Niblack or McMahan Cemetery

In the 1920's the Dillin/McMahan Cemetery was in much need of repair.  The stones were broken, leaning and or covered with dirt. The groundhogs had also infiltrated the cemetery and caused much damage.

Judge Samuel E. Dillin, who was related to most of the ones  buried there, decided to once and for all "fix" the cemetery for the ages.  He had the remaining stones stacked in the corner of the cemetery and proceeded to pour the entire 24ft x 30ft cemetery in concrete.  He had previously mapped where the individuals were buried so that he was able to inscribe their names in the concrete as to where they were buried.  The intent was honorable, however, the concrete was of poor quality and thin with no rebars. 

Consequently the freezing and thawing of the ground, with the help of groundhogs and trees growing through the cracks upheaved this original intent of "saving the cemetery" for the ages as you see in the before restoration pictures .  Over 70 years  after the original restoration, Delbert "Junie" Himsel contacted the Bainbridge Township Trustee and showed her these pictures and told her of his idea of honoring those buried there by  cleaning all the debris away, repairing the fence and erecting a stone with all the known names on it.  The township agreed and worker J.P. Stemply cleared the site. 

The fence had grown into the large tree and J.P. cut that section of  the tree out and took it home put it in his fireplace and "burned" that portion of the fence free so that he could rebuild the fence. Himsel contracted a monument company to have the stone made and  erected as you see here in the 2009 pictures of the completed restoration. Note: Restoration was completed in 1992. This cemetery history is provided by Delbert Himsel, who is responsible for the restoration of many cemeteries in Dubois County.

Photos by Delbert Himsel 1984 Before Restoration
Niblack Before RestorationNiblack Before Restoration
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Photos by Charlie Tredway October 19,2009
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All burials listed below are taken from the memorial stone, with the exception of Nancy Moore. The Moore data is borrowed from
the Dubois County Genealogical Society Cemetery Inscription Book Volume 4, which gives credit to a reading taken 12/17/1934
Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOther
DillinWilliam Niblack11/25/18319/2/1854Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Dillin
DillinJoseph Asher3/21/183910/3/1843Son of Samuel & Jane McMahan Dillin
DillinAlbert3/15/18583/15/1858Son of Samuel & Jane McMahan Dillin
DillinAlexander S7/29/18499/17/1853Son of Samuel & Jane Dillin
DillinJohn H4/12/184111/5/1847Son of Samuel & Jane Dillin
DillinElizabeth Niblack McMahan1/13/18112/14/1835First Wife of Samuel Dillin
DillinElizabeth J2/14/18352/14/1835Daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Dillin
McMahanMary8/16/180710/26/1824Daughter of William R & Nancy Niblack McMahan
McMahanNancy Niblack8/22/17839/21/1828 or 1823Wife of William R McMahan
McMahanEmilyDec 1809UnknownDaughter of William R & Nancy McMahan
GlezenSusan McMahan18551855Daughter of Dr. E. A. Glezen
McMahanWilliam R17811835 
MooreNancy11/2/18282/15/1855Daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Dillin
Wife of S. D. Moore