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COON, Rose

Source: Crawfordsville Journal, Feb 22, 1905

Wingate Feb 22 -- Miss Rose Coon, aged 35 years was burned to death by a gasoline explosion at her home in Wingate Tuesday evening. The explosion occurred at 8 o'clock. She was burned in a horrible manner and died at 1 o'clock after suffering great agony for five hours. Miss Coon was alone in her home. Her sister had gone to a neighbors but the victim of the deadly stuff felt indisposed and remained at home. The house was lighted by a hanging gasoline lamp and about 8 o'clock the light grew dim. Miss Coon arose and took the reservoir from its place, brought gasoline and filled it without turning out the blaze of the lamp. She failed to replace the cap after filling and in raising the reservoir to replace it, she raised it over her head. The reservoir was in some way turned in such manner as to spill its contents over her clothing. An explosion followed immediately igniting her clothing and she was at once enveloped in a sheet of flame. She screamed for help. A family named Clark lived in a part of the house but they were in bed and asleep. Miss Shobe was passing the residence at the time of the explosion and cried "fire." This started Dr. J. W. Davidson who lives next door and he ran with top speed to aid the unfortunate woman. He grabbed rugs and bed clothing and enveloped the victim but not until every bit of clothing had been burned from her body. Other neighbors arrived and by the use of similar means put out the fire that was burning the carpet and furniture. All that medical skill could do to alleviate the dreadfully burned body was done but the burns had been so terrible that nothing could saver her and she died shortly after midnight. The unfortunate woman has a number of relatives in this city. She was an exemplary Christian and her untimely end will be mourned by many. She was living with her sister, Bertha Coon. The funeral will be conducted Thursday afternoon by Rev. Mr. Trotcer at 2 o'clock with interment in the local cemetery. -- typed by kbz

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