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Submitted by Cindy Bryant

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Here is a page from a Bible that was in Roy Brown's belongings when he died. This Roy Brown, was the adopted son of Roy Brown who was a drafter for Popular Mechanics. Roy Sr., died in Berrien Co., MI but some family was from Kosciusko Co., IN This family is no relation to me but thought I would share this info in case someone can use it. It was just a loose page torn out of the bible.

Thomas Brown b Jun 4 1822 Lancaster PA
Harriet Brown b Feb 5, 1823 York Co. PA
Maria Brown b Apr 7, 1829, Lancaster PA
Daniel Silvester Brown b Mar 7, 1844 Erie Co., PA
Thomas Brown Sept 7, 1845 Kosciusko Co., IN
Isaac Wallis Brown b Mar 10, 1847, Erie, Erie Co. Pa
Harriet A Brown Apr 23, 1850 St Joseph Co.,IN, Mishawaka
Sarah E Brown Sep 19, 1855 Elkhart Co. IN
Samuel Annon Adwin Brown Mar 15, 1856
Leah ?? Brown March 2, 18?? Benton Elkhart Co.,IN
L????? Brown Jan 20, 1861 Benton,Elkhart Co., IN
James Edward Brown Jan 6, 1862
John Silas Brown Jan 26 1864, Benton, Elkhart Co., IN
Emanuel Franklin Brown sep 5, 1866, Benton, Elkhart, IN
Joseph W Brown May 23, 1869 Benton, Elkhart, IN
Simon P Brown Aug ? 1870 Benton,Elkhart,IN
Benjamin Royal Brown Sep 6, 1880, Centennial Year Benton, Elkhart Co. IN
Roy B Brown Sep 6, 1876 Benton, IN, enlisted in army for 3 years March 21, 1899.

I do know that Roy B Brown worked for Popular Mechanics Mag as a drafter out of Chicago and retired to a farm in Three Oaks, MI. His adopted son's real name was Edwin Petzke.

All info submitted by Cindy Bryant

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