franklin County, IN.
NOTE: Illegible entries are underlined “___” and  best guesses and material from other sources are enclosed in brackets “[ ]”.

Page 1: (assigned by transcriber) [1,3]
Thomas C. Clark died the 8th of September, 1841.
James Potts died the 8th of September, 1841.
Pheby Jinks died the 9th of September, 1841.
Thomas J. White’s wife died September the 10th, 1841.
Samuel Lockwood died the 24th of September, 1842.
Pheby Hamilton died the 24th of September, 1843.
Joseph Weston senior died the 27th of November, 1843.
Harrison Deford died the 6th of March, 1842.
Robeson Hackleman’s son Jacob died 24th of February, 1842.
David Bowers and Sarah Evans was married the 29th
          of February eighteen hundred and forty four.
Amos Ailes was born 12th of September, 1821.
John Kirk and Angeline Henderson was married the
          tenth of March eighteen hundred and forty four.
On the morning of the 18th of March the snow was four
          inches deep here Franklin county, Indiana, 1844.
Page 2:
March the 24th 1844 Mr. Sanford Lipscom [and]
          Melvina Maria Davis Davison was married this day.
          [Sanford Lipscomb, Melvina Davidson][2]
          Yellow breeches is in mourning and butternut is rejoicing
          and Sandy is happy glory hallaluja. Written by a friend.
Miss Cupp died the 24th of March 1844 the old woman of all the Cupp tribe.
Mr. David Weston started to moove to Arkansas. Rachel and Sarah Brison went with
          him they started from here the 5th of April 1844.
Burgess Wells died July the third, 1844.
June the 30th, 1844. Mr. William Bean and Mr. Samuel Snider was drowned in
          White water today.
James Gobles child died July the 23rd, 1844.
Dr. John L. Wiley died the 23rd of July, 1844 aged 44 yrs.
Maryane Goble died the 27th of July, 1844.
John Crists wife died the first of August 1844.
George Wilson died the 31st of August, 1844 age 82 years & 7 days.
Andrew Murrays two children a girl and boy was
          drowned the seventeenth of September 1844.
Maranda, John Hendricksen wife died died the 14th of Jan, 1845.
Mary Harley and James Colter was married the 23rd
          of January Eighteen hundred and fortyfive.
          [James Coulter, Mary Hartley, 21 JAN 1845][2]
Katharine Wallace and William W. Watts was
          married the twenty third of January, 1845.
          [Catherine Jane Wallace, William Watts][2]
John Osborn and Nancy Evans was married
          the 27th of February  1845.
One thousand dollar circumstance took place the 9th of Mar.
Levi Gifford died the 4th of April, 1845.
Wm. W. W. and K. W. parted the 29th of March, 1845.
William Tomas and Katherine Henderson was married
          on the fourth of May Eighteen hundred and forty five.
          [William W. Thomas, Catherine Henderson][2]
Ralph A. Wildridge and Sarah Hawkins was
married the fifteenth of May, 1845.
Page 3:
Charles Pursel was drowned the 3rd of May, 1845.
W. W. Watts and Katherine Watts got together this 11th day
          of June Eighteen hundred and forty five.
Spencer [Wiley?] went to missori or started the 20th of July, 1845.
Miss Prite died the 17th of September, 1845.
Thompson Enyart died the 19th of September, 1845.
Giles Davis and Lovisa Jinks was married the first
          of October Eighteen hundred and forty five.
          [Louisa Jenks][2]
William Simenson was killed the [blank] day of Sep. 1845.
Jarome Wiley went to missori October the 20th, 1845.
James Colter’s young one was buried the 22nd of November, 1845.
David Bowers was found dead in a canal lock November
          the 23rd Eighteen hundred and forty five.
Mr. James Goble and Maryane Warren was married
          27th of November Eighteen hundred and forty five.
          [James B. Goble, Mary Jane Warren][2]
John Wiley, M. [J?]. Williams and myself got back from
          Arkansas the 22nd of January, 1846.
          Milburn started home the 27th of January, 1846.
Jane Harley died Jan the 29th 1846 wife of J. C. Harley.
John C. Harley died March the 5th, 1846 35 days after his wife.
Mathew S. Biggs was married to Sarah Brison the
          29th of January Eighteen hundred and forty six.
James Murray was married to Eveline Elson the 29th
          of January Eighteen hundred and forty six.
Katherine W. Watts cub was born and died the 10th or 11th
          of February Eighteen hundred and forty six.
[Irah?] Herald was married to Cintha Miller the 22nd of March, 1846.
          [Ira Herrel, Cynthia Ann Miller][2]
Alexander [Elwill?] and a step daughter of Jacob Miller
          was married the 22nd of March, 1846.
          [Alexander Elwell, Mary Caroline Ivinger, 19 MAR 1846][2]
Leonidas Gordon was married to Julia Pond April the 9th, 1846.
          [Leonidas Fordon, Julia Ann Pond][2]
Enyart’s boy died the 16th of April, 1846.
Old miss Wilson died the 24th of May, 1846.
Adam Shafer died the 8th of January, 1847.
James Scofield died the 22nd of January, 1847.
Urban Edgerton died the 29th of January 1847.
Sarah Wildride died the 16th of February, 1847.
Page 4:
David P. Johnson died the 13th of November 1846.
Mary Miller, Daniel Miller’s wife died the 23rd of January, 1847.
Daniel Miller was married to Jane Barkess May the 9th 1847.
          [Mary Jane Barcus][2]
Jahuhu Ailes was born May the 28th, 1819.
Charlette Wiley was born the 11th of February, 1847. Bakers Charlette.
Thomas Weston got back from Arkansas April the 15th, 1847.
Valentine Ricketts died May the 4th, 1847.
Maryanne Ricketts died the 10th of June, 1847.
Andrew Ferris was married to Almira Davis the 24th of June, 1947.
Dave Plug and Priss Cook was married the 24th of June 1847.
          [David Smith, Priscilla Cook
Andrew J. Ross was married to [blank] Croudy June the 27th, 1847.
          [Mary Ann Croddy][2]
June the 25th we began to cut wheat 1847.
Jacob Ricketts died the 30th of June 1847.
America Ricketts died the 16th of July 1847.
Ephraim Williams was married to Elizabeth Parker September the 18th, 1845.
Enos Williams was married to Katherine Ludington the
          23rd of July, 1846.
John Wiley was married to Anne Allen September the 9th, 1847.
John Seniour was married to America Power September the 9th, 1847.
          [John Senour, Jr.][2]
Calvin Vale was married to Abigale Ailes October 12th 1847.
Hugh Abercrombie was married to Malinda Deford November
          the 25th, 1847.
Robert H. Jinks was married to Mary Wilson December the 30th, 1847.
          [Robert H. Jenks, Mary E. Willson, Rush Co.][2]
Ruthanne Lockwood died the 11th of February 1848.
Robert H.. Lowe died the 11th of November, 1847.
James Goble’s child died the 24th of February, 1848.
Clinton Roberts was married to Amanda Rhudisille the
          April the 16th 1848.
          [Clinton T. Roberts, Lucinda Rudicel][2]
The Rev. Daniel Conner was married to Rachel Holland the
          16th day of April, 1848.
John Crist, David L. Harley and their families started to
          move to Iowa the 14th of March 1848.
Samuel Cupp started to move to Iowa the 9th of May 1848.
David Barber was married to Katherine Hite Jan the 20th 1848.
The Rev. Joel Anderson was married to Susannah Simpson Jan the 16th, 1848.
The rev dog fi_c__ Mr. Bryant Seniour was married to
          Mary Brison April the 20th, 1848. O. Ho thats the game.
Page 5:
April 7th, 1850 Elizabeth was born last night. Daughter of Bryant and
          Mary Seniour.
John Wildridge died the 25th of April 1848, aged 66yrs.
Alexander Power died the 15th of May, 1848.
John Senior’s boy died the 13th of May, 1848.
William Chapman was married to Orleafy Ann Evans.
 May the seventeenth Eighteen hundred and forty eight.
          [William M. Chapman, Orlefa Ann Evans, 18 MAY 1848][2]
John and Maria Holland was drowned in Salt creek
          May the 20th, 1848. children of William and Rachel Holland.
Peter Warren was married to Daine? Cook June the 30th, 1848.
Peter Kahl was married to Catharine Hunsinger June the
          30th Eighteen hundred and forty eight.
          [31 MAY 1840][2]
Caroline Wiley and Edgar Ohair was married December 6th, 1879.
James M. Ailes and Delilah Loffland was married February 19th, 1879.
Elizabeth Ailes and Adonijah Wiley was married February 27th, 1879.
George Furrer was killed by Andrew George March 6th, 1879.
          Struck him with a stone on the temple on the night of February 28th, 1879.
Allonzo Lockwood’s wife died March 7th, 1879. Her name before she
          was married was Wane or Wayne.
Coburn Murry and Anna Johnson was married November [blank].
William Wilson & Jennie Ford Jeff Fords girl was married
          They live near Osborn in Osborn county Kansas.
March 22nd 1879 Lewis Rarridon was drowned at Brookville
          in the canal or the hydraulic last night near the pulp mill.
March 27th, 1879 Luther R. Carzwill died at 8 oclock this morning
          aged sixty six years and eleven days.
March 26th 1879 Marion Mole and his family started
          to move to Decatur Alabama. His father and mother went with him.
March 31st 1879. Charles Personett got his left hand cut
          off with an edging saw today.
April 3rd 1879 it snowed last night and is verry cold this morning.
April 18th 1879. Rufus Brown and Rachael Lamont (nie) Lockwood started to orregon.
March 22nd 1879 old man James M. Pratt died this morning
          and is to be taken to Kentucky to be buried.
March 13th. Maggie Long oldest daughter of Elhaman
          Wiley died today near Decatur Sangamon County Illinois
May 22nd. Bart Wilson died today he was a prominent lawyer of Greensburg
          Decatur Co., Ind.
Page 6:
May 26th 1879. Mrs Doctor Rogers died this morning at 4 oclock.
May 26th 1879 Salt creek washed my sawmill away Broke it all to pieces.
June 5th 1879 Morris Brown got killed to in cutting down a tree.
June 6th got my sawmill boiler out of Salt creek and home
           July 30th, 1879.
July 31st 1879. Peter Kline’s wife a sister to Isabell Adams died today.
July 31st 1879 Christopher Cupp’s wife died today with lockjaw caused by stepping
          on a nail and running it in her foot.
August the first. Daniel Stone? died today with consumption.
August 5th, 1879. John Jink’es little girl died today with the flux.
August 4th 1879. David Schwartz’es child died today.
August 3rd. Jack Adams was taked sick today with bleeding of the lungs
August 11th, 1879. John Jinks’es babe named William died today.
August the 8th, 1879. Laura Wiley was brought to Gale Hildreths this evening
          by Lina and Edgar Ohair. Reported to be in bad condition.
August 13th, 1879. Benjamin Maples chilld died today.
August 19th 1879, Emmy Cloud died today Daughter of Jesse Cloud.
          Disease Consumption.
August 1st, 1879. Anne Wiley widow of my brother John died today.
          She died 8 or 9 miles below Ottumwa Wappello County, Iowa.
January 1st 1875. My brother John Wiley died today. he died one mile
          east of Westplains Howell county, Missouri.
August 23rd, 1879. Alfred Seniours got hurt badly by a horse running away today.
James Wiley my father died the 25th of November, 1872 aged 79, 11m, & 11dy.
Elizabeth Wiley my mother died January 31st 1872 aged 80 years & 11 months.
August 29th 1879, Alfred Seniour died at eleven oclock PM today
August 30th 1879. Mrs Ruth Brison wife of Hugh Brison Sen. died at 6 oclock this morning.
September 6th 1878. John Wilson shot Nathaniel Jinkens last night.
September 22nd 1879. Jacob Hunsinger commenced to hull clover seed for me today.
September 24th 1879. Joab Fendrick died last night. He did live near Metamora.
September 25th 1879. Hezekiah Fowler got killed in a circular sawmill yesterday
          by raising up under the saw while it was running. It split his head open.
September 15th, 1879. Joseph Rudman died today in point coupee?
          Parish Louisana. He was a native of Brookville Franklin Co., Ind.
September 29th 1879, Mr. Joseph Goudy died this morning at J. R. Goodwins in
          Brookville Franklin Co., Indiana.
Page 7:
October 3rd, 1879. Jacob Molson died today at 3 oclock A. M.
January 1st, 1875. John Wiley died at 6 oclock A. M. in Howell county
          Missouri near West Plaines the county seat. He was James Wiley’s senior son.
October 1st, 1879. I got John Wiley my brother’s likeness enlarged today.
October 1st, 1879. I got my children Mary Elizabeth & Sarah Wiley pictures enlarged.
October 28th, 1879. [blank] Brock died todayor night at 9 oclock.
October 31st, Potty or John Patterson died today 1879.
November 19th 1879. Robert Powers died at 8 oclock this morning. He
          was a noted lawyer of Laurel Franklin county Ind.
          Drunkennes was the cause of his death.
November 26th 1879. Mary Perrin died with lockjaw caused by
          falling on a mowed off weed stub. It stuck in the corner of her eyebrow
          it had got well to all appearances.
November 28th, 1879. Lyman Alley died today with consumption.
November 20th, 1879. Joshua Patterson’s widow died today. She was verry old.
January 17th, 1880. Laura Wiley had a child born today.
January 20th, 1880. Laura Wiley’s child died today so Celia
          Arnold informed me by C. H. Alfred the business man of Fayette Co., Ind.
January 24th, 1880. William Frank died today. A furniture man dealer of Brookville.
January 30th, 1880. Wilson Trusler died today. He was a prominent
          lawyer of Indianapolis at the time of his death formerly of Connersville, Ind.
February 13th, 1880. Levi Clendening died today with infm. of bowells.
February 29th, 1880. Martha Abrahams daughter of James M.
          Abrahams died today.
March 14th, 1880. Mary Ferris died at 2 oclock this morning.
          She was the widow of John Ferris who died in 1871. Disease of both old age.
April 3rd, 1880. Mary Tague? died at 8 oclock this morning of
          enlargment of the hart.
May 3rd, 1880. Robert Goodwin killed his brother John R. Goodwin today
          shooting him three times.
May 10th, 1880. William Pruit died at 9 oclock this morning. Disease palsy.
May 10th, 1880., Bernard H. Flodder died at 9 oclock this morning. disease typhoid fever.
Page 8:
September 24th, 1880. Fred Gloshen died at 4 oclock this morning.
October 14th, 1880. Jesse Cloud Sen. died at 3 oclock A. M._____.
January 6th, 1881. Old Lady Deborah Barber died today. old age and cold.
January 7th, 1881. Simeon Lewis died at 3 oclock today. Fell dead.
January 6th, 1881. Patrick Calahan was buried today at Metamora.
January 15th, 1881. Thomas V. Mitchel fell dead today with a fit.
January 23rd, 1881. Elizabeth Schwartz died a setting in her chair.
January 26th, 1881. George W. Kimble died at 10 oclock this evening aged 83y 2 mo.
January 31st, 1881. Peter Hensinger, Sr. died at 3 P.M. oclock today. The old man Hensinger.
February 6th, 1881. Charles Huddleston Sr. died today. 77years.
February 12th, 1881. Mollie Sherwood died at 5 oclock P.M. The widow of John Wiggins.
          Disease consumption.
February 24th, 1881. William Davis died at 3 oclock A.M. at near Peppertown with dropsy.
February 27th, 1881. Craig Jones died at 7 oclock P.M. disease consumption
March 2nd, 1881. Littleton Loffland was found dead in bed this morning in Indianapolis.
February 28th,1881. Littleton Loffland was found dead in bed this morning as stated above.
March 8th, 1881. James Hillery fell dead today.
March 11th, 1881. Charles Hay Sr. died today at the Poor Asylum at Brookville.
March 21st, 1881. old Lady Mary Timberman died today in Summerset.
          Phil Anthony’s mother.
March 21st, 1881. Margaret Lefforge died in P.M. today. Tom Maily girl.
March 19th, 1881. Bernard Suing fell dead in the yard today in Brookville.
May 31st, 1881. Albert Clark died this morning at [blank] oclock.
May 7th, 1881. William Purcell Bowman died between 11 and 12 oclock.
May 8th George Adams and Anne Johnson was married today.
Oscar George James D. George’s little boy died at 12 oclock at night
          June 28th, 1881 with scarlet fever so people tell me.
July 11th, 1881. Pheby Ferris died about 1/2 after 7 oclock this evening.
July 18th, 1881. William Roberts of near Brookville died today with dropsy.
July 19th, 1881. Matilda Raymond was found dead in bed this morning.
July 19th, 1881. Milton B. Gordon’s store was robbed sometime last night.
July 22nd, 1881. Lorenzo Dow Richardson got killed this morning with the R.R.
          cars running over him.
August 6th, 1881. Nancy Banes wife of Wm. Baines died 1/2 after 6 oclock
          she was a daughter of Thomas and Malinda Tague.
August 26th, 1881. Sylvester Vale died at 10 oclock today from injurie
          received in an explosion of John Ferris’es sawmill boiler.
August 29th, 1881. Lorenzo Hull got killed today by a tree falling on him.
August 30th, 1881. Andrew Johnson died today a 3 oclock with cancer under his arm.
Page 9:
August 31st, 1881. John J. Lee died today.
July 29th, 1881. Asa Hays died today at Columbus Bartholomew County, Ind.
September 18th, 1881. Allonzo Spencer died today by drinking whiskey.
September 18th, 1881. Charles Deter killed Thomas Streight and then shot
          himself. He shot Streight 2 times with a double barrel shotgun . He
          shot himself with a revolver and died instantly. Straight lived 5 hours after the shot.
September 11th, 1881. Louis Worth died today with dropsy.
September 19th, 1881. James A. Garfield died at 10 oclock & 35 minutes
          this afternoon from a pistol shoot wound by Charles Guitall?.
September 14th, 1881. Gary Dunn died with consumption. Will Dunn’s son.
October 7th, 1881. James Mailey died today with consumption.
October 24th, 1881. Samuel Jinks Senior was found dead in his bed this
          morning. He was 89 years old. He was Stephen Jinks’es father.
December 17th, 1881. Samuel Sherwood’s wife died this morning. Her name was Maria.
December 10th, 1881. Emmy Tower died last night at [blank].
November 17th, 1881. George P. Adams and Matilda Reifle was married today.
January   1882. Charles Coleman died today. To much whiskey & typhoid fever.
I wrote to James Hardy from here.
January 19th, 1882. John Batson died today.
January 24th, 1882. Wilford Hawkins died at 8 oclock this evening.
January 23rd, 1882. Frank F. Williams got killed by junping off of
          the cars at Brookville Franklin County Indiana. He was a son
          of William W. Williams Sheriff of this county.
January 29th, 1882. Joseph Dick Davidson died today near Tipton
          Tipton Co., this state.
February 19th, 1882. Rosa Robeson her child and a man by the name
          of Phillip Henchen got drowned today in Templeton’s creek.
February 23rd, 1882. Isaac M. Wood died at 3 oclock this P.M
February 16th, 1882. John Y. Rickets died today in Harrison Co. Missouri.
June 24th, 1882. William McClure died today near Brookville Franklin Co. Ind.
June 12th, 1882.. Cyrus Clement Bentley died today at  [blank] oclock.
June 14th, 1882. George W. Hawkins and Jane George was married today.
July 11th, 1882. John Smith Cierry? died at [blank] oclock today aged 96
          years 4 months [blank] days.
August 2nd, 1882. Jane George wife of John George died today formerly
          Jane Abraham daughter of James Abraham Sr.
July 1883. Frank Shriner’s little girl died by steping on a needle.
Page 10:
August 18th, 1882. Mrs. Axa? Reed died today aged 84 years.
September 11th, 1882. Winfield Scott Vail died today.
September 16th, 1882. Thomas J. Tyner died this evening at 8 oclock.
October 6th, 1882. Rachael Tucker (nie) Wilson died this morning.
October 24th, 1882. Thomas S. Geyer died at 4 oclock A.M.
October 24th, 1882. James Kenneday died today.
January 14th, 1883. Ludwig Ensminger died 10 minutes after 7 oclock this evening.
March 11th, 1883. old man Michael Stearns died at 2 oclock this morning
March 8th, 1883. William Penn Secrist died at 11 oclock.
March 9th, 1883. Margaret Alley died at 1 oclock A. M.
May 29th, 1883. [blank] Parvis died today wife of William Parvis.
June 16th, 1883. Henry H. Harvey died at 6 oclock this evening.
July 9th, 1883. James Oglesby’s wife died today.
July 16th,, 1883. William Caffee died at 8 oclock P.M.
August 8th, 1883. Nathaniel P. Force died at 3 oclock this P.M.
August 8th, 1883. The old lady Susan Biggs died at 5 oclock P.M.
August 30th, 1883. Frank Maple got killed by damps in a well today.
September 24thh, 1883. Anthony Musser died at one oclock  this
          this morning with gravel aged 67 years 8 months and 13 days.
          He has gone to see John Wilkes Booth he has Booths portrait hanging
          up in his house. Booth was Abraham Lincolns assassin.
October 5th, 1883. Aaron Osborn died at 4 oclock this evening.
October 20th, 1883. Nicholas __zeno died about [blank] oclock this evening.
December 1, 1883. old lady [blank] Wolf died today. She was a sister of Bena Mace.
December 21st, 1883. Nancy Brison Hyram Brison’s widow died today.
January 1st, 1884. Catherine Gordon Melville Gordon’s daughter died
          at [blank] oclock today. She was 21 years and 9 months.
January 7th, 1884. Littleton Ensminger died at 8 oclock this evening.
January 11th, 1884. Elizabeth Gard died at 9 oclock this evening. She
          was Elizabeth Seniours before she was married.
July 5th, 1884. Eulia Lonsberry died this evening. She was a daughter of Wm. Blackledge.
August 21st, 1884. Jane Barber (nie) Jane Seniour died at 2 oclock P.M. today.
September 6th, 1884. Laura Wiley died last night at or this morning at 5 oclock.
Page 11:
September 5th, 1884. Ella Mathews died last night.
September 13th, 1884. Solomon Longenicker died at 10 oclock this evening.
October 5th, 1884. Albert W. High died today at [blank] minutes after P.M. oclock
November 7th. William Adams died this morning at 7 oclock. Got burned to.
          by his clothes catching fire.
January 20th, 1885. Samuel Mathews died about 4 oclock P.M. today.
January 20th, 1885. Lou Jones (nie Davison) Isaac Jones wife died today at
          7 oclock P.M. with consumption. Sam Mathews also died with consumption.
January 21st, 1885. There was a boy killed at school at Andersonville today.
          His name was [blank] Bedoll. Miss Busby is blamed of killing him.
February 13th. The old lady [blank] Battson died this evening at [blank] oclock.
May 2nd, 1885. Thomas Wiggins’es wife died this morning with consumption.
May 7th, 1885. There was a Frenchman killed on the railroad at Metamora
May 8th, 1885. John Kelly fell dead in David Secrists stone quary.
May 9th, 1885. Ca_a Be__ Crawley died at 1/4 till 5 oclock. a daughter
          of Tom & Elizabeth Crawley.
May 14th, 1885. Katharine Hunsinger died this evening at [blank]
May 27th, 1885. James Evans was foung dead in hid barnyard today.
          Boh_man saw Evans fall. Heart disease.
June 1st, 1885. Mrs Dr. Conner died about 11 oclock today.
June 14th, 1885. Dr. Thomas Gifford died at 8 oclock this morning.
July 8th, 1885. James Rion died at 12 oclock today with paralytic Stroke.
August 19th, 1885. Sarah Alfred died at 2 oclock A.M. today at Columbia, Fayette Co Ind.
August 20th, 1885. Ellen Lockwood died at 11 oclock A.M wife of Isaac Lockwood
October 20th, 1885. Samuel Sherwood died this morning.
November 7th, 1885. Belle Jones died last night at [blank]
November 24th, 1885. Andrew Murray died today at 10 oclock A.M.
Thomas Hendricks died at 4 oclock P.M. November 25th, 1885. An old rebel and ____.
Jacob Colier’s wife (nie Davison) died at [blank] oclock today. December 5th, 1885.
          She was Dick Davis’es daughter.
December 11th, 1885. Mrs. Nelson (nie Pruit) (nie Empsweller)
          (nie Harriet Stuttle) died today.
December 12th, 1885. Jeffrey Hildreth died this evening. Son of Rees B.
          and Elizabeth Hildreth.
December 16th, 1885. Mary Wilson, Arthur D. Wilson’s wife died at 5 oclock
          today. Nie Abercrombie.
December 27th, 1885. Katherine Mathews died at 5 oclock this morning. Widow
          of Samuel Mathews.
January 18th,, 1886. The Rev George Wilson died today. Circuit rider of Metamora.
January 18th, 1886. Thomas Butler died today aged about 73 years.
Page 12:
January 24th, 1886. Robert Pugh died today at 10 oclock P.M.
January 28th, 1886. Polly (or Mary) Dinkens died today at [blank] oclock. Consort
          of Amen Dinkens.
February 25th, 1886. Maryanne Davison died today at 7 oclock P.M.
          Consort of Alexander Davison.
February 24th, 1886. Mary Gard (old Mary Kizzad?) died today at 9 oclock P.M. today
          consort of Lewis Gard.
March 29th, 1886. Lewis Bright died at 7 oclock this morning . Son in law of Thomas Butler
February 24th, 1886. Peter Cale died 10 minutes after 10 oclock this evening
          with brights disease.
June 5th, 1886. George W. Evans died at 6 oclock this morning with dropsy.
July 4th, 1886. Godfrey and Emily Heddrick’s little girl died today aged 15 months, 8 days.
July 1st, 1886. Samuel Murray’s boy Elmore was drowned today aged about 15 years.
August 5th, 1886. James Jolliff’s daughter died today.
July 31st, 1886. Dr. Rufus Haymond died today aged 81 years.
August 3rd, 1886. Burg Adams 2nd wife Elizabeth runs off with Wm. Miller? this evening.
September 14th, 1886. George Helters died at 6 oclock this morning.
Septemer 11th, 1886. Fred Blensinger died at 5 oclock this evening.
October 24th, 1886. Absalom Anthony (or Wiley) wife Jane died at 10 oclock
          today (nie Jane Phillips).
November 5th, 1886. Edward Barber was killed by [blank] Kennedy about 10 oclock P.M.
          and died at 3 oclock on the 6th of November, 1886. He was struck on the
          head with a billiard cue.
November 6th, 1886. Jack Marshal’s wife died today.
November 6th, 1886. George W. Strait died today.
November 7th, 1886. Anne Maily died today.
November 14th. Edith Ailes, Aaron and Annis Ailes little girl died at 3 oclock this morning.
November 19th, 1886. [blank] Siebel died today at Hamburg in this county.
November 23rd, 1886. Sarah Wolf (nie Hoffman) died today.
November, 1886. Mrs. Sutten (nie Adell) died today.
January 5th, 1887. Mrs. Mary Phillips (nie Wilkins) wife of Isaac Phillips died
          at 10 oclock P.M. today.
January 3rd, 1887. Simeon Bullock died tonight (or P.M.) I don’t know what time.
February 1st, 1887. Nathaniel Marlin died at 4 oclock this evening with palsy.
February 4th, 1887. Regina Closs died at 12 oclock today with cancer of the breast.
January 27th, 1887. [blank] Adams died last night with consumption.
          W. D. Adams daughter.
February 5th, 1887. Morgan J. Hunt died this evening was sick about 15 hours.
March 21st, 1887. Mrs. Sarah Abercrombie widow of John Abercrombie died today.
March 17th, 1887. Richard Miller died today with lung fever.
March 12th, 1887. Atual [Atwell?] Jackman died.
March 12th, 1887. The widow Smith died today Epenetus Smith’s widow.
March 25th, 1887. Sarah Gard died at 8 oclock this morning. Her maiden name
          was Sarah Hildreth.
Page 13:
April 22nd or 23rd, 1887. James Murphy died at midnight on Saturday morning
          or Friday evening.
April, 1887.Gipson Chance died at 5 oclock this evening by having a pitchfork
           run through him. A wagon load of hay upset and he fell on the pitchfork.
April, 1887. John Munchell’s wife and little girl 6 years old got burnt to death by
          the house and barn burning. Mrs. Munchels cloths caught fire. The little girl
          was in the house.
May 20th, 1887. William Daily Adams’es wife died today.
May 28th, 1887. Ludwig Ensminger died at 3 oclock P.M. today.
June 23rd, 1887. Joseph Cupp Sen. died today at 8 oclock P.M
June 23rd, 1887. John Smith died today. He was a brother of Alexander Smith.
August 4th, 1887. Isabel Watson died about noon today aged {blank} years.
August 6th, 1887. Susan Barber died about midnight last night. She
         took Paisen ratsbane.
James B. French died November 28th, 1887.
December 10th, 1887. Mrs. Gross died this morning. She was the widow of William Gross.
January 19th, 1888. Henry Syple got killed this morning by [blank] Willing shooting him.
January 29th, 1888. Peter Smith died this afternoon with exhaustion.
February 1st, 1888. Justus Mason Anthony died today with heart disease.
February 11th, 1888. Henderson S. Brown died this morning with old age.
February 1st, 1888. Joseph Cawley died today with a paralytic stroke.
February 12th, 1888. Sidney _. Deweese died today after a long spell of affliction.
February 13th, 1888. Ada Bowman died this morning. She was the daughter of
          William Bowman and Polly Bowman. She was about 16 years old.
February 16th, 1888. Jennie Schwartz (nie Jackson) died at 7 oclock this evening.
February   ,1888. Opher Barber died with a fit this evening.
March 8th, 1888. Mrs. Rachael Adams, widow of Patrick Adams died
          at 7 oclock this morning.
March 9th, 1888. John Bown died at 8 oclock this morning.
March 2nd, 1888. William B. Gant? died today aged 29 years and 4 days.
March 13th, 1888. Thomas Wiggins died today at oat Murray’s.
March 17th,1888. George Lambert Hall died today.
March 20th, 1888.. Mathew Mailey died today.
March 24th, 1888. [blank]  Steinhagen died today. She was William
          Shinna_ Mou_ mother.
April 8th, 1888. Henry Haymond died about 9 oclock A. M. Diphtheria fever.
May 21st, 1888. George P. Adams got murdered this evening by Charles Conoway.
May 22nd, 1888. Mrs. [blank] Lympus died at 10 oclock this morning.
June 22nd, 1888. Henry Secrist died at 12 oclock noon today.
Page 14:
September 21st, 1888. Samuel W. Adams died today at 11 oclock AM.
October 11th, 1888. Joseph Miller died this morning with asthma.
October 12th, 1888. John Hierly fell down stairs and got killed this evening.
October 16th, 1888. Nehemiah Dunn died about dark with old age.
December 1st, 1888. Spencer Wiley, James and Elizabeth wiley’s son died 1/2 after
          9 oclock P.M. with lung fever and constipation.
December 16th, 1888. The widow Dunlap died this morning about 8 oclock
February 19h 1889. Harvey Blackledge died today.
February 19th, 1889. Elly Vail (nie Daveson) died today at Chattennooga Tenn.
February 21st, 1889. Clementine Brook (nie Abrahams) died today.
March 11th, 1889. The widow Gifford died 1/2 after 3 oclock P.M.  She was
          Katherine Case before she was married to Dr. Thomas Gifford.
May 21st, 1889. John Vannatty died this evening with drunken consumption.
          He was a worthless dog.
Abigale Vail died March 16th, 1891 40 minutes after 10 oclock A.M.
          aged 67 years, 4 mo, 10d.

Transcriber’s note: The remaining several pages were originally used as a sum book and are badly torn.


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