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SOWERS, Thomas

Source: Waveland Independent Aug 14, 1908

Thomas Sowers, aged 18, was killed last Tuesday near Hillsboro by a lightning flash from clear sky. He and another man were loading wheat on a wagon. The other man was knocked down and one of the horses killed.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 8-6-1908

Thomas Sowers, 18-years old and well known about Hillsboro, a son of George Sowers, who lived for several years south of Wallace, was instantly killed Tuesday shortly before noon in a most unusual manner by a bolt of lightening from a cloudless sky. The natural phenomenon is regarded as a freak by those who heard the deafening crash and saw the victim struck dead in his tracks. There was no cloud in sight, nor was there a storm approaching. There was not an indication of a storm at that time or at any other in the day. The fatality is considered the most unusual which ever took place in that section and is so strange that the people speak of it with bated breath so dazed are they over the casualty. What is still more perplexing is the fact that the deadly bolt and reverberating peal of thunder were the only ones which occurred during the day. There was absolutely no indication of a rain or electrical storm during the remainder of the day. The incident is causing almost as much talk as the tragedy wherein Clara Shanks lost her life in the famous Wolf creek pool. Sowers and Thomas Cyte, a neighbor were hauling wheat to a threshing machine on the farm of Squire Cates, 3 miles north of Coal Creek when Sowers was killed. Cyte was pitching the sheaves of wheat up on the load while Sowers placed them in position. A number of other persons were at work in the field. There was a blinding flash and in the next instant an almost deafening peal of thunder. Cyte was knocked down and a few minutes later when he regained consciousness he found one of the horses lying dead. Sowers was nowhere to be seen and getting no response when he called his name, Cyte climbed upon the load of what and there, lying on the sheaves of wheat, he discovered the lifeless body of his neighbor and fellow workman. Sowers' body was removed to the Cates home after which Coroner Parnham was notified. The inquest was arranged for that evening.
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