Patty Onek's Genealogy Files

  This collection of family files was submitted by contributor Patty Onek


Register Report Main Surnames
Celia Lefforge Winship Winship, Poston, Evans, Caldwell, Mullikan, Bennett, Ruddle, Murray
Charles Lefforge Lefforge, Tyner, Lewis, Bishop, Updike
Jacob Lefforge Sr Lefforge, Hartman, Mewhinney, Campbell, Moody, Meyncke, Maley
John Lefforge Lefforge, Smith, Winship, Hartman, Shank, Wythe, Hall, Tyner
John Lefforge, JrLefforge, Lyons/Lines, Herndon, Poston, Morgan, Harvey, Logan
Lewis Lefforge Lefforge, Hall, Plunkett, Williams, Wright, Bridges, Hartman, Cunningham
Descendents of Nathen Hawkins Lefforge, Hawkins, Wiley, Amack
Matilda Hall Hall, Nelson, Stewart, Lefforge
Sarah Lefforge Shank Shank, McCafferty, Withers, Harding, Remick, Fitton, Quick, Warren
William Lefforge Lefforge, Wythe, Tinbrook, Morrow, Pence, Hall, Rippstein

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