Abbreviations & Symbols

AAF        Army Air Force               KC        Knights of Columbus

A/L        American Legion              KFH       Koehler F/H

APFH      Anderson-Poindexter F/H       KP         Knights of Pythias


B          Brother                      M          Mother

B/I       Born In                       Mas        Mason/Masonic

B/S       Broken Stone                  md         Married

BDFH      Brosmer-Drabing F/H           M.D.       Medical Doctor

BFH       Becher F/H                    N          Neice/Nephew

BHFH      Boultinghouse F/H             n/c        Date not cut

BKFH      Becher-Kluesner F/H           nee        maiden name

                                        NFH        Nass F/H

ca        Circa about                   N/I        No Inscription

ch        Children                     

ch/o      Children of                   OSB        Order of St. Benedict

CKA       Catholic Knights of America           

cn/o      Consort of                    PBFH       Pemberton-Bradley F/H

c/o       Child of

CW        Civil War                     Pic        Picture on Monument


d/o       daughter of                

Dau       Daughter                      QFH        Queen-Lee F/H

DAR       Daughters of the American Rev.Reb        Daughters of Rebecca

DAV       Disabled American Vet         Rev        Reverend

DFH       Denbo F/H                     R/S        Replacement Stone

DI         Daughters of Isabella

Dr        Doctor                        S          Son

                                        s/b        Stone by

ES        Eastern Star                  SBFH       Seabrook F/H

                                        SFH        Schmutzler F/H

F          Father                       S/O        Son of

FFH       Finch F/H                     Sr         Sister (Nun)

FH        Funeral Home                  S/S        Sandstone/Fieldstone

FHM       Funeral Home Marker

Flag      Flag placed on Gravesite

FLFH      Fuller F/H                    TFH        Titzer F/H

FLT       Odd Fellows Insignia                   

F/C       Father of                     USA        United States Army

f/s       Footstone                     USAF       US Air Force

                                        USCG       US Coast Guard

GAR       Grand Army of the Republic    USMC       US Marine Corps

gd         Grand-daughter          

g/f/s     Government footstone

g/p       Government plaque             We         Wife

g/s       Government Stone              W/O        Wife of

                                        WOW        Woodmen of the World

hb        Husband  

h/o       Husband of                    YFH        Youngblood F/H

h/s       Headstone   

h/w       His Wife                      ZGFH       Zoercher-Gillick F/H

I/C       Iron Cross

i/d       Infant daughter               --          letter/number missing

i/o       infant of                     -?         Letter/Number questionable

i/s       infant son of                 - -       No stone/Vacant Lot

IOOF      International Order of Freemasons       

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