Roberts Chapel Cemetery
Roberts Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
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View Of Patoka Memorial Cemetery
Patoka Memorial Cemetery is located south of French Lick on SR 145 at Painter's Creek exit.
3826’19.9”N 8636’05.1”W
Roberts Chapel was originally located in Hall Township, near Ellsworth. Rev. Marvin Ellis is said to have been the first pastor. According to George R. Wilson's History  of Dubois County, the church was torn down in 1908. The cemetery was located about 1/4 mile from the church. This site now lies beneath Patoka Lake, and all known burials have been  relocated to Patoka Memorial Cemetery.
Approximately 130 graves were moved November 15, 16, and 17, 1976. About 50 are unidentified, and have numbered markers. The listing below consists of the markers I found to be visible in October, 2009. Some flush markers, including the numbered ones, are being overgrown with sod, and are somewhat difficult to see.

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Notes in parentheses are from personal files. Some information, no longer legible, is taken from G. R. Wilson's 1933 transcription, as noted.
Read and photographed October 18, 2009 Charlie Tredway
Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
BechtleMargaret  2/8/1892Aged 64y 9d (Per George R Wilson, 1933)N/A
CW D      
CobleArnold B2/2/18958/9/1897Son of Wm & S Coble
CobleOlive L10/7/18803/26/1882Daughter of P L & H Coble
EllisHarry E 7/31/1892 8/24/1892  Son of L K & N J Ellis 
EllisInfant7/22/18888/17/1888Daughter of L K & N J Ellis
EllisInfant4/9/18754/9/1875Daughter of W P & N J Ellis
EllisInfant    4/14/1875Daughter of L K & N J Ellis
EllisInfant      2/2/1880Daughter of W P & N J Ellis
EllisInfant6/1/18746/1/1874Son of W P & N J Ellis
EllisInfants3/15/18763/15/1876Sons of W P & N J Ellis
EllisJames Thomas3/18/18771/13/1899Son of L K & N J Ellis
EllisJudah A2/28/18597/15/1861     
EllisLizzie       11/6/1869Daughter of L K & N J Ellis Aged 1 Day
EllisRev Marvin10/8/18213/23/1873Aged 51 Years
EllisPermelia J8/28/18176/22/1873Aged 55 Years [Daughter of James & Judah Page Roberts]
EllisMarvin W      2/11/1877Son of G W & M J Ellis Aged 1Y 7M 26D
EllisMattie   9/29/1882Daughter of L K & N J Ellis Aged 1m 23d
EllisPeter C10/24/186111/7/1861     
EllisW    1859   
GassMary Edna10/19/18928/28/1893Daughter of W A & M A Gass
HJ W    2/28/1887   
HarmonAmelia E    3/24/1867Daughter of I & N A Harmon Aged 1y 8m 9d
HarmonIsaac1/19/18263/5/1895CO K, 143 Ind Inf. (Per George R Wilson, 1933)   
HarmonNancy A    5/4/1871Wife of Isaac Harmon Aged 37y 3m 24d [Daughter of
James & Judah Page Roberts]
HarmonSarah I    9/7/1855Daughter of Isaac & Nancy A Harmon Aged 8m 5d
(Age per George R Wilson, 1933)
HessemerMay8/15/18884/14/1902Daughter of A A & M Hessemer
HubbsInfant11/25/188412/9/1884Infant of J & M A Hubbs
I M T         
JacobsMary A2/2/181710/11/1873Wife of W P Jacobs Aged 56y 3m 3d
JacobsWilliam P12/28/18144/21/1877Aged 73y 3m 24d
KellamsGeorge W3/22/187210/28/1897   
KellamsGrover C2/19/18848/27/1888Son of W & D Kellams
KellamsJohn W    1/3/1908Aged 68y 2m 10d  49th Regiment Inf. Ind Vol
KellamsMary A      12/29/1907Aged 62y 10m 14d
KellamsMartin L9/3/18733/31/1874Son of W & D Kellams
Kellams Mary A    11/22/1882Wife of Pleasant Kellams Aged About 66 Years
KellamsPleasant    11/25/1882Aged 70y 9m 26d
KellerJohn2/10/18878/20/1889Son of J & P Keller
LineJulia    8/16/1888Daughter of J & M E Line Aged 2y 4m 2d
MavityAlsy1/26/181711/22/1897Wife of Joel Mavity [Alsy Kellams Wineinger]
[Married first to Jesse  Wineinger]
MorganWm          CO A 49th Ind Inf
NolanE E           
NolanElmer E8/18/187211/2/1872   
NolanInfant  4/27/1897  Infant son of F & L Nolan  (Per George R Wilson, 1933)N/A
ParksGeorge T9/9/18962/9/1897Son of St & A Parks
PinnickAllan    11/30/1848Son of W H H & N Pinnick Age 3m
(Age per George R Wilson, 1933)
PinnickJohn    4/10/1850    Son of W H H & N Pinnick 3y 5m 19d
(Date and age per George R Wilson 1933)
PinnickMartha A      10/20/1850Wife of W H H Pinnick Aged 22y 9m 28d
(Date and age per George R Wilson, 1933)
PinnickNancy       2/28/1849Wife of W H H Pinnick Aged 24y 1m 4d
[Daughter of James & Keziah Dean McCune]
PinnickThomas    11/24/1868Civil War Vet 
RJ P           
RL E    1855     
RileyEliabeth C5/7/18203/12/1893Wife of Thos Riley  Aged73 Yrs
RileySarah Ann11/11/18432/18/1864   
RileyThomas Y    4/8/1891Aged 90y 4m 9d
RobertsEliza Ann10/13/18394/25/1864Daughter of V & S Roberts Aged 24y 6m 12d
RobertsJ A    10/7/1859Owner of the land where the original Roberts Chapel stood.
(From Wilson's History of Dubois County)
RobertsJ S        CO A 49th Ind Inf
RobertsJames    3/12/1834Both came from Kentucky 1824   
RobertsJudah    2/24/1839[Daughter of Linsy & Polly Campbell Page]
RobertsOrlena      6/2/1876Daughter of C W & E J Roberts Aged 3m 8d
RobertsSarah1/9/18144/31/1887Wife of V P Roberts [Daughter of W P & Mary A Jacobs]
RobertsValentine P2/14/18134/23/1892[Son of James & Judah Page Roberts]   

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