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Source: ??? Newspaper hand printed 1938

John M. Spragg, son of of Charles and Nancy Kemp Spragg, was born near Dayton, Ohio July 26, 1852. He was left an orphan at an early age and was taken into the home of his grandmother, where he grew to early manhood and when 18 he came to Indiana. Aug 29, 1872 he was united in marriage to Eldora Bowman, and passed away May 29, 1912. Except for a few years' residence in what was known as the Scott's Prairie vicinity, they had resided in Jackson Township. Some time after the passing of his wife he took this residence and made his home with his son. He had been in his usual health until the noon hour of Jan ? 1938 and while sitting at the dinner table, he was suddenly stricken and within a few moments he had passed away at the age of ? year, 5 months and 12 days. He is survived by one son, Evereett Spragg, six grandchildren and four greats. His grandafther and grandmother were born in England and came to this country and settled in Pa.; Later they moved to Ohio near Dayton, where Charles and Mary Kemp were born. For more than 60 years he had been a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church near Wallace. Those who have known him these many years have known him as a devoted husband and father, ? for the welfare of his grandchildren, a good citizen and christian gentleman. His conduct in life and his honorable dealings with all men have made the community in which he has resided for so long much better than it might have been with the splendid influence he has asserted upon all with whom he came in contact. It can be truthfully said that a good man has gone unto his heavenly home.

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