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CADE, Samuel (d. 1908)

Samuel CADE

Source: Grace Newnum scrapbook ? date ? Newspaper Died: 14 April 1908

One by one the pioneers of our county are passing away and it will not be long until those who were a part in its making will all have answered the final summons and only be cherished in memory for the good they accomplished and the noble deeds that endears them to we who are enjoying the fruits of their labors and the hardships they endured. It is our sad duty this week to chronicle the demise of one of the grand and good pioneer fathers of whom it can be said the world was the better by his having been a part of it and when the spirit of Samuel Cade took its flight to the realms of a Great Beyond at 9:40 Tuesday night the curtain fell on a life that has most strikingly manifested what a success man can make of his allotted days in an honest and honorable manner if he will only work with zeal and worth to attain the pride of a high ambition. Uncle Sam Cade was one of the best known men in Fountain County, equally as well for his pure character as for his ability to succeed. He has been in poor health for some time, those who were near and dear to him fully realized that his race was run and that it was only a question of time, those until his labors would end and sun would pass beyond the horizon. His death was due to the infirmities of age. He had a strong constitution and battled nobly with fate. Only a few days prior to his death he was looking after his business affairs, but when dissolutions began he realized that the end was near and he was ready for the summons, he calmly passed away as if in a sweet sleep. Samuel Cade was born in this county where he spent his life, Feb 4, 1826 and was 82 years 2 months and 10 days of age at his death. He was a son of Wm. and Martha Campbell Cade who imigrated from the East to this county in 1823 and settled in Wabash Twp. They were among the very first settlers of the county and took an active part in the improvements and were zealous workers in the cause of religion, Mr. Cade having joined the Methodist Church when a young man. He died in 1840 and his wife died 1841. Their son Samuel inherited the good business and moral qualifications of his parents and early showed that he was destined to make a success. He was twice married, his first wife was Mary F. Conover who died June 29, 1852 to this union one child was born, their son Wm. who also preceded the father in death. He was married again Jan 4, 1855 to Eliza J. Clark, daughter of David & Mary Clark to this union 7 children were born: Mary Florence, wife of M. Nixon; Fanny O. wife of Henry Glascock; Mattie J, wife of RW Conover; Dade Cade; Bessie wife of Frank Hurst; and Clifford Cade while one, Carrie is deceased. Those of the living are among the most highly respected and esteemed citizens of our county. They by their lives active in the present generation show the pure and noble teachings of their good parents and with their beloved mother, a dear and grand sister, aunt Jane Patton of Clarence, Ill and many other relatives as well as a legion of friends are bowed in grief when they are forced to realize that he who was so dear to them can only in the future be cherished din the sweetest pages of memory. Even those who were very near to Mr. Cade are unable to make more than an estimate of his accumulation but is known that he was one of the most wealthy men in Ft. Co and that he was the counties 2nd largest tax payers, only being exceeded by Sampson Reed whose holdings are in money while much of Mr. Cade is in real estate as he owned over 3000 acres and had not less than 50,000 loaned. His ambition in farming was stock raising for which much of his land is fitted and he was quite successful in it, and while he amassed a fortune far in excess of that attained by almost every man that has followed farming as an avocation, there are none who can say he ever did them an injustice, that he was ever guilty of a dishonest transaction nor that he not deal with them as he would have them deal with them. His success was due to his close attention to his affairs, his industry and the ability with which he was favored and in the closing of his life the county looses a pure good citizen whose place will be hard to fill. He had realized for some time that he could not be with us long an as he patiently awaited the end he made all the arrangements for the final duties having written in full as to how he wanted to be buried and by whom, that he wanted his sons and son-in-laws to be pall bearers and should it be so sent, his eldest grandsons to take their place. He chose the route he wished to be his home to the Cade cemetery and there laid to rest by the side of his dear ones who had passed before. He wished his body embalmed and kept in the home he loved so well for 3 days and nights and that funeral services be conducted by a minister of the Methodist Church. This writing he left in charge of his daughter, Mrs. Conover and it is being faithfully carried out. The funeral will be from the residence 10:30 o'clock Sat morning services conducted by Rev BB Kessler, pastor of the ME Church in this city after which the remains will be laid to rest. Thus ends a full life of many noble examples that will prove of worth to the young and aspiring and it was such that those who mourn have that sweet consolation that he lived so that he would live gain in the home eternal.

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