Winegar / Wininger Cemetery
Possum Valley Rd (SR 632)
Scott County, Va
Lat 3636'35.74"  Lon -8241'40.16"
Located Approximately 1/2 Mile From The Roadway
On Top Of A Steep Hill.  Not Visible. Access Via Private Property.
Transcribed and Photographed August 1, 2011 by Charlie Tredway
Photos Charlie Tredway

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Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
Cole Charles S9/23/18702/2/1940                                                    
ColeCora G6/10/187412/6/1949           
ColeJoseph W11/30/19061/10/1908Son of C S & C G Cole
CouchMary Kate Grim8/25/19106/18/2001 
DavisDella L2/8/19006/13/1928Wife of H H Davis
EasterlingGeorge W18881963 
Easterling M. Helen18881972   
GrimS Harvey Sr18791957   
GrimGarnet S18821966   
GrimHazel Lou6/2/19236/4/1946   
GrimInfant3/8/19303/8/1930Son  of Ralph & Kate Grim
GrimJay Howard1/11/190810/30/1981 
GrimNorma Faye9/19/19435/28/1944   
GrimGarnet S18821966 
GrimS. Harvey Sr18791957 
GrimSarah F5/16/18651/30/1940 
GrimW C1/4/18693/22/1917Age 42y 2m 18d
HousewrightPaul4/21/19158/14/1916Age 1y 3m 23d
PeavlerGeneva G7/22/188811/7/1951 
SheltonAmanda E C6/11/18816/2/1906Wife of W T Shelton
Shelton Andrew18511906 
SheltonSarah J18871973 
SheltonBrandon L18871964 
SheltonMaggie W18861913 
SheltonIda E18931914 
SheltonClaude C18901975 
SheltonRosa L18971962 
SheltonDavid3/17/18387/5/1897PVT  CO H 48 VA INF
SheltonDavid R6/10/18766/30/1906 
SheltonLois M10/16/18792/22/1917 
SheltonDonald Lewis2/12/193512/24/1984 PFC US ARMY KOREA
SheltonFrancis J19061972 
SheltonHoward S19021943 
SheltonHerbert J19051946 
SheltonNettie F19121999 
SheltonIrene Epperson4/1/184012/6/1922 
SheltonJohn R18841934 
SheltonLavada O18861956 
SheltonW T5/7/18808/1/1948 
SheltonM A C5/10/18795/26/1904 
SheltonMellie V5/20/19101/24/1926 
SheltonMichael L9/26/19579/29/1957 
SheltonThurman Smith12/8/19149/3/1983SSGT  US ARMY WWII
SheltonVerlin "Babe"2/12/19319/14/2003 
SheltonWilliam N12/10/186710/13/1931 
WatkinsJoseph J10/14/183912/12/1886SERG CO C 21 BATT VA INF CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY
WatkinsMartha A6/8/184412/12/1916Wife of J J Watkins Age 72y 6m 4d
WatkinsMaxie L3/23/18834/15/1899 
WatkinsWillie10/9/189110/9/1891Son of W T & S C Watkins
WinegarH C3/3/18728/21/1906 
WiningerAlbert "Bud"3/26/19169/15/1975
WiningerGrace M7/20/191910/19/1986
WiningerAlbert V 18931960 
WiningerLillie E18971965 
WiningerFrank S18731945 
WiningerNannie B18731962   
WiningerInfant2/9/18422/16/1842 Dau of Saml M & Caroline Wininger
WiningerInfant9/23/18819/23/1881Son of Wm T & S E Wininger
WiningerKemp L19011949   
WiningerLucinda10/13/18775/9/1898  Dau of W T & S E Wininger
WiningerM J8/8/18505/19/1901 
WiningerSamuel A9/8/18502/20/1901
WiningerSamuel M9/23/18172/12/1865 
WiningerSusan E2/7/185212/31/1930 
WiningerThomas S3/13/19118/8/1945 
WiningerVenie2/1/18894/20/1905 Wife of W T Wininger
WiningerWilliam T9/6/185211/12/1921