Peter Wininger Cemetery
Scott County, VA

Located approximately 1/2 mile off Upper Possum Creek Rd (SR 632)
On A Hilltop. Access Via Private Property
Lat 3636'39.36" Lon -8244'15.81"

Transcribed and Photographed August 3, 2011 by Charlie Tredway
Photos Charlie Tredway
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Names are not in exact alphabetical order. Note different spellings of Winegar / Winninger / Wininger.
Notes in parentheses are from personal files.
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Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
BellamyE C
1/15/189612/27/1896Son of N W & C L Bellamy
CharlesElsie E1/4/190311/6/1903Dau of W M & R L Charles
DerrickRosa E11/8/186012/9/1916Age 56y 1m 1d (Rosanna Elizabeth Wininger. Dau of Andrew & Rosanna Winegar. Wife of Enoch L Derrick)
GrimCharles L9/15/18446/7/1923     
GrimMary J (Wininger)
5/25/18463/23/1915 (Wife of Charles L Grim)
GrimJohn H11/25/188312/4/1912Age 29y 9d  IOOF Lodge 619 (Son of Charles L & Mary J Grim)
GrimMary L5/14/18739/29/1893(Dau of Charles L & Mary J Grim)
GrimPearl M4/6/188610/27/1889 (Dau of Charles L & Mary J Grim)
GrimAnn R3/28/18573/1/1872Dau of William & Lucinda Grim
GrimWilliam R11/16/18219/5/1882 
GrimLucinda5/26/18232/5/1907Wife of W R Grim
GrimJohn W10/6/18611/21/1887  
David F Sr

GrimmEthel G8/31/18943/29/1977  
GrimJ F1/16/191012/2/1910  (Son of Frank S and Tennessee Grim)
GrimK N3/13/18999/5/1901  (Son of Frank S and Tennessee Grim)
Grimm Frank S18641928  
GrimmTennessee E18731926  
GrimmCarl Haynes9/20/19274/8/1989 
GrimmMillie Fields6/19/1933   
WhitleyMaude E11/27/18871/19/1919  
WiningerR. E.10/13/189311/17/1920Aged 27y 1m 4d (Roy Everet. Son of David  & Emily J Wininger)
WiningerD. J.
9/20/18539/4/1925  (David J)
WiningerEmily J1/2/18515/27/1904(Emily Jane Grim)  Wife of D J Wininger
WiningerFrank K1/1/18879/8/1911  (Francis. Son of David J and Emily J Wininger)
WiningerJ C7/3/18759/19/1904 (Joseph Clinton. Son of David J and Emily J Wininger)
Rasaner M1/23/18911/29/1900Dau of D H & A L (Alice Grim) Winninger (Winegar)
David H4/29/186610/17/1895  (Son of Andrew & Rosanna Darter Winegar)
Alice (Grim)
No visible marker. Data from previous record) Wife of David H
WinegarRosanna1/29/182412/3/1888Wife of A Winegar
WinegarAndrew1/2/18189/6/1885 (Son of Peter & Julia Ann Slusher Winegar) 
WinegarMary C7/20/18779/9/1884Dau of  A J & S E Winegar (Andrew J & Sarah E Grim Winegar, buried Plum Grove Cemetery)
WinegarPeter S3/24/18642/19/1865Son of A & R Winegar
Wininger Lucindia (Haynes)
3/6/1829 9/19/1905 Wife of Peter Wininger
WiningerPeter2/14/182012/19/1914Aged 94y 10m 5d (Son of Peter & Julia Ann Slusher Wininger)
WiningerLucinda M (Haynes)
19061933  (Dau of William A & Sarah Grimm Wininger)
Wininger Hilda E19031933  (Dau of William A & Sarah Grimm Wininger)
WinegarKemper J1/15/18891/22/1890Son of D J & E J Winegar (David J & Emily J (Grim) Winegar
WiningerJames Davis7/31/18584/20/1859  (Son of Peter & Lucinda (Haynes) Wininger
Wininger Julia A 8/20/1780 7/30/1864 (Julia Ann Slusher Wininger. Wife of Peter Wininger b1782)
WiningerWilliam A7/5/18697/13/1960  (Son of Peter & Lucinda Haynes Wininger)
WiningerSarah Grimm12/30/187412/1/1945  (Dau of Charles L & Mary J Wininger Grim)
WiningerJohn D18821949(John David. Son of David J & Emily J Wininger. Moved to Holston View Cemetery by 2nd wife Goldie Alice Hensley.)
Bertha May (Sedam) 5/2/1889 5/18/1912 (First wife of John David Wininger)
WiningerW A Jr6/13/19171/20/1948 (Son of William A & Sarah Grimm Wininger)