Civil War Veterans

This is a collection of about 1,400 Civil War Veterans who called Dubois County home. Data is taken from  volumes 4, 5, and 6 of the Adjutant General Report 1861-1865 and George R. Wilson's "History of Dubois County".  This listing is a bit incomplete because the Adjutant General Report does not always list the place of residence. Data is presented alphabetically, then by regiment and company. A few  from neighboring counties are included as well. 

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A - KL - ZNon-Indiana Units

6th Regiment6th Ind Battery13th Regiment14th Regiment
18th Regiment22nd Regiment23rd Regiment24th Regiment
25th Regiment26th Regiment27th Regiment28th Regiment
31st Regiment32nd Regiment33rd Regiment35th Regiment
37th Regiment38th Regiment42nd Regiment43rd Regiment
44th Regiment46th Regiment
49th Regiment52nd Regiment
53rd Regiment58th  Regiment59th Regiment60th Regiment
65th Regiment66th Regiment70th Regiment
73rd Regiment
74th Regiment80th Regiment81st Regiment91st Regiment
93rd Regiment97th Regiment100th Regiment102nd Regiment
107th Regiment120th Regiment125th Regiment131st Regiment
136th Regiment143rd Regiment144th Regiment
145th Regiment
146th Regiment149th Regiment
152nd Regiment