Armstrong Cemetery
Located west of Ireland, Indiana on CR W150N
3824’1.4”N 8700’25.0”W
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Read and photographed April 19, 2010 by Charlie Tredway
To provide a more complete listing, some data is taken from the memorial marker placed by the Shiloh Cemetery Association.
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Last Name First Name Born Died Other Photo
Anderson 2 sons stillborn   sons of John  & Elizabeth N/A
Anderson Margaret (Mary)     died small child
Anderson George     died 5 months old
Anderson William   1827 Small Child
Anderson Jr John 8/11/1842 7/26/1856    
Anderson Sr John 10/6/1799 3/13/1860    
Armstrong Richard 1730 1787   N/A
Armstrong Madison 6/20/1816 8/12/1858    
Armstrong Frances M 1/20/1841 11/19/1858 Son of M & J Armstrong  
Armstrong Nancy S 5/11/1817 6/20/1860    
Armstrong Nancy Corn 8/9/1814 1860    N/A
Armstrong George W 4/9/1814 1/19/1860    
Armstrong George 1781 1844 63y  
Armstrong Elizabeth 1778 1844 66y  
Armstrong Jr George       N/A
Green Davis   9/11/1858    
Green Harvie     Son of Addison Green N/A
Green Elizabeth Cartmill   1834  Wife of James Green , Rev War Veteran  
Green John 12/8/1818 10/15/1871   N/A
Green William  6/11/1798  8/29/1854 Pvt Beck's Co. 5 Ind War of 1812  
Green Stilborn 2/7/1859 2/7/1859 Daughter of Robert & M N/A
Green John H   11/5/1891 Son of Davis & M Green
Harris Margaret Green       N/A
Harris Frederick     Son of J & M Harris N/A
Harris Sr James   1835   N/A
Hope Adam     1st wife and child N/A
Rodman Sr Hugh   5/7/1815 Pennsylvania Frontier Rangers Rev War  
Stewart Mary Green 1776     N/A
Stewart Infants     2 Infant children of Robert & Mary Stewart N/A
Stewart Jane Green   1842  Wife of John Stewart  
Stewart Robert (Robin) 1780 1842   N/A
Stewart John   1842 Indiana Sgt Newmans Co 5 Indiana War of 1812  
Stewart Hilda 8/1871 10/18/1872 Daughter of James & Jane Stewart N/A
Woods Sarah Green Hope Crozier 1791 12/10/1847  Wife of Edward Woods  
Woods Edward 12/12/1780 12/17/1847 67y 55d