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In 1991 and 1992 the Family History Library of The Church Of Latter-Day Saints microfilmed the probate records of Elkhart County Indiana. The Elkhart County Genealogical Society helped with the project and for their work the society received a set of the films. They filmed the first records (1830) up to about 1920. There are 304 rolls of films on the records and 4 rolls of index.

These records consist of Probate records, Guardianships, Minor Heirs, Wills, Marriage License, Marriage Applications, Marriage Consent, Lawsuits and Late Birth Certificates issued during the war.

Extra Information and Names were added to help determine if it is the person you are interested in. In some cases it is condensed to allow more information.

Adm. or Admr. = Administrator
Guard. = Guardian
MH. = Minor Heir
Vs. = Versus, as in court cases
(Will) = A copy of the will is in the file.

The date of death was given by the administrator, to the best of their knowledge. Check other sources to confirm correct date.

These are index files only. If you find a record you wish to view, visit a nearby Family History Center and order the corresponding LDS microfilm.

Elkhart County was formed in 1830. The first meeting of the Circuit Court was held at the log cabin of Chester Sage on the 30 day of November 1830. Located on the north bank of the St. Joseph river nearly opposite the mouth of the Elkhart river.

Elkhart is the largest city in the County but Goshen, the second largest, is closer to the center of county and was made the county seat.

I have found names spelled as many as six different ways in the same file. Some of the writing is very difficult to read and I know there are some mistakes. If you let me know when you find a mistake, I will try to correct it. Ned Parcell, 23034 Heaton Vista, Elkhart, Indiana 46514-9805. - E-Mail Ned66@AOL.com

I want to thank Jim Barnes, Wayne Campbell, Kurt Glinsmann and the men at Network/Lan for their help with the computer. I also want to thank my wife Beatrice (Bea) for her help with the names and for putting up with all the messes I made.

Here are the ones with over 20 hours of work on the original CRIMP papers:
Dean Garber1057 hours
Ned Parcell709 hours
Bea Parcell488 hours
Ruth Zeims251 hours
Betty Huster92 hours
Willie Huster92 hours
Alice Fairfield57 hours
Silas Smucker44 hours
Ann Sailor25 hours

Index was complied by Ned and Bea Parcell

Transfer of index files to HTML by Tom Stevens

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