Risley Cemetery
Located At Dubois - Pike County Line
Half in Dubois - Half in Pike County.

Lat 382057.4N  Long 870421.0

Restoration of Risley Cemetery
Del Himsel and Paul Schitter performed the initial repair work in 2003. Trustees for Dubois and Pike
Counties were contacted and agreed to share the cost of repair materials and cost of the memorial
marker. Cemetery history was heavily researched to obtain the most complete list of those buried here.
When preparing the installation of the memorial marker later in 2003, an arrowhead was uncovered. The
arrowhead was placed on the county line, facing north, in the position it was found.
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Stones Piled Against Tree

View After Restoration

View After Restoration

Memorial Marker

The listing below is a combination of data extracted from Dubois County Genealogical Society Cemeteries, Volume 6 and that resulting from
research for the memorial marker. This remains the property of the Dubois County Genealogical Society. You may freely copy any portion
for your personal use, but this page may not be displayed in any other public media without written permission.
Copyright Dubois County INGenWeb, Dubois County Genealogical Society, and Del Himsel.

Last Name First Name Born  Died Other
Allburn Martha R. 7/28/1847 12/30/1906  
Allburn Phillip D. 10/31/1835 2/19/1897  
Allburn P.     Co K 59th Ind Inf
Ashby Margaret   12/16/1877 First wife of William
Ashby William 12/24/1813 1/17/1894 Co D 58th Ind
Butler James 2/10/1888 12/23/1889  
Butler Martha Eveline 9/8/1854 2/13/1907  
Chambers Infant 10/20/1894 10/20/1894 Infant of J.W. & M.C.
Chambers Amy   1873 1894  
Cline Ida 2/2/1908 9/20/1903 Dau of B.M. & S.J.
Dove Jane   12/10/1874 Wife of John 41y 6m 13d
Payne Elizabeth 1830 1860  
Payne John 1846 1857  
Platt Willis E. 4/24/1886 11/4/1892 Son of C.H. & A.A.
Poe Jonathan     Co I 58th Ind Inf
Poe Anna   10/1/1883 23y 3m 21d
Poe Lucinda   7/21/1881 61y 9m 22d
Risley Addeline 9/29/1902 10/9/1902 Dau of A.L & Della
Risley Amy Blanche 1/16/1873 7/11/1894  
Risley Annabelle 1846 1872  
Risley Celia 1/31/1843 3/4/1861  Wife of Daniel 18y 1m 4d
Risley Celia A. 3/4/1861 1/1/1871 Dau of Daniel & C. 9y 9m 4d
Risley Daniel     Co C 58th Ind Inf
Risley Dora A. 2/4/1872 3/29/1872 Dau of J.& T.A.
Risley Edward 1876 1906  
Risley Everett 1892 1892  
Risley Gracy G. 1/27/1877 10/14/1877 Dau of J.B. &  T.A.
Risley Hattie   6/23/1885 40y
Risley Hosla   4/8/1888 Son of J.M. & S.E. 1m 4d
Risley Jacob 1869 1950  
Risley James   4/10/1888 76y 9m 3d
Risley Jas 11/12/1879 9/23/1921 CAS Det 29 US Inf
Risley Josiah   2/24/1851 Son of J. & M. 20y 8m 9d
Risley Louisa 1865 3/2/1882 17y
Risley Malicia M. 1/26/1870 10/18/1889 Dau of Jackson & T.A. 19y 8m 22d
Risley Margaret   7/5/1857 Dau of 18y 6m 19d
Risley Martha   10/3/1893 85y 1m 27d
Risley Nancy 9/30/1843 12/29/1907  
Risley Posey      
Risley Raymand   11/6/1879 Son of J.M. & S.E. 1m 15d
Risley Rickie 12/21/1873 7/22/1919 Wife of J.W.
Risley Russell 1908 1908  
Risley Stella   2/26/1872 Dau of J.M. & S.E. 13d
Risley Tobitha Ann 1/26/1842 2/8/1891 Wife of Jackson
Risley William   9/10/1887 73y
Robinson Stephen     Corpl Co C 42 Ind Inf
Robinson Jonas 1828 1896  
Robinson Jonas     Co C 58th Ind Inf (Government Stone)
Robinson Rebecca 1832 1885  
Robinson Maude 1884 1886 Dau of M.E. & Alnora
Robinson Stephen     Co F 4 Ind Cal
Shewmaker William 1/8/1809 11/13/1873  
Shewmaker Mary E. 1859 1871  
Shewmaker Mary E. 3/6/1818 2/7/1890  
Shewmaker Silas H. 2/2/1870 7/16/1870 Son of I. & E.
Shewmaker George 10/4/1871 8//24/1873 Son of I. & E.
Taylor Eunice 1815 1871