37th Regiment,Infantry
Company G
Franklin County, Indiana
Date of Muster: 15 Oct 1861
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              Name  and Rank                          Notes
DeArmond, James M., 1st Sergeant Reported missing: April 1864
 Baughman,,William H.  Promoted to 2nd. Lieutenant
 Lee, Aaron S.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864  as 2nd Lieutenant
 Hetrick, John S. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Clendening, James S. Died at Camp Jefferson, Ky  23 Jan 1862
 Bartow, John W. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Gray, John M. Discharged 6 Feb 1863; disability
 Gray, Philerus, Died in Nashville ; 13 Feb 1863
 Hinds, James J.  Discharge 23 Sep 1864
 Keen, Peter Killed at Stones River; 31 Dec 1862
 Baker, Oliver B.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864 
 Bayles, Samuel R.  "" 
 Rowe, Samuel B.  ""
 Fox, John H. Transferred to 37th Reg't, re-org.
 Shield, Samuel C, Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Keeler, Ira Transferred to 37th Reg't, Co. B re-org.
 Allen, Robert Discharged 14 Mar 1863; disability
 Anthony, Henry Died at Murfreesboro, Tn  9 Apr 1863
 Armstrong, James T.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864 as Srgt.
 Abbott, Oscar Died at Louisville, Ky 12 Jan 1862
 Adams, Charles G. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Adams, Wilson Discharged 4 Oct 1863 disability
 Barbour, Samuel Discharged 19 Feb 1863 disability
 Brady, Isaac N.  Died at Springfield, Ind  27 Feb 1863
 Burk, Coleman S.  Died 6 Jun 1864 Dallas, Ga  ; wounds
 Bals, Philip Discharged 27 Nov 1862
 Cochran, William H.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Clendening, Asison W.  Died Camp Jefferson , Ky 5 Jan 1862
 Conery, Dennis W.  Died 27 Jan 1863 wounds rec'd at Stones River
 Coen, Marion  Discharged 30 Jan 1863
 Craig, William R. Killed at Stones River; 31 Dec 1862
 Eckley, Edward Discharged 14 Jul 1862
 Fisher, James A. Transferred Co. B 37th Regt. re-org.
 Finley, George W. Discharged 26 Mar 1863; disability
 Gamber, John  Transferred to Co B, 37th Reg.
 Gray, David Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Greenlee, James S. Transferred Co. B 37th Regt.
 Golladay,Thomas T. Died at Nashville Tn 25 Mar 1863
 Goshorn, Wilson N. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Gilsson, Elisha E. Killed Dallas , Ga  27 May 1864
 George, Atwell Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt.
 Gordon, Frank Discharged Aug 1862
 Hinds, Benjamin F. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Hamlin, John  Transferred to Co B 37th Regt.
 Hannah, William T.  Died at Elizabethtown, Ky , 22 Nov 1861
 Hannah, Thomas Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Kelly, William  Transferred to Co.B 37th Regt
 Kelly , Ellis Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Keeler, John M Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt
 Kennedy, John H.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Liming, William  Transferred to Co, B 37th Reg
 Luse, Robert H. Discharged 4 Sep 1863; disability
 Lynch, John P. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Millspaugh, William  ""
 McCaw, James S.  ""
 Mathews, Henry  ""
 Maddin, John  ""
 Miller, John  Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt
 Miles, William  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Proctor, Abram ""
 Roberts, William F.   ""
 Rowe, James P. ""
 Reynolds, William M.  Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt
 Scott, Joseph  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Stone, Henry Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Scofield, Edward Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt
 Stout, Jefferson M.  Died at Louisville, Ky 27 Jan 1863
 Small, Edward  Discharged 26 May 1863; disability
 Sutton, William  Killed at Stones River, 31 Dec 1862
 Souter, Oswell Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Sickler, George M.  ""
 Snoddy, Robert J.  "" as Corp'l
 Selfridge, William R.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Sizelone, Joseph R.  Transferred to Co B 37th Regt 
 Schaub, Frank Died at Louisville, Ky 25 Jan 1862
 True, Thomas Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt
 Thomas, Lewis Died at Louisville, Ky 20 Jan 1862
 Taylor, Squire Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt
 Wiley, Isaac  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Woodapple, Charles E.  Discharged 20 Jan 1863
 Weeks, John  Reported missing 25 Jul 1862
 Wood, John  9 Jul 1862 disability  Discharged
 White, Eber C. Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Welch, John  Discharged 27 Nov 1862
 Young, Charles J.  Mustered out 27 Oct 1864
 Zink, William H.   "" 
 Zubrick , John   ""
     Recruits   Date of Muster    Notes
 Bartlow, William  20 Nov 1861 Transferred to Co. B 37th Regt.
 Hetrick, James W.  31 Oct 1862 Discharged April 21, 1863 disability
 Hamlin , Omer 15 Oct 1864 Transf'd to Co. B 37th Regt.
 Larne, George N.  27 Aug 1862 ""

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Edited and Transcribed by
Kris Bain, September 16, 1999
Edited and Formatted by Karen Creamer, October 6, 2008
List obtained from ISL Indianapolis, Indiana
Report of the Adjutant General State of Indiana,
Rebellion of 1861 to 1865.
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