Sherritt Cemetery
Boone Township
38 27' 0.5" N  86 57' 33.1" W

Sherritt Cemetery is the oldest known cemetery in Dubois County. It sits along the Buffalo Trace, near the site of the oldest white settlement in the county, and south of the site of Fort McDonald.  William McDonald, the first white settler in Dubois County (1801) and Allen McDonald (1809 - 1880), the first white child born in the county are buried here.

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There are many unmarked graves and some markers are illegible. Earlier transcriptions were referenced to verify information and to provide a complete listing. Click camera icon to view available photo.
Last NameFirst NameBorn DiedOtherPhoto
BixlerHilbert  4/21/1890Son of  J.O. & S.C.  7m 25d
BixlerSimeon8/10/18183/16/187859y 7m 6d
BixlerElvira J.3/26/182810/31/189466y 7m 5d
BreidenbaughHenry Earl3/22/189510/19/1914
BreidenbaughHenry B.3/6/18485/14/1921
BreidenbaughBonaparte  4/10/1857Son of H. & M. 6m 5d
BreidenbaughGeorge  4/5/1859Son of H. & M. 17y 3m 26d
BreidenbaughHenry  10/30/1864Son of Henry & Mary 18y 7m 5d Civil War Soldier
BreidenbaughMary   7/14/1883Wife of Henry  63y 3m 29d
BreidenbaughNannie4/23/18756/3/1875Dau of A. & N.M.
BreidenbaughNancy M.8/29/18454/25/1875Wife of A.  29y 7m 6d
BreidenbaughAnna Dorothea  6/26/1873Wife of John 57y 4m
BreidenbaughKunigunda  2/13/1861  29y 10m 1d
BreidenbaughInfant    1/21/1861Dau of G. & H.
BreidenbaughInfant  9/13/1855Son of G. & H.
BreidenbaughLizabeth  7/24/1854 
BreidenbaughCatherine  7/6/1854Dau of G. & H.
BreidenbaughBarbery    Wife of George
BreidenbaughSamuel C.11/8/187610/18/1879Son of H. & C.
BreidenbaughFrederick A.12/6/18719/14/1875Son of H. & C.
BreidenbaughEvelyn C.18861887 
BrownWilson10/17/18304/20/1852Son of S.G. & S.H.  21y 6m 3d
BrownSamuelNov 17719/21/1818  N/A
BrownMargaret8/5/17794/30/1836  N/A
CavenderJohn D.11/17/18303/5/187342y 3m 18d
CavenderWilliam8/29/179310/23/187582y 1m 26d
CavenderCharity1/11/180412/14/1876Wife of Wm  72y 11m 3dN/A
CavenderHenry  11/12/1861Son of J. & P. 3m 2d
CrowderEmma E.6/7/29739/27/1899Wife of Geo. R. Munkel
CurrySarah F.4/23/184710/25/1848  1y 6m 26dN/A
DikeKate18761877Child of C. & R.
DikeInfant    Child of C. & R.
DikeOlvie18861887Child of C. & R.
DikeCatherine10/27/18768/29/1877Dau of C. & R.
DonnellWilliam Franklin2/2/1832Aug 1841Son of John & Susan
DonnellOletha Indian10/15/183710/13/1838 
DonnellLavina Angeline6/28/18408/9/1841N/A
EdmonstonRichmond F.  1/24/1875Son of B. B. L. & R.N/A
FisherAnna  4/8/1865Wife of Jacob 75y 11d
FisherJacob  9/8/185375y 1m 17d
FisherJohn4/1/18195/18/187051y 1m 17d
FraserDonald W.  6/23/1865Son of J. & S.
FullerLucy    4/2/1856About 72 years
GrahamEwing  1/10/189082y 10m
HaddockRhoda  12/22/18281y 11m 20dN/A
HaddockLucinda  1/13/183515y 9m 22d
HaddockRhody12/14/17872/13/1847Wife of John
HarbisonAlatha4/14/183410/24/1880Wife of James P. 46y 6m 10d  (James P died 1916 in Kansas)
HaysSarah3/6/17952/15/1871Wife of Willis  75y 11m 9d
HaysWillis  9/28/187684y 6m
HillSarah E.8/13/18357/25/1860 
HindmanAlexander3/28/18399/3/1843Son of John & MaidaN/A
HopkinsHugh    4/12/186826y 1m
HopkinsMargaret5/22/18193/27/1857Wife of Mordecai  37y 10d
HopkinsElizabeth7/10/17887/28/183446y 18d
HopkinsAsher10/19/18377/19/1846Son of M. & M.  8y 5m
HutchensMary6/13/17949/7/1861Wife of Arthur
HutchensHannah B.  9/29/1822Dau of A. & M.  12d
HutchensBasel A.  9/1/1831Son of J. & H. 3y 2m
HutchensRhoda E.  9/11/1845Dau of A. & M.  13y 4m 29d
HutchensNancy M.  10/29/1847Dau of A. & M.
JakleCatharine    Wife of Conrad
KeanSarah Jane  12/20/1852Wife of M. W.  21y 10m 6dN/A
KelsoAndrew F.7/20/18077/12/1872 
KelsoSusannah F.2/10/18138/26/1889Wife of A. F.
KelsoEdgar E.  12/3/1870Son of B.H. & M.E.  9m 17d
KelsoSanford L.  8/20/1857Son of A. F. & S.C.
KelsoMartha Ann    Dau of A.F. & S.E.
LagenourJohn W.  2/21/1875Son of E. R. & M. 3m 7dN/A
LedgerwoodIda May  2/22/1870Dau of S.M. & S.H.  5m 14dN/A
MasonSarah  2/20/1847Consort of M. B. 27y 25d
MasonRosina  2/20/1848Dau of M. B. & Sarah. 1y 11m 7d
McCrillusSarah  10/28/1830Wife of Dr. A. B. 27y 20d
McDonaldWilliam11/3/182710/6/1856 Husband of E. J.
McDonaldWilliam  7/19/1818Indiana Pvt Wilkin's Co. Ind. Mil. War of 1812. First white settler
of Dubois County 1801
McDonaldWilliam Martin10/27/18455/16/1854Son of John & Margaret  8y 9m 4d
McDonaldMary E.9/6/18573/21/1860
McDonaldLouis C.12/17/18544/4/1860 
McDonaldJohn  4/21/1860N/A
McDonaldSisse8/4/18688/24/1868  N/A
McDonaldHarry3/4/18713/25/1872Son of H,A. & M.A.N/A
McDonaldMary A.10/2/18438/21/1874Wife of H.A. 30y 10m 19d
McDonaldCharles E.5/31/18918/16/1895Son of H.A. & P.
McDonaldHiram A.12/13/18376/20/1921CO H. 24 Ind Vol
McDonaldPauline McCarty4/24/18573/12/1918 
McDonaldWalter S.3/18/187312/8/1923 
McDonaldFrances E.18511926 
McDonaldSarah C.    Dau of Allen & Manerva  9y 11m 28d
McDonaldL. S.    63rd Ind Inf
McDonaldMinerva11/29/18152/5/1897Wife of Al
McDonaldAllen 1/15/180910/1/188071y 8m 6d  First white child born in Dubois County
Sarah E.4/7/18399/11/1845 
McMahonJane12/2/17844/25/1864Relict of Joseph
MillerCornelia A.  7/11/1854Dau of F. & A.  10m 26d
MillerFrancis    CO B 44th Ind Inf
MorganWilliam G.3/12/18978/29/1900
MunkelFred G.12/27/18492/12/1927
MunkelMatilda3/22/187612/8/1876Dau of F.G. & M.
MunkelEdman F.  2/5/1882Son of F.G. & M.H.  27yN/A
MurryFrancis E.8/10/183411/2/188348y 2m 22d
MurryRichard5/9/18233/17/189369y 10m 8d
NiblackJames3/6/17934/22/182330y 1m 15d
NiblackHugh F.   9/15/1827Son of J. & M.  1y 1m 3d
NiblackJohn Q.  7/26/1832Son of J. & M.
NiblackMartha2/7/17999/17/1847Relict of John
NiblackMartin L.  6/27/1845Son of J. & M. 7y 6m 18dN/A
PurkhiserJohn W.  9/23/186823y 9m 6d Served 3 years and 2 months in the 49th under Captain
Peckinpaugh where he contracted the disease that ended his earthly
career. He's now gone to rest.
RodolphJohn  5/28/186238y
RodolphHenry  3/16/1857Son of J. & C. 11m 23dN/A
RodolphGeorge Washington12/23/18_72/11/1872Son of J. & K.N/A
SchnarrMichael    7/4/1866Son of A. & M. 2y 4m 2dN/A
SchnarrSusan D.   6/13/1885Dau of M. & K. 11d
SchnarrMargret   10/1/1873Dau of M. & K. 5y 1m 22d
SchnarrJohn    9/30/1850Son of J. & M.
SchnarrFred J.18701948 
SchnarrJohn Jr.18381972 
SchnarrElizabeth  11/11/18561y 3m 5d
SchnarrJohn A.11/25/18251/24/1901 
SchnarrAnna Margaret5/17/18291/24/1897Wife of J. A.
SherrittWilliam B1/12/18224/7/1897 
SherrittMargaret E.2/10/18327/14/1876 
SherrittIrvin B.8/21/18616/11/1885Child of W.B. & M. E. 23y 9m 20d
SherrittBuddie2/7/18603/30/1860Child of W.B. & M. E.
SherrittJames W.4/19/18579/5/1858Son of W. B. & M. E.
SherrittHellena  8/4/185919yN/A
SherrittCornella  9/25/188438y 10m 18dN/A
SherrittThomas F.1/29/18293/16/188758y 1m 17dN/A
SherrittArtamisha  12/4/1883Dau of T.F. & C. 4y 6m 11d
SherrittJane6/2/18006/23/1870Wife of John 70y 21d
SherrittJohn12/28/185711/15/18__  N/A
TraylorHugh11/29/18748/10/1896Son of J. & M.C. 21y 8m 1d
TraylorFlora M.6/19/18779/24/1879Dau of A.H. & F.A.
TraylorJane12/21/18231/12/1861Wife of Jesse 38y 21d
WardWinnie2/29/18188/6/1873Wife of Johnathan