This is a list of Franklin County cemeteries that have been restored by the Cemetery Commission as of 20 September 2014.   Clicking on the underlined links will take you to our Cemetery Listings pages for photos and directions to most of them.


Laurel Conwell Cemetery (remainder), Laurel Twp
     (286 stones were repaired over 2 years)
Martin Cemetery, Brookville Twp
     (15 stones repaired - only one stone was standing)
Reid Cemetery, Metamora Twp
The Cemetery Commission completed three contracts in 2014, involving a total of 163 stones. They repaired 13 damaged tombstones in previously restored cemeteries. erected a new farm fence at the Little Cedar Public Cemetery in Brookville Township, and mowed a total of 46 cemeteries as funds allowed.


Laurel Conwell Cemetery (partial), Laurel Twp
Rudicel Cemetery, Whitewater Twp
Sater North Cemetery, Whitewater Twp
15 Damaged tombstones at five previously restored cemeteries were repaired.


Metamora Cemetery, Metamora Twp
Stipps Hill Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp
Rudicel Cemetery, Whitewater Twp
Providence Cemetery, Butler Twp
Simpson Cemetery, Laurel Twp
St. Nicholas Cemetery, Peppertown, Salt Creek Twp
Restoration funded by the Peppertown Cemetery Assn.
Big Cedar Cemetery, Springfield Twp
27 stones in the pioneer section were repaired through a $1000 private donation. Approximately 170 stones and monuments still need repair.
Damaged tombstones at previously restored James (Springfield), Bethlehem and Harmony (Bath) and Old Brick (Posey) were repaired. Bethlehem and Harmony were funded by the Franklin County Community Foundation endowment.


Asbury Cemetery, Springfield Twp
     (2nd restoration due to vandalism)
Bochim Cemetery, Laurel Twp
Fruit Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Harmony Cemetery, Bath Twp
Hinds Cemetery, Springfield Twp
St John Cemetery, Highland Twp
Stone Church Cemetery, Blooming Grove Twp


Barnes Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp
Bethlehem Cemetery, Bath Twp
Chance Cemetery, Laurel Twp
Ebenezer Cemetery, Blooming Grove Twp
Free Church Cemetery, Highland Twp at Cedar Grove
Infirmary Cemetery, Brookville Twp


Adams Cemetery, Laurel Twp
Blooming Grove Cemetery, Blooming Grove Twp
Bradburn Cemetery, Brookville Twp
James Cemetery, Springfield Twp
LaRowe Cemetery, Whitewater Twp
McKendrie Cemetery, Metamora Twp
Sater South Cemetery, Whitewater Twp
White Cemetery, Bath Twp


Asbury Cemetery (final 1/3), Springfield Twp
Ashton Cemetery, Whitewater Twp
Conn Cemetery, Springfield Twp
Hite Cemetery, Posey Twp
Holley Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp
Longnecker Cemetery, Metamora Twp


Asbury Cemetery (second 1/3), Springfield Twp
Gobel Cemetery, Laurel Twp
Jenks Cemetery, Laurel Twp
Jones-Gloshen Cemetery, Butler Twp
Lipscomb-Baker Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp
Old Brick Cemetery (final 1/3), Posey Twp
Pettigrew Cemetery, Blooming Grove Twp
     (Restored by Daniel Wyatt as an Eagle Scout project)
Quick Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Woodworth Cemetery, Brookville Twp


Asbury Cemetery (first 1/3), Springfield Twp
Elder-Tyner Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Little Cedar Grove Public Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Old Brick Cemetery (second 1/3), Posey Twp
Riker Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Highland Twp


Berg-Harding Cemetery, Highland Twp
Berry Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Collett Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Halstead Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Harvey Cemetery, Blooming Grove Twp
Holliday Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Merritt Cemetery, Brookville Twp
Old Brick Cemetery (first 1/3), Posey Twp


Johnson Cemetery, Laurel Twp
Marlin Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp
Wallace-McKnight Cemetery (AKA Cummins), Springfield Twp

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